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Session Start: Sun May 30 10:26:51 2010
Session Ident: #seneca-HOTYS
->02[10:26] * Logging for #seneca-HOTYS started
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->03[11:41] * OzZy_M (~omirza@ has joined #seneca-HOTYS
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->03[11:48] * _YJ_ (~chatzilla@CPE0022b0d1b62a-CM001692fb1c3c.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #seneca-HOTYS
[11:48] <_YJ_> Hello :-)
[11:49] <OzZy_M> hi
[11:49] <slaw12> hey!
[11:49] <slaw12> Did fardad confirm wheterh or not he's going to be here?
[11:49] <OzZy_M> I talked to him and he said it was alright
[11:49] <OzZy_M> there are other people with meetings today
[11:50] <OzZy_M> but without him, this meeting is kind of pointless
[11:50] <OzZy_M> nothing to talk about :P
[11:50] <OzZy_M> unless you want to talk about how your weekend was :P
[11:50] <slaw12> haha.. uhh... that might just put you all to sleep :P
[11:50] <OzZy_M> lol
[11:51] <OzZy_M> I still have to finish my resume and that sys366 exercise
[11:51] <slaw12> I'm still need to fix up my resume to
[11:51] <slaw12> How did your meeting with Pat go?
[11:51] <OzZy_M> man
[11:51] <OzZy_M> my resume went from bllack to red soooo fast....
[11:51] <OzZy_M> it was alright i guess
[11:51] <slaw12> really.. lol
[11:51] <OzZy_M> i have a lot of changes to implement
[11:52] <slaw12> oh...
[11:52] <OzZy_M> my cover letter was theworst though
[11:52] <OzZy_M> I have to rework the entire thing pretty much
[11:52] <slaw12> that sucks. :(
[11:53] <slaw12> but at least you still have time before the job board opens
[11:53] <OzZy_M> I'm good at English
[11:53] <OzZy_M> so it won't be that hard
[11:53] <OzZy_M> It opens tomorrow right?
[11:53] <slaw12> yah but you have a week to apply
[11:53] <OzZy_M> Ya
[11:54] <OzZy_M> I don't think it matters when in the week you apply right?
[11:54] <slaw12> No it doesn't matter. I think she said that everything gets sent in alphabetical order.
[11:54] <OzZy_M> man
[11:54] <OzZy_M> Windows needs a decent Multi-desktop app
[11:55] <OzZy_M> ya
[11:55] <OzZy_M> you're right
[11:55] <OzZy_M> she also does the ranking thing
[11:56] <slaw12> yeah, I wonder if she's posted all the jobs already.
[11:56] <slaw12> I thought there'd be more
[11:56] <OzZy_M> there will be on Monday
->03[11:59] * Han3 (~hckim3@bas1-toronto09-1279543549.dsl.bell.ca) has joined #seneca-HOTYS
[11:59] <_YJ_> Hello Han !
[11:59] <Han3> Hi everyone~~
[11:59] <OzZy_M> Sup Han
[11:59] <slaw12> hey hey
[12:00] <Han3> Sunday, afternoon..tired..haha
[12:00] <_YJ_> haha
[12:00] <OzZy_M> lol
[12:00] <_YJ_> we are going to wait until Fardad, right ?
[12:00] <OzZy_M> Ya
[12:00] <_YJ_> Fardad comes*
[12:01] <_YJ_> did we get SVN account ?
[12:01] <Han3> a..ha
[12:01] <OzZy_M> I don't know
[12:01] <slaw12> I didn't get anything in my email
[12:02] <OzZy_M> Same
[12:02] <Han3> When we can use our account..it's almost week04..
[12:02] <_YJ_> me neither
[12:02] <OzZy_M> There are repo names listed on the Team list page
[12:02] <OzZy_M> but I don't think you can do anything with that
[12:02] <Han3> No..
[12:03] <_YJ_> everything goes to slow this semester
[12:03] <_YJ_> to -> too
[12:03] <OzZy_M> Seriously
[12:03] <Han3> I think so..
[12:03] <OzZy_M> I know second semester was REALLY fast paced
[12:03] <OzZy_M> but damn
[12:03] <slaw12> I was just thinking that earlier today.
[12:03] <OzZy_M> this semester is putting me to sleep
[12:03] <OzZy_M> INT322 is the worst lol
[12:03] <_YJ_> I still feel like I am in the first week
[12:03] <Han3> For me, first semester was so fast..
[12:03] <OzZy_M> I feel like I'm in High School again
[12:04] <slaw12> * ***** ***** **** **** ***** **** *** ****** *** **** ****** *** ***** *** ******** *** :P
[12:04] <OzZy_M> First was really fast
[12:04] <OzZy_M> Ya
[12:04] <Han3> right..
[12:04] <OzZy_M> but Samuel keeps repeating himself for like half a period... every period
[12:04] <slaw12> uhh.. please remove that comment from the log lol
[12:04] <OzZy_M> lol
[12:04] <OzZy_M> ya
[12:04] <OzZy_M> k
[12:04] <_YJ_> lol
[12:04] <Han3> haha
[12:04] <OzZy_M> OOP is be far the most interesting
[12:04] <OzZy_M> but it is still slow lol
[12:05] <OzZy_M> I just want to start and learn something :(
[12:05] <_YJ_> me too !!
[12:05] <OzZy_M> DBS is a joke lol
[12:05] <Han3> right..
[12:05] <slaw12> is it?
[12:06] <OzZy_M> ya
[12:06] <_YJ_> Mr Ron Tarr ....
[12:06] <_YJ_> lol
[12:06] <slaw12> darn, I dropped it.
[12:06] <slaw12> :P
[12:06] <OzZy_M> Should not have
[12:06] <OzZy_M> easy marks
[12:06] <OzZy_M> at least
[12:06] <OzZy_M> this half
[12:06] <OzZy_M> I don't know how it will be the second half
[12:06] <OzZy_M> and Ron is AWESOME, he is HILARIOUS!!!
[12:06] <OzZy_M> SYS is just ... BORING
[12:06] <_YJ_> and hard to understand her lecture
[12:06] <Han3> oh..my Sys
[12:07] <OzZy_M> That is because she goes off tangent every other sentence for like 10 sentences
[12:07] <OzZy_M> She knows her stuff
[12:07] <Han3> Everybody finished exercise 04 for sys/
[12:07] <OzZy_M> but she isn't focused
[12:07] <OzZy_M> Not me
[12:07] <OzZy_M> I need to do it today
[12:07] <_YJ_> yeah. I agree
[12:07] <slaw12> I was anticipating a lot heavier work load. so i dropped it.. damnit..
[12:07] <OzZy_M> rofl
[12:07] <OzZy_M> Ya
[12:07] <OzZy_M> the Description for DBS on the SCS site makes it seem like an intense course
[12:07] <Han3> I have to finish today for SYS
[12:08] <slaw12> ya I finished exersize 4
[12:08] <OzZy_M> ya she said 8pm tonight as the due date
[12:08] <Han3> good..
[12:08] <slaw12> not sure if it's right though. :P
[12:08] <Han3> right
[12:08] <_YJ_> I don't think she will deduct the mark if you did something wrong.
[12:08] <OzZy_M> Basically put all your processes on the page and then explain how to make them easy to the user and how to computerize them
[12:09] <OzZy_M> that is what I got out of her lecture that day
[12:09] <OzZy_M> lol
[12:09] <_YJ_> she might merely check if u did or not. and just give the mark
[12:09] <Han3> No, she try to help us..
[12:09] <OzZy_M> she sent an email out to our group saying that our Models were A LOT more sub-par than the rest of the class'
[12:09] <slaw12> I hope so
[12:09] <_YJ_> sub- par ?
[12:10] <OzZy_M> Sub-par = worst than the standard or rest of the class
[12:10] <_YJ_> (not good at shorten words. ***_
[12:10] <OzZy_M> it isn't a shortened word i think lol
[12:10] <OzZy_M> i think i spelt it wrong
[12:10] <Han3> haha
[12:10] <OzZy_M> ya
[12:10] <OzZy_M> subpar or sub par
[12:10] <slaw12> ouch, so do did she give you guys recomendations on how to fix it?
[12:11] <OzZy_M> no
[12:11] <OzZy_M> she said fix it
[12:11] <_YJ_> I've never received e-mail from her. so I thought she doesnt mind the errors. lol
[12:11] <OzZy_M> I put up updated models on our site for everyone
[12:11] <OzZy_M> but not everyone checked :(
[12:11] <OzZy_M> Han was like the only one by the beginning of class :(
[12:11] <Han3> no...but in class..when we ask her somethin..she kindly explain about that..
[12:12] <OzZy_M> Ya
[12:12] <_YJ_> yeah true
[12:12] <_YJ_> she is a nice person. :-)
[12:12] <OzZy_M> ya she is
[12:12] <slaw12> ya
[12:12] <Han3> But I still got a confused..what she said..that's problem..
[12:12] <Han3> haha
[12:13] <_YJ_> haha
[12:13] <slaw12> haha..
[12:13] <OzZy_M> haha?
[12:13] <_YJ_> by the way, where is Tony
[12:13] <OzZy_M> No idea
[12:13] <Han3> right..where is him?
[12:13] <OzZy_M> doesn't really matter without fardad here
[12:14] <_YJ_> I wonder if he will come
[12:14] <OzZy_M> He said he would
[12:14] <Han3> Let's start our talking now..
[12:14] <slaw12> How long should we wait?
[12:14] <OzZy_M> about what?
[12:14] <OzZy_M> 15 more minutes
[12:15] <Han3> Our first assignment
[12:15] <OzZy_M> I'll email him
[12:15] <OzZy_M> We don't know anything about it :S
[12:15] <OzZy_M> I mean
[12:15] <OzZy_M> We need ot have all those functions for each platform set up right?
[12:15] <Han3> right
[12:15] <slaw12> yup but we can't even start because he hasn't assigned who does what yet
[12:16] <OzZy_M> does someone have a list of the functions that need to be implemented?
[12:16] <OzZy_M> well we can take initiative and do all the basic stuff
[12:16] <Han3> so, how will we separate each part that each member has to do?
[12:16] <OzZy_M> I believe he said we need to
[12:16] <OzZy_M> do all the code we did in class for each platform, right?
[12:16] <OzZy_M> so
[12:16] <OzZy_M> How many platforms are there?
[12:16] <slaw12> I thought he had listed them on the wiki site
[12:16] <Han3> almost...
[12:16] <OzZy_M> where?
[12:16] <Han3> it would be 4
[12:17] <OzZy_M> got a link?
[12:17] <OzZy_M> 4?
[12:17] <OzZy_M> so we have....
[12:17] <Han3> vcc, bcc, linux, unix/mac
[12:17] <OzZy_M> VCC BCC LNX UNX?
[12:17] <Han3> right
[12:17] <_YJ_> yeah 4
[12:17] <OzZy_M> does anyone own a MAC?
[12:17] <_YJ_> Tony
[12:17] <OzZy_M> you own 4 Macs _YJ_?
[12:17] <OzZy_M> Tony has a Mac?
[12:17] <_YJ_> yes
[12:17] <OzZy_M> Excellent
[12:18] <Han3> good
[12:18] <slaw12> http://zenit.senecac.on.ca/wiki/index.php/Oop344_20102_-_iof_functions
[12:18] <OzZy_M> I guess he's stuck with Mac coding :PP
[12:18] <OzZy_M> I don't remember this page at all .... :(
[12:19] <OzZy_M> ok one second here
[12:19] <OzZy_M> I've never read this before...
[12:19] <OzZy_M> so
[12:19] <Han3> That is function skeleton that we have to do\
[12:19] <OzZy_M> someone call Tony to login, and the rest read the page if you've not read it
[12:19] <_YJ_> I just sent msg to him to come to meeting
[12:20] <Han3> ok..
[12:20] <OzZy_M> Ok
[12:20] <slaw12> Ya, it's not listed under the project link.  I almost missed it.
[12:20] <OzZy_M> Give me a few minutes to read the page
[12:20] <Han3> Ok
[12:20] <OzZy_M> Are you sure that this is for THIS semester?
[12:20] <OzZy_M> 20102 is summer 2010 right?
[12:20] <Han3> That is our assignment..\
[12:20] <Han3> for this semester
->03[12:21] * TonyKim (~tony_core@CPE00238b89b6d7-CM000a73655cdb.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #seneca-HOTYS
[12:21] <OzZy_M> Ok everyone go read it over to see ifyou have any questions
[12:21] <OzZy_M> sorry I didn't even see this page :(
[12:21] <TonyKim> Hi
[12:21] <OzZy_M> Hey Tony
[12:21] <OzZy_M> nice of you to join us
[12:21] <Han3> In class, our teacher almost has done..
[12:21] <TonyKim> I'm sorry
[12:21] <Han3> Hey tony
[12:21] <OzZy_M> Ya Han, but he didn't do all of the platforms
[12:21] <OzZy_M> Tony you have a Mac?
[12:21] <Han3> right..
[12:21] <TonyKim> Yes, I do.
[12:22] <OzZy_M> Awesome
[12:22] <Han3> so, we need a book for IPC144
[12:22] <OzZy_M> You're probably gonna be stuck doing a lot of the UNX stuff then :P
[12:22] <OzZy_M> I hope you don't mind
[12:22] <OzZy_M> BTW Tony, if You've not already read this page
[12:22] <OzZy_M> go read it plz
[12:22] <OzZy_M> http://zenit.senecac.on.ca/wiki/index.php/Oop344_20102_-_iof_functions
[12:22] <TonyKim> OK
[12:22] <OzZy_M> Thanks
[12:23] <OzZy_M> I hope everyone bought the course text book
[12:23] <slaw12> yup
[12:23] <OzZy_M> It shows how to do a lot of this stuff
[12:23] <_YJ_> I did
[12:23] <Han3> I didn't
[12:23] <OzZy_M> You're going to need to buy it
[12:23] <OzZy_M> it helps a lot Han
[12:23] <TonyKim> I'll buy it tomorrow.
[12:23] <_YJ_> it's cheap.
[12:23] <OzZy_M> K
[12:23] <OzZy_M> Ya like < $20
[12:24] <Han3> 20?
[12:24] <slaw12> under 11
[12:24] <OzZy_M> Ya
[12:24] <slaw12> :)
[12:24] <OzZy_M> 11 is <  $20 :P
[12:24] <_YJ_> it's 10.87 $
[12:24] <_YJ_> including tax
[12:25] <Han3> a..ha
[12:25] <slaw12> yes but <11 makes it sound even cheaper :P
[12:25] <OzZy_M> lol
[12:25] <OzZy_M> I didn't remember how much I paid for it, I thought it was $18
[12:25] <_YJ_> that's a marketing trick.
[12:25] <OzZy_M> lol
[12:25] <Han3> haha
[12:26] <TonyKim> Did Fardad give us the user account for the svn?
[12:26] <_YJ_> no
[12:26] <_YJ_> he is not even here yet
[12:26] <_YJ_> he is supposed to be here 12pm
[12:26] <TonyKim> Ok
[12:26] <OzZy_M> does everyone have VS, BCC, and GNUCC installed?
[12:27] <_YJ_> according the IRC schedule page, he has meeting at 1pm with other group as well.
[12:27] <_YJ_> I am not sure if I have GNUCC
[12:27] <TonyKim> I have VS2008 on Windows and XCode on Mac
[12:27] <OzZy_M> hrmm
[12:27] <OzZy_M> do you have linux installed?
[12:27] <Han3> I have windows
[12:28] <OzZy_M> I have something called Cygwin installed on my Win7
[12:28] <TonyKim> Not yet. I'm thinking of installing LINUX in VMWare.
[12:28] <OzZy_M> What Cygwin is
[12:28] <slaw12> I don't have GNUCC
[12:28] <OzZy_M> is a Virtual machine for a Linux Terminal
[12:28] <Han3> we can use vmware..
[12:28] <OzZy_M> so
[12:28] <OzZy_M> In WINDOWS i can open up a linux terminal
[12:28] <OzZy_M> and compile using GNU CC
[12:28] <TonyKim> Yes.
[12:28] <Han3> sure
[12:28] <OzZy_M> it is really useful
[12:29] <OzZy_M> so you don't have to keep restarting or use Matrix (which could be really slow)
[12:29] <Han3> zenit server is unix?
[12:29] <OzZy_M> linux
[12:29] <OzZy_M> Mac is UNX
[12:29] <OzZy_M> ok
[12:29] <OzZy_M> lemme check out what fardad did
[12:29] <Han3> Ok..so we can use zenit server for linux also..
[12:29] <OzZy_M> ya
[12:30] <OzZy_M> but it is easier to use cygwin
[12:30] <OzZy_M> but w/e is easier for you
[12:30] <Han3> Tony has mac..
[12:30] <OzZy_M> yes
[12:30] <Han3> Zenit is linux..
[12:30] <OzZy_M> Tony will do the UNX stuff
[12:30] <TonyKim> OK
[12:30] <Han3> good
[12:30] <OzZy_M> ok
[12:30] <OzZy_M> btw
[12:30] <OzZy_M> does everyone have Borland installed?
[12:30] <_YJ_> yeah. installed from OOP244
[12:30] <Han3> not yet
[12:30] <TonyKim> I don't have it.
[12:31] <OzZy_M> The site it is posted on is a little confusing
[12:31] <OzZy_M> I'll see if I can find the file here and send it to you
[12:31] <OzZy_M> one sec
[12:31] <Han3> I will try\
[12:31] <OzZy_M> slaw12: do you have it?
[12:31] <slaw12> Ozzy_M: Yes I've got it
[12:31] <Han3> I think we can download from acs..right?
[12:32] <OzZy_M> no
[12:32] <OzZy_M> they redirect you the company site
[12:32] <OzZy_M> go download it
[12:32] <Han3> a..ha
[12:33] <TonyKim> Use Torrent. Haha
[12:33] <TonyKim> You can download anything you want.
[12:34] <Han3> good
[12:34] <Han3> Now, we've done many functions for VCC in class..right?
[12:34] <_YJ_> or u can simply go to OOP244 website. they have a link
[12:34] <OzZy_M> I have the file
[12:34] <OzZy_M> does anyone want it?
[12:34] <Han3> I want
[12:34] <OzZy_M> ok
[12:35] <OzZy_M> Accept it han
[12:36] <Han3> Where is it?
[12:36] <_YJ_> What happen if he does not come until 1pm.
[12:36] <OzZy_M> I just sent it to you
[12:36] <OzZy_M> _YJ_: doesn't matter, we'll start the project on our own.  We have the assignment page
[12:37] <OzZy_M> Did you get that one Han?
[12:37] <_YJ_> got it.
[12:37] <Han3> OzZy_M: Where do I accept?
[12:37] <OzZy_M> you should be able to see it
[12:37] <OzZy_M> A window should pop up
[12:37] <OzZy_M> if you don't see it
[12:37] <OzZy_M> just goto this site: https://downloads.embarcadero.com/free/c_builder
[12:38] <Han3> Thanks..
[12:38] <slaw12> I think fardad was suppose to join our first meeting just to go over how to conduct a meeting on irc
[12:39] <OzZy_M> Ya
[12:39] <OzZy_M> has everyone checked out the 344 repo yet?
[12:39] <OzZy_M> everyone should do so now
[12:40] <TonyKim> ok
[12:40] <_YJ_> I checked out all codes he did in class
[12:41] <OzZy_M> ok so in: trunk/03-May20
[12:41] <OzZy_M> is the assignment stuff
[12:42] <_YJ_> yeah
[12:42] <OzZy_M> ok Since Tony has a Mac already
[12:42] <_YJ_> and void iof_end()  / void iof_flush() is not done yet
[12:42] <_YJ_> in his code
[12:42] <OzZy_M> He can do UNX platform
[12:43] <OzZy_M> You alright with that TonyKim?
->06[12:43] * OzZy_M slaps TonyKim around a bit with a large trout
[12:43] <OzZy_M> TonyKim?
->03[12:44] * KiJeongKim (~tony_core@CPE00238b89b6d7-CM000a73655cdb.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #seneca-HOTYS
->02[12:44] * TonyKim (~tony_core@CPE00238b89b6d7-CM000a73655cdb.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds*)
[12:45] <OzZy_M> Tony?
[12:45] <KiJeongKim> Yes,
[12:45] <KiJeongKim> Sorry, bad internect connection and I was kicked out.
[12:45] <OzZy_M> alright you're back
[12:45] <OzZy_M> ok
[12:45] <OzZy_M> is everyone here right now?
[12:45] <OzZy_M> ?
[12:45] <_YJ_> yes
[12:45] <OzZy_M> slaw12, Han3?
->06[12:46] * OzZy_M slaps Han3 around a bit with a large trout
->06[12:46] * OzZy_M slaps slaw12 around a bit with a large trout
[12:46] <slaw12> yes
[12:46] <_YJ_> LOL
[12:46] <OzZy_M> Han3?
[12:46] <KiJeongKim> What happend?
[12:46] <OzZy_M> I don't know
[12:46] <OzZy_M> Han ninja-afk'd
[12:46] <Han3> I am here..
[12:46] <Han3> hahahaha
[12:46] <KiJeongKim> LOL
[12:46] <OzZy_M> lol
[12:46] <_YJ_> LOL
[12:46] <OzZy_M> alright
[12:47] <OzZy_M> SINCE fardad has yet to assign anything
[12:47] <OzZy_M> or even show up to our meeting today
[12:47] <OzZy_M> we'll start the assignment on our own
[12:47] <KiJeongKim> OK
[12:47] <_YJ_> Good.
[12:47] <Han3> good
[12:47] <OzZy_M> if he assigns stuff later we will reassign stuff later
[12:47] <OzZy_M> but as of now
[12:47] <slaw12> ok
[12:47] <_YJ_> okay
[12:47] <OzZy_M> Tony is ok with the UNX platform right?
[12:47] <Han3> ok
[12:47] <KiJeongKim> OK
[12:47] <OzZy_M> alright
[12:47] <Han3> good
[12:47] <OzZy_M> who wants Borland?
[12:47] <KiJeongKim> No problem.
[12:47] <OzZy_M> _YJ_?
[12:47] <OzZy_M> Want borland?
[12:48] <slaw12> should we draw straws ?:P
[12:48] <OzZy_M> lol
[12:48] <KiJeongKim> haha
[12:48] <Han3> haha
[12:48] <OzZy_M> who wants Borland?
[12:48] <slaw12> uhh.. there are 4 platforms right?
[12:48] <OzZy_M> ya
[12:48] <OzZy_M> oh ya
[12:48] <slaw12> there are 5 of us
[12:48] <OzZy_M> so we shoudl divide by function then?
[12:48] <_YJ_> I'm here
[12:48] <KiJeongKim> TBH, anything is fine.
[12:49] <KiJeongKim> LINUX, WINDOWS, MAC, BOLAND
[12:49] <OzZy_M> ya it is beter to divide by function since we all get exposure to all platforms
[12:49] <OzZy_M> ok
[12:49] <OzZy_M> how many functions are there?
[12:49] <OzZy_M> simple functions
[12:49] <OzZy_M> 10
[12:49] <OzZy_M> there are 10 functions
[12:49] <OzZy_M> so
[12:49] <_YJ_> 9
[12:49] <_YJ_> oh
[12:49] <OzZy_M> each get 2
[12:50] <OzZy_M> so who wants to pick first?
[12:50] <OzZy_M> i'll go last
[12:50] <OzZy_M> get w/e everybody else does not want
[12:50] <OzZy_M> ladies first?
[12:50] <KiJeongKim> Yes
[12:50] <OzZy_M> slaw12, _YJ_?
[12:50] <Han3> Let't me do anything..
[12:50] <OzZy_M> what do you guys want?
[12:50] <KiJeongKim> Anything
[12:50] <OzZy_M> pick 2 functions from :
[12:50] <_YJ_> Counselor hmm
[12:50] <_YJ_> wait
[12:50] <OzZy_M> http://zenit.senecac.on.ca/wiki/index.php/Oop344_20102_-_iof_functions
[12:50] <_YJ_> let me think
[12:51] <slaw12> mm...
[12:51] <OzZy_M> remember
[12:51] <OzZy_M> if fardad already did the code for one of your parts, you have to rewrite it to our group's standards we set last week!
[12:51] <KiJeongKim> ok
[12:52] <slaw12> k
[12:52] <_YJ_> I want int iof_getch(void)
[12:52] <Han3> ok
[12:52] <_YJ_> and
[12:52] <OzZy_M> we have a winner?
[12:52] <slaw12> can i take init?
[12:52] <_YJ_> void iof_flush(void)
[12:52] <OzZy_M> ok so _YJ_ has getch and flush
[12:53] <slaw12> sorry, iof_init()
[12:53] <OzZy_M> Steph has init
[12:53] <_YJ_> good
[12:53] <OzZy_M> pick one more step
[12:53] <OzZy_M> h
[12:54] <slaw12> iof_movcur ?
[12:54] <OzZy_M> void iof_movecur(int r, int c)
[12:54] <OzZy_M> that one?
[12:55] <slaw12> sorry.. yes I meant that one
[12:55] <OzZy_M> excellent!
[12:55] <OzZy_M> Tony/Han
[12:55] <OzZy_M> pick please
[12:55] <Han3> Tony first..
[12:55] <OzZy_M> Ok
[12:56] <Han3> looks like an auction..haha
[12:56] <OzZy_M> Han letting Tony pick first!
[12:56] <OzZy_M> all attention on Tony!
[12:56] <KiJeongKim> Haha
[12:56] <OzZy_M> Tony getting ready to pick....
[12:56] <KiJeongKim> ok
[12:56] <OzZy_M> don't like my commentating?
[12:56] <OzZy_M> :(
[12:56] <KiJeongKim> I like it. :-)
[12:57] <KiJeongKim> void iof_prnstr(const char *s)
[12:57] <OzZy_M> alright
[12:57] <KiJeongKim> int iof_rows(void)
[12:57] <OzZy_M> Tony takes the pornstar function!
[12:57] <_YJ_> LOL
[12:57] <OzZy_M> alright
[12:57] <_YJ_> Ozzy !!!
[12:57] <OzZy_M> Han!
[12:57] <_YJ_> LOL
[12:57] <OzZy_M> you're up
[12:57] <OzZy_M> lol
[12:57] <Han3> Yes sir..
[12:57] <OzZy_M> I didn't name the functions
[12:57] <KiJeongKim> LOL
[12:57] <OzZy_M> fardad did :P
[12:58] <OzZy_M> prnstr = pornstar
[12:58] <slaw12> haha
[12:58] <Han3> Which one left?
[12:58] <OzZy_M> YJ:
[12:58] <OzZy_M> int iof_getch(void)
[12:58] <OzZy_M> void iof_flush(void)
[12:58] <OzZy_M>  Steph:
[12:58] <OzZy_M>  void iof_init(void)
[12:58] <OzZy_M>  void iof_movecur(int r, int c)
[12:58] <OzZy_M>  Han:
[12:58] <OzZy_M>  Tony:
[12:58] <OzZy_M>  void iof_prnstr(const char *s)
[12:58] <OzZy_M>  int iof_rows(void)
[12:58] <OzZy_M> sorry
[12:58] <OzZy_M> one sec
[12:58] <OzZy_M> --------------------------------------------------
[12:58] <OzZy_M> YJ:
[12:58] <OzZy_M> int iof_getch(void)
[12:58] <OzZy_M> void iof_flush(void)
[12:58] <OzZy_M>  Steph:
[12:58] <OzZy_M>  void iof_init(void)
[12:58] <OzZy_M>  void iof_movecur(int r, int c)
[12:58] <OzZy_M>  Han:
[12:58] <OzZy_M>  Tony:
[12:58] <OzZy_M>  void iof_prnstr(const char *s)
[12:58] <OzZy_M>  int iof_rows(void)
[12:58] <Han3> did you take function?
[12:59] <Han3> Ozzy..
[12:59] <OzZy_M> I said I'll take w/e is left over Han!
[12:59] <OzZy_M> stop going ninja-afk!
[12:59] <_YJ_> Ozzy can do anything ***
[12:59] <OzZy_M> :)
[12:59] <_YJ_> ninja Han
[12:59] <OzZy_M> *** :S
[12:59] <OzZy_M> i'll edit that out of the logs
[12:59] <Han3> haha
[12:59] <OzZy_M> ok han
[13:00] <OzZy_M> pick two functions now
[13:00] <Han3> iof_Movecur is sold out?
[13:00] <OzZy_M> yes
[13:00] <OzZy_M> ok
[13:00] <Han3> void iof_clrscr(void)?
[13:00] <KiJeongKim> You can have it.
[13:00] <OzZy_M> nope
[13:01] <Han3> void iof_end(void)?
[13:01] <OzZy_M> that one is free as well
[13:02] <Han3> Ok..I want to pay for two functions..haha
[13:02] <OzZy_M> alright I'll take the rest
[13:02] <OzZy_M> lol
[13:02] <OzZy_M> alright I'll update our wiki page after the meeting with the selections
[13:02] <OzZy_M> now
[13:02] <OzZy_M> the due date for all of these is next sunday
[13:02] <OzZy_M> according to the assignment page
[13:03] <OzZy_M> so do not leave it to the last minute even though it is easy
[13:03] <OzZy_M> remember
[13:03] <OzZy_M> code everything to the group standard
[13:03] <slaw12> ok
[13:03] <OzZy_M> and everyone will need to install all compilers/platforms
[13:03] <KiJeongKim> ok
[13:04] <OzZy_M> if you do not have a mac, there are some macs in the Tel open lab
[13:04] <_YJ_> okay
[13:04] <Han3> ok..
[13:04] <OzZy_M> Now
[13:04] <OzZy_M> he is probably going to assign work in class next week
[13:05] <_YJ_> he should !
[13:05] <OzZy_M> and it will mix up the selection we've had today
[13:05] <OzZy_M> for the SIMPLE functions
[13:05] <OzZy_M> just stick with what we've decided today
[13:05] <OzZy_M> and when we get our accounts
[13:05] <_YJ_> okay
[13:05] <OzZy_M> we will switch code to accomodate what fardad's choices are
[13:05] <OzZy_M> and then upload to the repo
[13:05] <slaw12> okay sounds good
[13:05] <OzZy_M> if we all go by the group rules
[13:05] <OzZy_M> he should be none the wiser
[13:06] <slaw12> unless of course he reads this log :P
[13:06] <OzZy_M> meh
[13:06] <OzZy_M> it is open source
[13:06] <KiJeongKim> :)
[13:06] <OzZy_M> it shouldn't matter what we do
[13:06] <OzZy_M> just so long as it is all divided properlly
[13:06] <OzZy_M> right?
[13:06] <OzZy_M> remember
[13:07] <OzZy_M> the COMPLEX functions are due one week after the simple ones
[13:07] <KiJeongKim> OK
[13:07] <KiJeongKim> Complex io functions: Jun 13th @ 23:59
[13:07] <KiJeongKim> Simple io functions Jun 6th @ 23:59
[13:07] <_YJ_> yes.
[13:07] <Han3> Good
[13:07] <OzZy_M> alright
[13:07] <OzZy_M> so
[13:07] <OzZy_M> recap
[13:08] <OzZy_M> we all have functions that we picked today
[13:08] <OzZy_M> the due date is next sunday 23:59
[13:08] <_YJ_> got it
[13:08] <slaw12> k
[13:08] <OzZy_M> awesome
[13:08] <OzZy_M> anything else we need to cover?
[13:08] <OzZy_M> or questions?
[13:09] <slaw12> yes
[13:09] <Han3> no
[13:09] <KiJeongKim> No question
[13:09] <_YJ_> PLT AIXC is MAC and LINUX ?
[13:09] <OzZy_M> AIX = Unix = Mac
[13:09] <Han3> I think...aixc is ibm..
[13:09] <OzZy_M> all 3 are the same for our purposes
[13:09] <OzZy_M> Linux is different
[13:09] <OzZy_M> slightly
[13:09] <slaw12> Would it be possible to move next week's meeting to a weekday? I may be going out of town for the weekend.
[13:09] <_YJ_> okay
[13:10] <OzZy_M> let me check my work schedule
[13:10] <slaw12> ok
[13:10] <KiJeongKim> AIX  is based on UNIX
[13:10] <OzZy_M> ok
[13:11] <_YJ_> Ozzy, Han, Tony : have DBS right after SYS on Friday ?
[13:11] <OzZy_M> there is no point in having the next meeting BEFORE the next set of classes
[13:11] <OzZy_M> and I work after school everyday next week
[13:11] <OzZy_M> when do you leave slaw12?
[13:11] <_YJ_> cause I was thinking maybe we can have meeting right after SYS on friday ...
[13:11] <_YJ_> ohh
[13:11] <KiJeongKim> [DBS : 2 hours][SYS : 2 hours][EAC150 : 3 hours] on Friday
[13:12] <slaw12> Probably saturday
[13:12] <OzZy_M> hrmm..
[13:12] <Han3> Saturday..is not good for me..
[13:12] <OzZy_M> ok
[13:12] <OzZy_M> we have 2 options
[13:13] <OzZy_M> Hold the meeting same time and Stephanie can read the logs and send me any questions
[13:13] <OzZy_M> OR
[13:13] <OzZy_M> 2.
[13:13] <OzZy_M> we can not have a meeting
[13:13] <OzZy_M> I can also
[13:13] <OzZy_M> do something Monday Morning
[13:13] <OzZy_M> If everyone else can
[13:13] <_YJ_> Monday is good for me
[13:14] <_YJ_> you mean Monday,May 7th. right ?
[13:14] <OzZy_M> June
[13:14] <KiJeongKim> Monday works.
[13:14] <Han3> Monday in school?
[13:14] <OzZy_M> Monday June 7th 12pm is a good time for the meeting instead of Sunday?
[13:15] <OzZy_M> if not we can skip next week's meeting
[13:15] <OzZy_M> OR if there is something important to do
[13:15] <OzZy_M> like
[13:15] <_YJ_> oh sorry June yeah
[13:15] <OzZy_M> fardad assigns some WORK
[13:15] <OzZy_M> we can go ahead an have it without Stephanie
[13:15] <Han3> The meeting on IRC right?
[13:15] <OzZy_M> I have everything loged remember
[13:15] <OzZy_M> IRC yes we have to log everything
[13:15] <Han3> so, monday 12pm on IRC
[13:15] <_YJ_> Ozzy, do you come to school on Monday ?
[13:16] <_YJ_> normally
[13:16] <OzZy_M> no
[13:16] <slaw12> Ok, maybe just go ahead w/o me on sunday and if i have questions i'll ask
[13:16] <OzZy_M> alright
[13:16] <_YJ_> cool
[13:16] <OzZy_M> that makes it easier lol
[13:16] <OzZy_M> thanks Steph!
[13:16] <slaw12> seems easier for everybody :)
[13:16] <Han3> I want to make sure..our plan..
[13:17] <OzZy_M> ok
[13:17] <OzZy_M> Meeting is still Sunday next week 12pm
[13:17] <Han3> ok
[13:18] <OzZy_M> alright
[13:18] <OzZy_M> Anything else anybody would like to discuss?
[13:18] <slaw12> ok thanks guys
[13:18] <OzZy_M> I will update wiki
[13:18] <OzZy_M> and put up this log
[13:18] <KiJeongKim> Thanks
[13:18] <Han3> Thanks members..
[13:19] <_YJ_> :-)
[13:19] <OzZy_M> awesome
[13:19] <_YJ_> oh
[13:19] <OzZy_M> alright meeting ajourned!
[13:19] <_YJ_> Ozzy, do you use MSN a lot ?
[13:19] <_YJ_> I mean. often
[13:19] <OzZy_M> I'm usually online if I'm on my laptop
[13:19] <_YJ_> could I add you ?
[13:20] <OzZy_M> sure
[13:20] <OzZy_M> raidx0r@hotmail.com
[13:20] <slaw12> can i add you as well?
[13:20] <OzZy_M> sure
[13:20] <_YJ_> I added you.
[13:20] <_YJ_> thanks
[13:20] <KiJeongKim> I'll add you.
[13:20] <OzZy_M> hawt
[13:21] <OzZy_M> alright I have a pile of stuff to do before 5 today
[13:21] <_YJ_> okay go and work :-)
[13:22] <_YJ_> thank you everyone !
[13:22] <OzZy_M> I will talk to everyone later!
[13:22] <KiJeongKim> Have a great day!
[13:22] <_YJ_> Bye !
[13:22] <slaw12> ok, thanks guys later gators!
[13:22] <Han3> Take it easy..
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