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Session Start: Sun Jun 06 10:30:16 2010
Session Ident: #seneca-HOTYS
->03[10:30] * Now talking in #seneca-HOTYS
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->03[11:37] * _YJ_ (~chatzilla@CPE0022b0d1b62a-CM001692fb1c3c.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #seneca-HOTYS
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[11:57] <_YJ_> hello !
[11:57] <@OzZy_M> Hello!
[11:57] <@OzZy_M> How are you?
[11:57] <_YJ_> not bad.
[11:57] <_YJ_> u ?
[11:57] <@OzZy_M> not bad is not good :P
[11:57] <@OzZy_M> alright
[11:58] <@OzZy_M> I ended up reading manga all day yesterday
[11:58] <@OzZy_M> so I didn't get any work done
[11:58] <@OzZy_M> lol
[11:59] <@OzZy_M> how has your weekend been so far?
[12:00] <_YJ_> sorry I was talking on the phone with Tony
[12:00] <_YJ_> he is coming soon
[12:00] <_YJ_> you read Manga !
[12:00] <@OzZy_M> If I have time
[12:00] <@OzZy_M> :P
[12:00] <_YJ_> you need some break.
[12:00] <_YJ_> you work so hard.
[12:00] <@OzZy_M> I've never really read manga before, I mainly just watched Anime.
[12:00] <@OzZy_M> lol
[12:00] <@OzZy_M> i have to work hard
[12:01] <@OzZy_M> I have my breaks inbetween semesters
[12:01] <_YJ_> only 2 wekks
[12:01] <@OzZy_M> meh
->03[12:02] * Han3 (~hckim3@bas1-toronto09-1279543549.dsl.bell.ca) has joined #seneca-HOTYS
[12:02] <_YJ_> welcome Han !
[12:02] <Han3> Hi all
[12:02] <@OzZy_M> Hello Han
[12:02] <Han3> Today, we have only three...
[12:02] <@OzZy_M> Tony should be on soon YJ says
[12:03] <Han3> ok
[12:03] <_YJ_> yeah he is coming
[12:03] <_YJ_> he was trying to figure out all key values for Mac
[12:03] <@OzZy_M> That is fine
[12:03] <Han3> Ozzy: we are supposed to upload our assignment#1
[12:04] <_YJ_> good that we don't need to finish Mac part until today
[12:04] <Han3> right
[12:04] <@OzZy_M> I have no social life so we're fine I got nothing to do today
[12:04] <@OzZy_M> yes
[12:04] <@OzZy_M> we are going to do that today
[12:04] <@OzZy_M> I'm just updating repo now
[12:04] <Han3> under tags/al
[12:04] <@OzZy_M> yup I know
[12:04] <Han3> good
[12:04] <_YJ_> I think if Ozzy upload his part, we are done. kk
[12:04] <@OzZy_M> I didn't upload yet?
[12:04] <_YJ_> do we have to test it with different compilers ?
[12:04] <_YJ_> did you ?
[12:04] <_YJ_> let me check
[12:05] <@OzZy_M> I did
[12:05] <@OzZy_M> I was PutCh() and Cols
[12:05] <Han3> I think we need to test for each platform
->03[12:06] * TonyKim (~tony_core@net1.senecac.on.ca) has joined #seneca-HOTYS
[12:06] <@OzZy_M> Ya I'm compiling for VCC now
[12:06] <TonyKim> Hello!
[12:06] <Han3> good
[12:06] <Han3> hi..tony
[12:06] <@OzZy_M> sup Tony
[12:06] <TonyKim> What's up??? :0
[12:06] <@OzZy_M> I love how Han uses periods instead of space sometimes :)
[12:06] <@OzZy_M> keeps me in suspense!
[12:07] <@OzZy_M> ok
[12:07] <_YJ_> I just checked and
[12:07] <@OzZy_M> Han
[12:07] <@OzZy_M> compile for BCC
[12:07] <_YJ_> it seems all functions are filled
->03[12:07] * slaw12 (~chatzilla@ has joined #seneca-HOTYS
[12:07] <@OzZy_M> and YJ try LNX
[12:07] <Han3> brb
[12:07] <@OzZy_M> tony try Mac
[12:07] <@OzZy_M> and tell me if it all works
[12:07] <slaw12> hey guys
[12:07] <@OzZy_M> oh damn it's Stephanie!
[12:07] <TonyKim> I'm working on it with Mac
[12:07] <_YJ_> LNX -> use Matrix, right ?
[12:07] <@OzZy_M> sure
[12:07] <_YJ_> hello Steph
[12:07] <TonyKim> Some function keys don't work.
[12:07] <@OzZy_M> that is fine
[12:07] <TonyKim> F1 ~ F5
[12:07] <@OzZy_M> just see if the basic stuff works
[12:08] <TonyKim> Page up, down
[12:08] <TonyKim> Ok
[12:08] <@OzZy_M> the code that is on the repo now
[12:08] <TonyKim> I'll update it soon.
[12:08] <slaw12> something wrong with our code?
[12:08] <@OzZy_M> BTW
[12:09] <@OzZy_M> make sure to change PROGMR to FDAD!!!
[12:09] <@OzZy_M> in ioftester.c
[12:09] <TonyKim> I #define FDAD    6 /* Use Instead of FARDAD, Has Style Incorporated */
[12:10] <@OzZy_M> Make sure to test Shift + x keys
[12:11] <_YJ_> I have one thing to say
[12:11] <_YJ_> I looked at our code
[12:11] <@OzZy_M> yes
[12:11] <_YJ_> and I guess tony is the only one who put comment on what each functions do.
[12:11] <_YJ_> I think we need to be consistent
[12:11] <@OzZy_M> I put some in the first set
[12:11] <_YJ_> either comment on all functions or nothing
[12:11] <@OzZy_M> ok
[12:12] <_YJ_> only Tony part has a long long comment
[12:12] <@OzZy_M> make sure everyone adds a function header to each of their functions then
[12:12] <@OzZy_M> ya try not to write a novel :P
[12:12] <@OzZy_M> summarize it
[12:12] <TonyKim> haha
[12:12] <TonyKim> ok
[12:12] <@OzZy_M> VCC is a go
[12:13] <@OzZy_M> How are the other platforms?
[12:13] <@OzZy_M> btw did any of you guys download cygwin? it will let you test LNX in a Win Environment
[12:13] <_YJ_> can't we use matrix account instead ?
[12:14] <@OzZy_M> ya we can
[12:14] <TonyKim> You can
[12:14] <@OzZy_M> it is just faster
[12:14] <_YJ_> and I think we don't need to put comment on all functions.
[12:14] <_YJ_> since Fardad said there is no need to modify his code
[12:14] <@OzZy_M> HIS code
[12:14] <@OzZy_M> no
[12:14] <_YJ_> and functions are repeated in 4 platforms
[12:14] <@OzZy_M> whatever we write from this point forward
[12:14] <@OzZy_M> yes
[12:14] <@OzZy_M> ya
[12:14] <@OzZy_M> that is why I only commented the first set
[12:14] <_YJ_> commenting dones't looks so good
[12:14] <@OzZy_M> because it is all the same
[12:15] <_YJ_> just look too.. long
[12:15] <@OzZy_M> how are the tests going for the other platforms?
[12:15] <TonyKim> The test program in Mac is fine.
[12:16] <@OzZy_M> BCC/LNX?
[12:16] <Han3> I am back
[12:16] <TonyKim> Except few function keys...
[12:16] <@OzZy_M> we can worry about those later
[12:16] <@OzZy_M> ok
[12:16] <_YJ_> I'm not done yet.
[12:16] <_YJ_> hold on
[12:16] <@OzZy_M> so Tony have you committed the MAC-Key code yet?
[12:17] <Han3> I can try bolarndo
[12:17] <@OzZy_M> I told you to try BCC :S
[12:17] <TonyKim> I'll test the test program on Linux soon. I'm in the open lab.
[12:17] <Han3> ok..
[12:17] <@OzZy_M> YJ is doing LNX now
[12:17] <@OzZy_M> I finished VCC
[12:17] <TonyKim> ok
[12:17] <@OzZy_M> Han is doing BCC
[12:17] <@OzZy_M> You are doing MAC
[12:17] <TonyKim> Yes
[12:17] <@OzZy_M> yup
[12:17] <@OzZy_M> ok
[12:17] <@OzZy_M> so Tony
[12:18] <@OzZy_M> so Tony have you committed the MAC-Key code yet?
[12:18] <@OzZy_M> Tony?
->06[12:18] * @OzZy_M slaps TonyKim around a bit with a large trout
[12:18] <TonyKim> Updated.
[12:19] <@OzZy_M> hawt
[12:19] <TonyKim> I'm here~~ :)
[12:19] <@OzZy_M> so you said about 50% of Mac-Keys are done?
[12:19] <@OzZy_M> lol
[12:19] <@OzZy_M> Sorry
[12:19] <@OzZy_M> i'm impatient right now
[12:19] <TonyKim> It's ok.
[12:19] <@OzZy_M> <----- dosed up on caffine
[12:19] <TonyKim> I can say 70%
[12:19] <@OzZy_M> nice
[12:20] <slaw12> can i help with anything??
[12:20] <@OzZy_M> lol
[12:21] <@OzZy_M> you wrote down that diagram that fardad did in class right stephanie?
[12:21] <slaw12> attempted to yes, but someone posted a pretty nice one on the wiki page
[12:21] <_YJ_> somebody uploaded the diagram
[12:22] <TonyKim> http://bhavanesh.wordpress.com/
[12:22] <_YJ_> yeah. already
[12:22] <TonyKim> Someone already did it. LOL
[12:22] <@OzZy_M> nice
[12:22] <@OzZy_M> ok
[12:22] <@OzZy_M> so
[12:22] <@OzZy_M> FIRST:
[12:22] <@OzZy_M> are ALL platforms working?
[12:22] <@OzZy_M> _YJ_, Han3?
[12:22] <@OzZy_M> just waiting on you two
[12:22] <Han3> I am doing now
[12:22] <_YJ_> I'm installing Putty
[12:22] <_YJ_> because it says I need to do it at Putty
[12:23] <_YJ_> I was doing suing SSH
[12:23] <_YJ_> I will get back to you asap
[12:23] <@OzZy_M> it should still work no?
[12:23] <@OzZy_M> k
[12:23] <@OzZy_M> 5 min break until those two are done then
[12:23] <@OzZy_M> brb
[12:23] <TonyKim> I guess that the program on Linux works fine.
[12:23] <TonyKim> Most codes between Mac and Linux are almost same.
[12:24] <@OzZy_M> that is what I was thinking, but better safe than sorry
[12:25] <TonyKim> I can't log in to Matrix. LOL Seneca kicked me off.
[12:25] <TonyKim> It is time to change my password.
[12:28] <@OzZy_M> ok
[12:28] <@OzZy_M> everyone should be done by now
[12:28] <@OzZy_M> right?
[12:28] <TonyKim> yes
[12:28] <TonyKim> it will be expired in 5 days.
[12:28] <@OzZy_M> _YJ_, Han3?
[12:28] <_YJ_> okay it is having errors
[12:28] <@OzZy_M> ???
[12:29] <_YJ_> I will show u errors
[12:29] <_YJ_> hold on
[12:29] <TonyKim> You will need a compile option. -lncurses
[12:29] <_YJ_> http://pastebin.com/PyJAPe7d
[12:30] <_YJ_> I did put -lncurses
[12:30] <@OzZy_M> you need to change the #define
[12:30] <_YJ_> opps
[12:30] <@OzZy_M> the PLATFORM
[12:30] <_YJ_> ooooooooooops
[12:30] <_YJ_> I didn't changed
[12:30] <_YJ_> the platfor,
[12:30] <_YJ_> LOL
[12:30] <@OzZy_M> ok
[12:30] <_YJ_> sorry
[12:30] <_YJ_> being stupid now
[12:30] <_YJ_> lol
[12:30] <@OzZy_M> that is one problem fixed :)
[12:30] <@OzZy_M> Han3?
[12:30] <@OzZy_M> we haven't heard from you
[12:30] <@OzZy_M> how is BCC?
[12:31] <@OzZy_M> omg
[12:31] <Han3> Bcc has compile errrors
[12:31] <Han3> 14 errors
[12:31] <@OzZy_M> same thing han?
[12:31] <@OzZy_M> did you change the #define PLATFORM?
[12:31] <Han3> sure
[12:31] <@OzZy_M> you did?
[12:32] <Han3> I did
[12:32] <@OzZy_M> ok
[12:32] <@OzZy_M> do what _YJ_ did and give us the errors on pastebin
[12:32] <Han3> Bolarndo needs dir.h
[12:32] <Han3> ??
[12:32] <@OzZy_M> do what _YJ_ did and give us the errors on pastebin
[12:33] <TonyKim> Check the function names.
[12:33] <_YJ_> http://pastebin.com/QCeKMv5J
[12:33] <TonyKim> iof_Clrscr --> iof_ClrScr
[12:33] <Han3> I am fixing now..
[12:35] <_YJ_> okay It did complied. I fixed errors
[12:35] <@OzZy_M> so LNX works?
[12:35] <_YJ_> I'm executing
[12:36] <_YJ_> do I need to check
[12:36] <_YJ_> if all key code values are correct ?
[12:36] <@OzZy_M> yes
[12:37] <@OzZy_M> Han3 do you still have errors?
[12:37] <Han3> yes
[12:37] <Han3> gettextinfo is in conio.h
[12:37] <Han3> ??
[12:38] <@OzZy_M> can we have the errors please?
[12:38] <@OzZy_M> use pastebin
[12:38] <Han3> ok
[12:38] <_YJ_> F1 - F4 mismatch
[12:38] <@OzZy_M> don't work ?
[12:38] <_YJ_> when I press F1
[12:39] <_YJ_> it shows the value of 'P'
[12:39] <@OzZy_M> this is bad :P
[12:39] <Han3> http://pastebin.com/Sid4PXzM
[12:39] <Han3> chek errors
[12:39] <_YJ_> F1 - F4 shows all alphabet
[12:39] <_YJ_> why ....
[12:39] <_YJ_> hmm
[12:39] <@OzZy_M> but F5-F12 work properly?
[12:39] <_YJ_> yes
[12:40] <@OzZy_M> ok 1 second
[12:40] <TonyKim> I have openSuse. I will check it in a native Linux.
[12:40] <@OzZy_M> ok
[12:40] <@OzZy_M> I'll help Han3
[12:41] <Han3> good
[12:42] <@OzZy_M> Han3, _YJ_: both of you changed #define PLATFORM in the header to the appropriate system before compiling?
[12:42] <_YJ_> PLATFORM = LNX
[12:42] <_YJ_> now
[12:42] <@OzZy_M> Han3?
[12:43] <TonyKim> I had the same problem in the secure shell. I'll tell you a result of it in OpenSuse soon.
[12:44] <_YJ_> I checked all keys
[12:44] <Han3> Say Ozzy
[12:44] <_YJ_> and
[12:44] <@OzZy_M> read up Han3
[12:44] <Han3> I did
[12:44] <_YJ_> http://pastebin.com/7tfUxCLU
[12:45] <Han3> I changed platform == bcc
[12:45] <TonyKim> _YJ_ : Same problem as Mac had.
[12:45] <Han3> Who has the book for oop344?
[12:46] <@OzZy_M> ok
[12:46] <@OzZy_M> for _YJ_
[12:46] <_YJ_> book doest mention key values
[12:46] <_YJ_> okay
[12:46] <@OzZy_M> your problem seems to be
[12:46] <@OzZy_M> that there is some sort of mismatch in the ASCII code
[12:46] <@OzZy_M> because P-S is consecutive in the alphabet
[12:46] <_YJ_> yes
[12:46] <Han3> No, I mean bcc
[12:46] <@OzZy_M> for Han3
[12:46] <@OzZy_M> there is some sort of platform problem
[12:46] <@OzZy_M> because the first 2 erros
[12:47] <@OzZy_M> say that _putch is called without a prototype
[12:47] <Han3> right
[12:47] <@OzZy_M> _putch is VCC NOT BCC
[12:47] <@OzZy_M> BCC is putch
[12:47] <@OzZy_M> i'm going to look over the code more
[12:47] <Han3> Can you check those functions for bcc in the book?
[12:47] <@OzZy_M> TonyKim, slaw12 help _YJ_
[12:47] <@OzZy_M> you didn't buy the book yet? :P
[12:48] <_YJ_> seems like
[12:48] <_YJ_> kkk
[12:48] <Han3> Tony: you have a book ...right?
[12:48] <TonyKim> _YJ_ : It works fine on OpenSuse.
[12:48] <Han3> Tony: Can you check those functions for bcc in the book?
[12:48] <@OzZy_M> Han3
[12:48] <_YJ_> so is it a problem because I'm using running PC ?\
[12:48] <@OzZy_M> i have the book
[12:48] <@OzZy_M> i'm looking now
[12:49] <Han3> good...
[12:49] <@OzZy_M> ok
[12:49] <@OzZy_M> first thing
[12:49] <TonyKim> I think the problem of "putty" and "secure shell" is setting
[12:49] <@OzZy_M> Han3, you have PROGMR set to FDADD?
[12:49] <@OzZy_M> FDAD
[12:50] <@OzZy_M> not FDADD
[12:50] <Han3> I did
[12:50] <@OzZy_M> ok good
[12:50] <@OzZy_M> and you said PLATFORM  is set to PLT_BCC right?
[12:50] <@OzZy_M> i'm just going from step one
[12:52] <Han3> right
[12:52] <_YJ_> ( be right back in 5 minutes.. sorry )
[12:53] <@OzZy_M> I think I might know what is wrong
[12:53] <@OzZy_M> give me a minute
[12:54] <@OzZy_M> ok I found out what 1 of the problems are with BCC
[12:55] <Han3> What is it?
[12:55] <@OzZy_M> You guys will HAVE to update your repo when I commit after I find out what the other problems are
[12:56] <TonyKim> ok
[12:56] <@OzZy_M> slaw12 still with us? lol
[12:57] <slaw12> yes, i'm still here. just testing stuff
[12:57] <TonyKim> I updated the define values of "Home" and "End" for Linux.
[12:57] <@OzZy_M> lol I'm just checking :P
[12:58] <@OzZy_M> did you commit?
[12:58] <TonyKim> Yes
[12:58] <@OzZy_M> ok
[12:58] <@OzZy_M> everyone update then
[12:58] <Han3> ok
[12:58] <slaw12> k
[13:00] <_YJ_> I;m back
[13:00] <_YJ_> I will update
[13:00] <@OzZy_M> k
[13:00] <@OzZy_M> i'm almost done too
[13:00] <@OzZy_M> ok
[13:01] <@OzZy_M> so
[13:01] <@OzZy_M> in ioftester.c @ line 512
[13:01] <@OzZy_M> there is a function MyStrCpy()
[13:01] <@OzZy_M> does anyone get any warnings/errors?
[13:01] <@OzZy_M> with GNU CC
[13:01] <@OzZy_M> use -Wall to display warning
[13:01] <@OzZy_M> s
[13:01] <Han3> it has compile error
[13:02] <@OzZy_M> Han3
[13:02] <@OzZy_M> when you say something like that it doesn't help much
[13:02] <@OzZy_M> because you need to say WHAT platform you are compiling with
[13:02] <Han3> Everyone has commited?
[13:02] <@OzZy_M> not me
[13:02] <@OzZy_M> did you update yet Han3?
[13:03] <_YJ_> I updated
[13:03] <Han3> I just did update
[13:03] <@OzZy_M> awesome
[13:03] <@OzZy_M> ok
[13:03] <@OzZy_M> now Han3
[13:03] <@OzZy_M> what platform did you just compile with
[13:03] <@OzZy_M> and what is the error?
[13:03] <@OzZy_M> or is it the same stuff as before?
[13:06] <@OzZy_M> ok
[13:06] <@OzZy_M> i'm going to commit in a second
[13:06] <Han3> I has compile error..Doen anyone has compile error?
[13:06] <_YJ_> on bcc ?
[13:06] <Han3> yes
[13:06] <Han3> vcc
[13:06] <Han3> on vcc
[13:06] <_YJ_> I haven't tried with bcc
[13:06] <_YJ_> I tried only lnx
[13:06] <@OzZy_M> ok
[13:06] <_YJ_> show us errors
[13:06] <@OzZy_M> 1 seconds
[13:06] <_YJ_> through pastebin
[13:06] <@OzZy_M> wait
[13:07] <Han3> for a sec
[13:07] <@OzZy_M> everyone update
[13:07] <_YJ_> OK
[13:07] <@OzZy_M> don't show those errors
[13:07] <@OzZy_M> i fixed a lot of them Han3
[13:07] <@OzZy_M> I'll explain after everyone updates
[13:07] <@OzZy_M> tell me when everyone commits
[13:07] <@OzZy_M> i mean updates
[13:08] <_YJ_> I did
[13:08] <@OzZy_M> Han3, TonyKim, slaw12?
[13:09] <_YJ_> wake up people !
[13:09] <@OzZy_M> gcc -Wall iof.c ioftester.c 2>> err.txt
[13:09] <@OzZy_M> _YJ_
[13:09] <@OzZy_M> can you run that
[13:09] <@OzZy_M> and put the err.txt on pastebin?
[13:10] <_YJ_> on what platform
[13:10] <@OzZy_M> i'm going to go wash my face
[13:10] <_YJ_> LNX
[13:10] <@OzZy_M> LNX
[13:10] <_YJ_> ?
[13:10] <_YJ_> okay
[13:10] <_YJ_> I will
[13:12] <@OzZy_M> crap
[13:12] <@OzZy_M> _YJ_
[13:13] <@OzZy_M> make sure you change the platform to lnx
[13:13] <_YJ_> ok
[13:15] <@OzZy_M> _YJ_
[13:15] <@OzZy_M> errors?
[13:15] <@OzZy_M> BTW
[13:16] <@OzZy_M> has everyone updated?
[13:16] <@OzZy_M> Han3, TonyKim, slaw12?
[13:16] <slaw12> yes updated
[13:16] <@OzZy_M> Han3, TonyKim?
[13:17] <@OzZy_M> omg those two ninja-afk'd!!!!!
[13:17] <TonyKim> Yes
[13:17] <_YJ_> gcc -Wall iof.c ioftester.c -lncurses 2>> errors.txt
[13:17] <_YJ_> what is -Wall for ?
[13:17] <@OzZy_M> shows warnings
[13:17] <@OzZy_M> what is the output?
[13:18] <_YJ_> http://pastebin.com/ZUsg113u
[13:18] <_YJ_> I tried to put that into errors.txt
[13:18] <_YJ_> it doesn't work
[13:18] <_YJ_> so just take a look at here
[13:19] <TonyKim> 'iof_clrscr' ---> 'iof_ClrScr'
[13:19] <@OzZy_M> ya
[13:19] <@OzZy_M> i just fixed it
[13:19] <_YJ_> who changed it again !
[13:19] <@OzZy_M> i'm going to commit now
[13:19] <_YJ_> okay
[13:19] <_YJ_> I will wait
[13:19] <@OzZy_M> done
[13:19] <@OzZy_M> ok
[13:20] <_YJ_> okay I will update now
[13:20] <@OzZy_M> so is Han3 here? or is he still ninja-afk?
[13:20] <Han3> I am here
[13:20] <@OzZy_M> ok
[13:20] <@OzZy_M> NEW RULE
[13:20] <@OzZy_M> don't go ninja-afk!!!
[13:20] <@OzZy_M> if you have to go afk
[13:20] <@OzZy_M> say so in chat!!
[13:21] <@OzZy_M> so we are not all waiting please
[13:21] <@OzZy_M> anyways
[13:21] <@OzZy_M> so
[13:21] <@OzZy_M> now that everyone has updated
[13:21] <@OzZy_M> one of the big problems with BCC
[13:21] <TonyKim> ok
[13:21] <@OzZy_M> is that the functions were not written properly
[13:21] <@OzZy_M> if you open iof.h
[13:21] <@OzZy_M> and scroll all the way to the bottem
[13:21] <@OzZy_M> you will notice some changes
[13:22] <TonyKim> yes
[13:22] <_YJ_> EVERYONE
[13:22] <_YJ_> I WILL COMMIT NOW
[13:22] <_YJ_> there was ERORRS
[13:22] <_YJ_> and I fixed
[13:22] <@OzZy_M> update first
[13:22] <@OzZy_M> then commit
[13:22] <@OzZy_M> _YJ_
[13:22] <_YJ_> did you commit again ?
[13:22] <@OzZy_M> like 3 mins ago ya
[13:23] <@OzZy_M> if you already updated then it doesn't matter
[13:23] <@OzZy_M> it is just good habit to update then commit
[13:23] <_YJ_> I already updated
[13:23] <@OzZy_M> incase someone ninja-committed
[13:23] <@OzZy_M> ok
[13:23] <@OzZy_M> then commit
[13:23] <_YJ_> so I will commit now
[13:23] <@OzZy_M> so
[13:23] <@OzZy_M> the problem with BCC
[13:23] <TonyKim> ok
[13:23] <@OzZy_M> is that functions need to have void as part of the arguments
[13:23] <TonyKim> ok
[13:23] <_YJ_> I did commit
[13:24] <_YJ_> PLZ UPDATE everyone
[13:24] <TonyKim> ok
[13:24] <@OzZy_M> so
[13:24] <@OzZy_M> int func();
[13:24] <@OzZy_M> needs to be int func(void);
[13:24] <@OzZy_M> so Han3
[13:24] <@OzZy_M> try compiling with BCC again
[13:24] <@OzZy_M> and give us any warning/errors
[13:25] <@OzZy_M> BTW
[13:25] <Han3> ok..i will..now
[13:25] <@OzZy_M> did ANYONE get any warnings for => MyStrCpy()?
[13:25] <TonyKim> myStrCpy?
[13:26] <@OzZy_M> ya
[13:26] <@OzZy_M> in BCC
[13:26] <@OzZy_M> it was complining
[13:26] <_YJ_> it complied with
[13:26] <@OzZy_M> and it was complaining in GCC for me
[13:26] <@OzZy_M> _YJ_
[13:26] <_YJ_> 3 warnings
[13:26] <@OzZy_M> did you get any errors?
[13:26] <@OzZy_M> what are the new warnings _YJ_?
[13:26] <_YJ_> I tried BCC
[13:26] <@OzZy_M> for LNX
[13:27] <_YJ_> LNX complied
[13:27] <_YJ_> no erros
[13:27] <@OzZy_M> no warnings?
[13:27] <@OzZy_M> you used -Wall?
[13:27] <_YJ_> I had one warning
[13:27] <_YJ_> I will show you
[13:27] <_YJ_> one sec
[13:28] <_YJ_> http://pastebin.com/jcpRGPZr
[13:28] <_YJ_> here we go
[13:28] <@OzZy_M> ok
[13:28] <@OzZy_M> that is what I was looking for
[13:28] <@OzZy_M> Han3
[13:29] <_YJ_> I think we need to put parentheses
[13:29] <@OzZy_M> how is everything going on your end with BCC?
[13:29] <@OzZy_M> lol
[13:29] <@OzZy_M> i will do that now _YJ_
[13:30] <slaw12> did we declare the prototype for that function?
[13:30] <Han3> Ozzy: did you try to compile for bcc?
[13:30] <@OzZy_M> I asked you to han
[13:30] <@OzZy_M> to see if you got anymore of those errors
[13:30] <@OzZy_M> -_-
[13:30] <@OzZy_M> I guess I'll do it then
[13:30] <Han3> it has still compile errors..
[13:30] <_YJ_> Ozzy
[13:31] <_YJ_> even though
[13:31] <_YJ_> (ignore above line)
[13:31] <_YJ_> do we need to fix warning as well ?
[13:31] <@OzZy_M> sometimes
[13:31] <@OzZy_M> but i'm testing some now
[13:31] <@OzZy_M> and I think this one is fine
[13:31] <@OzZy_M> so
[13:31] <@OzZy_M> Han3
[13:31] <@OzZy_M> you said you had errors?
[13:31] <Han3> Ozzy:If you have compiler for bcc..Can you try now?
[13:31] <@OzZy_M> my BCC did not have any
[13:31] <_YJ_> mine waring is just fine I think
[13:32] <@OzZy_M> Han3
[13:32] <_YJ_> I can try BCC
[13:32] <Han3> oh..really?
[13:32] <@OzZy_M> i need to know WHAT your errors are
[13:32] <_YJ_> I can compile it
[13:32] <Han3> ok..good
[13:32] <@OzZy_M> you can't just tell me you have errors
[13:32] <@OzZy_M> and not tell me what they are
[13:32] <TonyKim>  while(*des++ = *src++); --> This satement works fine. But...
[13:33] <@OzZy_M> Han3
[13:33] <Han3> Ozzy: You didn't get any error messages for bcc?
[13:33] <@OzZy_M> what are your errors?
[13:33] <@OzZy_M> Han3
[13:33] <@OzZy_M> please pay attention
[13:33] <@OzZy_M> I said I did NOT have any
[13:33] <@OzZy_M> what are YOUR errors?
[13:33] <_YJ_> http://pastebin.com/hKAAQtwT
[13:33] <_YJ_> this is what I get from BCC
[13:33] <_YJ_> no errors
[13:33] <_YJ_> but 4 warnings
[13:34] <@OzZy_M> ya
[13:34] <Han3> http://pastebin.com/Ldmtf9Fs
[13:34] <@OzZy_M> same
[13:34] <@OzZy_M> Han3
[13:34] <@OzZy_M> did you update ?
[13:34] <Han3> I will..now
[13:34] <@OzZy_M> omg
[13:34] <@OzZy_M> Han3 please pay attention
[13:34] <_YJ_> wow online meeting is such a hazard
[13:35] <@OzZy_M> it is not
[13:35] <@OzZy_M> IF everyone pays attention
[13:35] <Han3> ok..I will
[13:35] <_YJ_> so far, BCC/ LNX compiled
[13:35] <@OzZy_M> Han3: when you are done updating, recompile using BCC
[13:35] <_YJ_> with few warnings
[13:36] <Han3> ok..
[13:36] <TonyKim> I'm installing BCC
[13:37] <@OzZy_M> this meeting should have been done at like 1pm
[13:37] <@OzZy_M> if we focus and pay attention
[13:37] <@OzZy_M> these meetings will NOT drag on
[13:37] <@OzZy_M> we need to STOP going ninja-afk
[13:38] <_YJ_> yep
[13:38] <@OzZy_M> and ASK questions
[13:38] <TonyKim> ok
[13:38] <@OzZy_M> if you do not understand
[13:38] <@OzZy_M> we still have to go over complex functions today
[13:38] <@OzZy_M> we still have NOT comitted to tags
[13:38] <@OzZy_M> so
[13:38] <@OzZy_M> lets focus and get this DONE
[13:38] <_YJ_> OK
[13:38] <@OzZy_M> i'm sure we all have other homework
[13:39] <@OzZy_M> Han3: tell us when you are done
[13:39] <@OzZy_M> we're all waiting on you
[13:39] <TonyKim> SYS366
[13:39] <@OzZy_M> ya
[13:39] <_YJ_> Ozzy
[13:39] <@OzZy_M> yo
[13:39] <_YJ_> so if Han tests and succeed
[13:39] <_YJ_> are you done ?
[13:39] <_YJ_> are we done
[13:39] <_YJ_> ?
[13:39] <TonyKim> No
[13:39] <TonyKim> Not yet
[13:40] <_YJ_> what is left ?
[13:40] <TonyKim> BCC
[13:40] <TonyKim> Windows, Linux and Mac are OK
[13:40] <TonyKim> BCC
[13:40] <_YJ_> BCC I compiled and there were 4 warnings
[13:40] <@OzZy_M> ya
[13:40] <_YJ_> http://pastebin.com/hKAAQtwT
[13:40] <@OzZy_M> I recompiled VCC
[13:40] <@OzZy_M> everything is fine
[13:40] <_YJ_> good
[13:40] <@OzZy_M> TonyKim, Mac is fine right? you didn't change anything?
[13:41] <_YJ_> Why don't we UPDATE all together right now
[13:41] <TonyKim> I just changed the keyboard values in iof.h
[13:41] <_YJ_> to make sure
[13:41] <@OzZy_M> you were the last person to commit _YJ_
[13:41] <TonyKim> I didn't change the program logic.
[13:41] <@OzZy_M> I already updated from then _YJ_
[13:41] <@OzZy_M> Han3
[13:41] <@OzZy_M> you should have had enough time to update and compile
[13:41] <Han3> i am here
[13:41] <_YJ_> yes I was the last one who committed
[13:42] <@OzZy_M> Han3 is everything working
[13:42] <@OzZy_M> ?
[13:42] <Han3> do I need to update now?
[13:42] <@OzZy_M> you should have NO errors for BCC only the warnings here: http://pastebin.com/hKAAQtwT
[13:42] <@OzZy_M> correct?
[13:43] <@OzZy_M> Han3
[13:43] <@OzZy_M> we told you to update like 5 minutes ago
[13:43] <@OzZy_M> and recompile using BCC
[13:43] <_YJ_> why Han should compile BCC again ?
[13:43] <@OzZy_M> and tell us if you had anymore errors
[13:43] <_YJ_> since I succeeded
[13:43] <@OzZy_M> he needs to understand how to use everything _YJ_
[13:43] <_YJ_> okay
[13:44] <_YJ_> if that purpose, yeah that's right
[13:44] <@OzZy_M> ok
[13:44] <Han3> ok
[13:44] <@OzZy_M> I'm going to commit to tags v0.1
[13:44] <@OzZy_M> ANY OBJECTIONS?
[13:45] <_YJ_> For LNX no objection
[13:45] <TonyKim> I'd like to add comments. Give me 2 minutes
[13:45] <_YJ_> comments on functions /
[13:45] <_YJ_> ?
[13:45] <_YJ_> in iof.c ?
[13:45] <@OzZy_M> what comments TonyKim?
[13:45] <@OzZy_M> what comments TonyKim?
[13:45] <TonyKim> I thought I had to add comments in my functions. never mind
[13:46] <@OzZy_M> no
[13:46] <TonyKim> Commit it.
[13:46] <@OzZy_M> for those
[13:46] <@OzZy_M> it is fine
[13:46] <@OzZy_M> they all do the same thing
[13:46] <_YJ_> okay
[13:46] <_YJ_> then
[13:46] <_YJ_> Tony and Me is fine with tagging ?
[13:46] <@OzZy_M> slaw12 Han3?
[13:47] <@OzZy_M> am I ok to commit to tags?
[13:47] <slaw12> yah
[13:47] <Han3> ok..good
[13:47] <TonyKim> Linux has no problem with it. I'm sure. I tested it on the native Linux.
[13:48] <_YJ_> okay
[13:48] <_YJ_> and Mac Tony did
[13:48] <_YJ_> good
[13:48] <_YJ_> Bcc good
[13:48] <@OzZy_M> so v0.1 is up
[13:48] <_YJ_> Vcc good
[13:48] <@OzZy_M> ok
[13:48] <Han3> good
[13:48] <_YJ_> cool
[13:48] <TonyKim> ok
[13:48] <@OzZy_M> now
[13:48] <@OzZy_M> what work is left on complex functions?
[13:48] <@OzZy_M> or
[13:48] <@OzZy_M> rather
[13:48] <@OzZy_M> what has been done?
[13:49] <TonyKim> int iof_edit(........)
[13:49] <TonyKim> No
[13:49] <TonyKim> I think the function "iof_display(const char *str, int row, int col, int len)" is done by Fardad.
[13:50] <@OzZy_M> how many are there?
[13:50] <_YJ_> for me, I haven't done anything other than reviewing two functions he mentioned in class
[13:50] <@OzZy_M> where the hell is the bloody function page?
[13:50] <_YJ_> there are 6 complex functions
[13:50] <@OzZy_M> it's like hidden somewhere
[13:50] <_YJ_> http://zenit.senecac.on.ca/wiki/index.php/Oop344_20102_-_iof_functions
[13:51] <TonyKim> 6 functions
[13:51] <_YJ_> I remember Fardad saying
[13:51] <TonyKim> void iof_display(const char *str, int row, int col, int len)
[13:51] <_YJ_> that he is gonna explain all of those 6 functions in class/
[13:51] <TonyKim>  int iof_edit(........)
[13:51] <_YJ_> do you remember Ozzy ?
[13:51] <TonyKim> void iof_displayflag(..........)
[13:51] <_YJ_> I think you asked Q to him
[13:51] <@OzZy_M> vaguely
[13:51] <_YJ_> and he said he is gonna do all 6 functions in class
[13:51] <slaw12> I think i remember him saying that as well
[13:52] <@OzZy_M> did he complete any of them?
[13:52] <_YJ_> he complete display functions
[13:52] <_YJ_> iof_diplay function
[13:52] <@OzZy_M> and it worked properly?
[13:52] <_YJ_> he explained almost all core part of iof_edit
[13:52] <_YJ_> yes
[13:52] <_YJ_> his display code perfectly work
[13:53] <slaw12> we need to split the special keys for iof_edit
[13:53] <TonyKim> I think so.
[13:53] <@OzZy_M> ok
[13:53] <Han3> right...
[13:53] <_YJ_> yeah
[13:53] <_YJ_> I WAIT A SEC
[13:54] <_YJ_> for assignment 1
[13:54] <@OzZy_M> where is his code?
[13:54] <_YJ_> OOP344 repo
[13:54] <TonyKim> I can't see the latest code.
[13:55] <_YJ_> We need to send e-mail to Fardad. saying 'oop344 - iof 0.1 release'
[13:55] <_YJ_> Can I send e-mail to him ?
[13:55] <_YJ_> we need to e-mail in order to be marked.
[13:55] <@OzZy_M> ok ya
[13:55] <@OzZy_M> ya
[13:55] <_YJ_> Can I send e-mail right now ?
[13:55] <@OzZy_M> go ahead yj
[13:55] <_YJ_> okay
[13:56] <@OzZy_M> I sent it to him but i didn't use the proper subject
[13:56] <@OzZy_M> so basically we can't do anything until he teaches it to us in class?
[13:56] <@OzZy_M> and we have only from class to sunday to get it done?
[13:56] <_YJ_> We can do if WE CAN
[13:56] <_YJ_> but it's good to have his lecture
[13:56] <_YJ_> because he is gonna explain
[13:57] <_YJ_> if we do ourselves we gotta figure out ourselves which is no problem
[13:57] <_YJ_> but it's just not easy
[13:57] <@OzZy_M> ok
[13:57] <_YJ_> I think he will not give us whole complete code
[13:57] <@OzZy_M> when I finish my other work I will start working on the complex functions
[13:57] <_YJ_> like simple funcitons
[13:57] <@OzZy_M> It will be in my branch
[13:58] <_YJ_> okay
[13:58] <@OzZy_M> well you said he gave the complete code for display()
[13:58] <TonyKim> I'll do it too
[13:58] <@OzZy_M> remember!!!!
[13:58] <Han3> i will
[13:58] <@OzZy_M> committing to truch should be done at group meetings only!
[13:58] <TonyKim> ok
[13:58] <slaw12> ok
[13:59] <_YJ_> okay
[13:59] <@OzZy_M> alright
[13:59] <Han3> ok
[13:59] <@OzZy_M> e-mail sent _YJ_?
[13:59] <_YJ_> YES
[13:59] <@OzZy_M> awesome
[13:59] <@OzZy_M> ok next time
[13:59] <@OzZy_M> NO NINJA-AFK!!!
[13:59] <TonyKim> OK
[13:59] <_YJ_> what's afk ?
[14:00] <@OzZy_M> away from keyboard
[14:00] <_YJ_> I know ninja
[14:00] <_YJ_> LOL
[14:00] <TonyKim> I'll buy an extra monitor.
[14:00] <slaw12> haha
[14:00] <_YJ_> I'm using two monitor now
[14:00] <_YJ_> it's so good
[14:00] <TonyKim> My screen is maill
[14:00] <@OzZy_M> you can set up mIRC to make a sound when someone says something
[14:00] <TonyKim> *small
[14:00] <@OzZy_M> dual screen is the best! :D
[14:00] <_YJ_> yeah dual !
[14:00] <_YJ_> it's so good
[14:01] <@OzZy_M> so
[14:01] <@OzZy_M> anybody want to discuss anything before we all leave?
[14:01] <@OzZy_M> I will probably be on MSN/IRC all day for the most part
[14:02] <_YJ_> for me I don't have additional topic I would like to discuss
[14:02] <@OzZy_M> slaw12 TonyKim Han3?
[14:02] <TonyKim> I'll send you an email, if I have
[14:02] <_YJ_> just do MSN
[14:02] <Han3> i am ok...
[14:02] <@OzZy_M> slaw12?
[14:02] <slaw12> I guess we'll just discuss in class about splitting up the other functions once we get more from fardad?
[14:03] <@OzZy_M> I guess
[14:03] <@OzZy_M> everyone should go ahead
[14:03] <slaw12> yah
[14:03] <@OzZy_M> and TRY to do some more complex functions
[14:03] <TonyKim> ok
[14:03] <_YJ_> Good
[14:03] <Han3> ok
[14:03] <@OzZy_M> alright I'm going to work on some more homework
[14:03] <_YJ_> so let's wrap up our meeting for today
[14:03] <TonyKim> Me too
[14:03] <@OzZy_M> ok
[14:03] <_YJ_> it was long
[14:03] <_YJ_> kk
[14:04] <_YJ_> good luck Ozzy
[14:04] <@OzZy_M> thanks
[14:04] <_YJ_> and bye everyone !
[14:04] <TonyKim> Thanks all.
[14:04] <@OzZy_M> later
[14:04] <Han3> thanks 
[14:04] <slaw12> cheers y'all enjoy the rest of your weekend
[14:05] <_YJ_> u too !
[14:05] <_YJ_> :-)
[14:05] <TonyKim> You too!!!
[14:05] <Han3> you too
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