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Session Start: Sun May 23 13:52:53 2010
Session Ident: #seneca-HOTYS
03[13:52] * Now talking in #seneca-HOTYS
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[15:49] <OzZy_M> Hi
[15:49] <OzZy_M> I'm just finishing up typing up some of the styles
[15:49] <TonyKim> Hi All!
[15:49] <slaw12> Hello!
03[15:58] * _YJ_ (~chatzilla@CPE0022b0d1b62a-CM001692fb1c3c.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #seneca-HOTYS
[15:58] <_YJ_> hello
[15:58] <OzZy_M> hi
[15:58] <TonyKim> Hi
[15:58] <slaw12> hi
[15:59] <OzZy_M> I'll be putting up a ROUGH copy up on the wiki page in a second
[16:00] <_YJ_> okay. I will take a look at it
[16:00] <OzZy_M> just go over it and keep in mind the things you do and do not like
[16:00] <TonyKim> OK. Thanks
[16:00] <OzZy_M> It will be up momentarily
[16:00] <slaw12> Ok sounds good.
[16:00] <OzZy_M> we're just missing Han?
[16:00] <_YJ_> yeah
[16:00] <_YJ_> where is he
[16:01] <OzZy_M> no idea
[16:02] <OzZy_M> Does anyone have his number?
[16:02] <OzZy_M> Maybe he forgot :P
[16:02] <OzZy_M> Ok the rough is up
[16:02] <OzZy_M> Tell me what you guys think
[16:02] <TonyKim> Looking the programming style.
[16:03] <OzZy_M> Don't be afraid to say anything
[16:03] <OzZy_M> these are what we'll be going by the whole semester!
[16:03] <_YJ_> I just called Han
[16:03] <_YJ_> he is going to come
[16:04] <TonyKim> I have a idea about naming of a member variable.
[16:04] <OzZy_M> yes?
[16:04] <TonyKim> class CFileBase
[16:04] <TonyKim> {
[16:04] <TonyKim> public:
[16:04] <TonyKim>     FILE *m_pFile;
[16:05] <OzZy_M> Oh ya classes and FILE objects
[16:05] <TonyKim> If we put the prefix "m_",
[16:05] <OzZy_M> m_ for?
03[16:05] * Han3 (~hckim3@bas1-toronto09-1279543549.dsl.bell.ca) has joined #seneca-HOTYS
[16:05] <Han3> Hi memebers...
[16:05] <TonyKim> "m_" is a member
[16:05] <TonyKim> variable
[16:05] <TonyKim> Hi Han!
[16:05] <OzZy_M> @Han look at the wiki page and go over the coding styles
[16:05] <Han3> ok
[16:05] <OzZy_M> what's up Han
[16:05] <OzZy_M> Oh ya
[16:06] <OzZy_M> I missed that one
[16:06] <TonyKim> Is it good?
[16:06] <Han3> I will look over wiki page
[16:06] <OzZy_M> so
[16:06] <OzZy_M> All DATA members should also have m_ prefixed?
[16:06] <OzZy_M> is that what you are saying?
[16:07] <TonyKim> Specially, the prefix is for class member variables.
[16:07] <OzZy_M> ok
[16:07] <OzZy_M> let me update the wiki to show an example then
[16:07] <OzZy_M> gimme a second
[16:08] <TonyKim> OK
[16:08] <TonyKim> public:
[16:08] <TonyKim>     int  m_nItemCount;
[16:08] <TonyKim>     char m_szItems[SCRIPT_MAXARRAY][SCRIPT_MAXARRAYITEM];
[16:08] <Han3> For the function name....
[16:08] <TonyKim> Yes
[16:09] <Han3> we should use lowercase letter for first letter
[16:09] <_YJ_> I like what Ozzy wrote
[16:09] <Han3> e.g.   drawText()
[16:09] <_YJ_> oh
[16:10] <Han3> for the class name,
[16:10] <TonyKim> You mean "Java style". :-)
[16:10] <_YJ_> yeah. that's right
[16:10] <OzZy_M> ok update is up
[16:10] <OzZy_M> ya
[16:10] <TonyKim> OK
[16:10] <OzZy_M> I don't really like JAVA style
[16:10] <Han3> we should use Capital letter
[16:10] <OzZy_M> because it iseasier to see that it is a function
[16:10] <OzZy_M> but if everyone agrees
[16:10] <Han3> That's not really JAVA style..
[16:11] <Han3> It's general style for programming
[16:11] <TonyKim> static int CompareNode( void *pArg, SCRIPT_NODE *pFirst, SCRIPT_NODE *pSecond );
[16:11] <OzZy_M> So basically the first letter shoul always be lower case for function names?
[16:11] <Han3> I believe
[16:11] <OzZy_M> No Han it isn't
[16:11] <OzZy_M> well
[16:11] <OzZy_M> I've seen programs that do not use that convention
[16:11] <OzZy_M> but we can vote
[16:11] <OzZy_M> I honestly don't care
[16:12] <OzZy_M> it does not help/hurt readability that much
[16:12] <OzZy_M> So I say that rule is up in the air?
[16:12] <OzZy_M> we can all do it whatever way we want?
[16:12] <OzZy_M> it is a minor thing imo
[16:12] <TonyKim> I don't care. I can use any styles.
[16:12] <OzZy_M> ok
[16:12] <OzZy_M> Han, Stephanie, YuJin?
[16:13] <OzZy_M> Any objections?
[16:13] <slaw12> I don't care either.
[16:13] <OzZy_M> OK then if no one objects...
[16:13] <_YJ_> oh wait a sec
[16:13] <OzZy_M> if you want to use lowercase or Upper case do it
[16:14] <OzZy_M> oh ya Another thing I forgot to add
[16:14] <OzZy_M> Constant Variables and #define Variables
[16:14] <OzZy_M> I would like them to be All Caps
[16:14] <OzZy_M> it makes it REALLY distinguishable
[16:14] <TonyKim> I agree with it.
[16:14] <_YJ_> I agree
[16:14] <TonyKim> #define SCRIPT_MAXLINE        2048
[16:14] <TonyKim> #define SCRIPT_MAXNAME        128
[16:14] <OzZy_M> OR
[16:15] <OzZy_M> const int MAX_NUM_OF_PINGS
[16:15] <Han3> sure...Constant should capital
[16:15] <OzZy_M> Sweet
[16:15] <slaw12> I'm fine with that too
[16:15] <OzZy_M> I will pretty up the wiki page after the meeting
[16:15] <OzZy_M> i just threw it up there to be quick
[16:15] <_YJ_> okay
[16:15] <OzZy_M> Any objects to File/Function headers?
[16:15] <TonyKim> void *pValue; or void* pValue;
[16:16] <OzZy_M> objections*
[16:16] <OzZy_M> hrmmm
[16:16] <OzZy_M> I like the C++ style tbh
[16:16] <TonyKim> good
[16:16] <Han3> look so fine
[16:16] <OzZy_M> anyone else objects?
[16:16] <TonyKim> char * GetItem( int nArray ); ----> char* GetItem( int nArray );
[16:17] <OzZy_M> Ya the asterisk with the data type
[16:17] <OzZy_M> lemme add a few more things in then
[16:17] <TonyKim> OK
[16:17] <_YJ_> ok
[16:17] <Han3> good
[16:19] <OzZy_M> ok I got the constant variables and pointers up there
[16:19] <Han3> did you guys talk about variable naming rules?
[16:19] <OzZy_M> so No one objects to anything up there?
[16:19] <OzZy_M> ya
[16:19] <OzZy_M> it is one of the first things in the section
[16:19] <OzZy_M> the prefix thing
[16:20] <Han3> ok..sounds good
[16:20] <OzZy_M> you're ok with it?
[16:20] <OzZy_M> Stephanie/Yujin?
[16:20] <_YJ_> yeah
[16:20] <slaw12> yup
[16:20] <OzZy_M> ok
[16:20] <OzZy_M> so Function/File headers and inline comments
[16:20] <OzZy_M> any objections?
[16:21] <_YJ_> I'm okay
[16:21] <_YJ_> looks good
[16:21] <OzZy_M> sweet
[16:21] <TonyKim> When you write a "(", do you put a space after it? For examle, "return stricmp( pFirst->szName, pSecond->szName );" or "return stricmp(pFirst->szName, pSecond->szName);"
[16:21] <OzZy_M> everyone else good?
[16:21] <TonyKim> good
[16:21] <OzZy_M> one sec lol
[16:22] <OzZy_M> that one doesn't matter
[16:22] <OzZy_M> like the function naming rule
[16:22] <TonyKim> OK
[16:22] <OzZy_M> it is very minor in terms of readability
[16:22] <OzZy_M> so everyone is free to do as they see fit
[16:22] <OzZy_M> ok
[16:22] <OzZy_M> so the big one
[16:22] <OzZy_M> TABS!!
[16:22] <OzZy_M> there should be NO use of tabs
[16:23] <OzZy_M> that is to say the \t character
[16:23] <_YJ_> is there function that if I type tab, it automatically make 3 spaces ?
[16:23] <TonyKim> Just use spaces? 3 spaces?
[16:23] <OzZy_M> I will put up a wiki on how to default VS/Notepad++ to automatically convert a tab press to 3 characters
[16:23] <OzZy_M> ya
[16:23] <_YJ_> yes please
[16:23] <TonyKim> ok
[16:23] <OzZy_M> 3 space is big enough to see a difference
[16:23] <_YJ_> I don't know how to do it
[16:23] <_YJ_> yeah
[16:23] <Han3> depends on the toolss
[16:23] <OzZy_M> anything bigger is bad
[16:24] <OzZy_M> it looks bad i mean
[16:24] <_YJ_> okay
[16:24] <OzZy_M> ok
[16:24] <TonyKim> p pointer
[16:24] <OzZy_M> ok
[16:24] <OzZy_M> so
[16:24] <TonyKim> m_pFile
[16:24] <OzZy_M> what IDEs do you guys use?
[16:24] <Han3> so we only need 3 spacs for tab...
[16:24] <OzZy_M> 3 spaces for tab yes
[16:24] <OzZy_M> one sec?
[16:24] <Han3> good
[16:24] <OzZy_M> Tony what did you say?
[16:24] <TonyKim> VS 2008 or VS 2010
[16:24] <OzZy_M> you want to put p as pointer prefix?
[16:25] <slaw12> ok so no tab. :) I'm using vs 2008 too
[16:25] <OzZy_M> ok
[16:25] <OzZy_M> Han/YuJin? what IDE/Editor do you guys use?
[16:25] <OzZy_M> I use VS 2010/notepad++
[16:26] <Han3> vs2008
[16:26] <_YJ_> I've been using Vi actually
[16:26] <_YJ_> I will start to use VS 2008
[16:26] <OzZy_M> REally?!
[16:26] <OzZy_M> ya
[16:26] <OzZy_M> that will be a good idea
[16:26] <TonyKim> VS 2008
[16:26] <_YJ_> I don't use notepad
[16:26] <OzZy_M> ok
[16:26] <OzZy_M> So everyone uses VS 2008/2010
[16:26] <OzZy_M> good
[16:26] <_YJ_> does version matter ?
[16:26] <OzZy_M> I will put up a wiki after the meeting
[16:26] <OzZy_M> showing you how to change the tab to 3 spaces
[16:26] <_YJ_> 2008 or 2010
[16:27] <OzZy_M> no
[16:27] <OzZy_M> it doesn't
[16:27] <OzZy_M> they are both good
[16:27] <_YJ_> okay
[16:27] <OzZy_M> Ok
[16:27] <OzZy_M> so
[16:27] <OzZy_M> any questions/concerns/gripes?
[16:27] <OzZy_M> Anything at all?
[16:28] <_YJ_> so far, no
[16:28] <OzZy_M> Han Tony Stephanie?
[16:28] <Han3> ok
[16:28] <OzZy_M> Tony Stephanie?
[16:29] <TonyKim> Thinking...
[16:29] <OzZy_M> ok
[16:29] <OzZy_M> btw Tony
[16:29] <TonyKim> Yes
[16:29] <OzZy_M> did you say you wanted to put a "p" prefix for pointers?
[16:29] <TonyKim> Yes, that's correct.
[16:30] <OzZy_M> so int* nType --->  int* pnType
[16:30] <OzZy_M> ok
[16:30] <OzZy_M> i'll put that one up it is a good idea I think
[16:30] <OzZy_M> No objections I hope?
[16:30] <_YJ_> I'm okay
[16:31] <slaw12> it looks good to me
[16:31] <Han3> i don't care
[16:31] <OzZy_M> Do you guys want to add anything?
[16:31] <TonyKim> What about naming of a class?
[16:31] <TonyKim> class File; or
[16:31] <TonyKim> class CFile?
[16:31] <OzZy_M> I don't think we need to prefix Classes
[16:31] <Han3> I think File is ok..
[16:32] <TonyKim> OK
[16:32] <_YJ_> File is okay
[16:32] <OzZy_M> Because we name the classes ourselves so they are not part of a compilers normal code
[16:32] <OzZy_M> so most editors won't highlight them
[16:32] <OzZy_M> therefore they are pretty distinguishable
[16:32] <OzZy_M> Although
[16:32] <Han3> what about naming for function I talked before?
[16:32] <OzZy_M> I think that the first letter for all classes should be Capitalized
[16:32] <TonyKim> I like it.
[16:33] <TonyKim> :-)
[16:33] <OzZy_M> That one is minor Han
[16:33] <OzZy_M> You can do as you see fit
[16:33] <Han3> did we decide to use lowercase letter?
[16:33] <OzZy_M> we decided to let everyone do whatever they wanted to do
[16:33] <Han3> I just wonder...
[16:33] <_YJ_> okay
[16:33] <OzZy_M> because it was a minor rule
[16:33] <OzZy_M> is that ok with you?
[16:33] <slaw12> hmm.. maybe we should be consistent
[16:33] <Han3> good
[16:34] <OzZy_M> maybe you're right stephanie
[16:34] <_YJ_> let's vote
[16:34] <OzZy_M> so quick vote
[16:34] <OzZy_M> Upper/lower
[16:34] <OzZy_M> Upper
[16:34] <slaw12> I'm used to upper
[16:34] <TonyKim> Upper
[16:34] <_YJ_> lower
[16:34] <_YJ_> but seems already upper has 3 ppl
[16:34] <OzZy_M> lol
[16:34] <TonyKim> LOL
[16:34] <OzZy_M> 3/2
[16:35] <Han3> hum...
[16:35] <OzZy_M> ok so that has been voted on i'llput that up
[16:35] <_YJ_> okay so upper
[16:35] <Han3> ok
[16:35] <OzZy_M> so
[16:35] <OzZy_M> to reiterate
[16:35] <OzZy_M> function names should be ALL lower case
[16:35] <OzZy_M> EXCEPT
[16:35] <OzZy_M> for the begining letter of each word
[16:35] <OzZy_M> correct?
[16:36] <_YJ_> wait a sec
[16:36] <_YJ_> do you mean
[16:36] <OzZy_M> so:
[16:36] <_YJ_> GetChar  should be Getchar
[16:36] <_YJ_> ?
[16:36] <OzZy_M> no
[16:36] <TonyKim> virtual bool ReadString( char* pBuf, int nBufLen );
[16:36] <OzZy_M> getChar is wrong
[16:36] <_YJ_> okay
[16:36] <OzZy_M> we will use GetChar
[16:36] <_YJ_> ?
[16:36] <_YJ_> a okay
[16:37] <OzZy_M> you ok with that?
[16:37] <_YJ_> I was confused cause you said all letter should be lower cas
[16:37] <TonyKim> virtual int  GetLength();
[16:37] <_YJ_> case*
[16:37] <OzZy_M> GetChar() NOT Getchar()
[16:37] <TonyKim> ok
[16:37] <_YJ_> lol
[16:37] <slaw12> ok
[16:37] <_YJ_> GetChar()
[16:37] <_YJ_> agree
[16:37] <OzZy_M> sweet
[16:37] <OzZy_M> ok
[16:38] <OzZy_M> so anything else we want to discuss? Coding styles or Not
[16:38] <Han3> did you guys talk about comments?
[16:38] <OzZy_M> It written down on the page
[16:39] <OzZy_M> we've, so far, decided on File AND function headers
[16:39] <Han3> if so, can you explain how we will...
[16:39] <Han3> good
[16:39] <OzZy_M> and inline comments indented to the same level as the code it is commenting
[16:39] <slaw12> Can we have a comment before each function describing what it does?
[16:39] <OzZy_M> the file header should have: File Name, Your Full name, Date Last Modified, and A short description of what the file is doing
[16:40] <OzZy_M> Steph: I put that up there I think.  Each Function should have a description of what it does
[16:40] <_YJ_> yeah you did
[16:40] <TonyKim> Ozzy, do you mean "typedef CCriticalSection    CIntLock;    // InterThread Lock"?
[16:40] <OzZy_M> I dont' get the question Tony
[16:40] <slaw12> oh... k.. sorry I missed it.
[16:41] <OzZy_M> Steph: Np
[16:41] <TonyKim> I mean the inline comments...
[16:41] <OzZy_M> ok
[16:41] <OzZy_M> I see what you mean sort of
[16:41] <OzZy_M> So
[16:41] <OzZy_M> If you need to comment a Variable more just use a few tabs over on the same line
[16:41] <OzZy_M> and comment it
[16:41] <OzZy_M> but
[16:41] <OzZy_M> if you have complicated code
[16:42] <OzZy_M> ex: nested if statements
[16:42] <OzZy_M> going like 5 deep
[16:42] <TonyKim> ok
[16:42] <OzZy_M> and you need to comment the one 3rd deep
[16:42] <OzZy_M> the commment for that one should Also be 3 deep
[16:42] <OzZy_M> so it is easier to see what code the commment is refereing to
[16:42] <OzZy_M> and Please
[16:42] <TonyKim> Yes
[16:42] <OzZy_M> not ascii art lol
[16:42] <OzZy_M> no*
[16:42] <TonyKim> Haha
[16:43] <OzZy_M> just keep it short and sweet lol
[16:43] <OzZy_M> It will make more sense when I redo the wiki page
[16:43] <_YJ_> yeah
[16:43] <OzZy_M> ok
[16:43] <OzZy_M> so
[16:43] <OzZy_M> Also
[16:44] <OzZy_M> If you're getting behind on the project for whatever reason and cannot make a deadline date
[16:44] <OzZy_M> just email everyone in the group and we can try and redistribute the work
[16:44] <_YJ_> sounds good
[16:44] <OzZy_M> I understand that Anything can happen
[16:44] <OzZy_M> like
[16:44] <OzZy_M> I have to work and goto school and have other responsibilities
[16:44] <TonyKim> OK
[16:44] <OzZy_M> so if I'm getting behind
[16:45] <OzZy_M> i will email all of you and tell you
[16:45] <_YJ_> yeah
[16:45] <slaw12> ok sounds good
[16:45] <OzZy_M> and also
[16:45] <Han3> ok
[16:45] <_YJ_> but it shouldnt be like 1 days ago
[16:45] <_YJ_> earlier enough
[16:45] <OzZy_M> ya
[16:45] <OzZy_M> it should not be the day before
[16:45] <OzZy_M> there isn't much we can do about that
[16:45] <TonyKim> ok
[16:45] <OzZy_M> also if you're having trouble, ASK FOR HELP!!!
[16:45] <OzZy_M> 2 minds are better than one
[16:46] <_YJ_> agree
[16:46] <slaw12> Fardad is the one deciding who does what right?
[16:46] <OzZy_M> I'm not entirely sure
[16:46] <OzZy_M> I think so
[16:46] <_YJ_> according to your section
[16:46] <_YJ_> a,b,c,d,e
[16:46] <OzZy_M> ya
[16:47] <OzZy_M> I saw that someone added the section IDs
[16:47] <_YJ_> I thought Ozzy did that
[16:47] <TonyKim> I did it
[16:47] <_YJ_> good
[16:47] <TonyKim> a,b,c,d,e
[16:47] <OzZy_M> nice
[16:47] <TonyKim> Thanks
[16:47] <OzZy_M> So anything else? before I get to work on the wiki?
[16:47] <OzZy_M> ooh
[16:47] <OzZy_M> meetings
[16:47] <OzZy_M> we are supposed to have weekly meetings
[16:47] <OzZy_M> TBH sundays are the best day for me
[16:48] <OzZy_M> what about you guys?
[16:48] <TonyKim> Fine
[16:48] <OzZy_M> we can reschedule as needed but I think we should have 1 definitive day to fall back on
[16:48] <_YJ_> what's TBH
[16:48] <OzZy_M> To Be Honest
[16:49] <_YJ_> thanks
[16:49] <OzZy_M> So for Me: Sundays All Day.  What about everone else? what is a good day?
[16:49] <slaw12> Sundays are good for me too but I think I'd prefer it to be a little earlier
[16:49] <OzZy_M> ok
[16:49] <OzZy_M> so we got 2 sundays
[16:49] <TonyKim> Sunday works
[16:49] <OzZy_M> 3
[16:49] <OzZy_M> Han YJ?
[16:49] <_YJ_> For now, sundays are okay
[16:49] <OzZy_M> ok 4
[16:50] <OzZy_M> Han?
[16:50] <Han3> I am ok...
[16:50] <OzZy_M> ok
[16:50] <_YJ_> It will be always online ?
[16:50] <OzZy_M> So we did it at 4pm this time.  Stephanie wants it earlier
[16:50] <OzZy_M> what time is good for you Stephanie?
[16:50] <OzZy_M> YJ: Yes it has to be logged
[16:51] <OzZy_M> YJ: OzBot is logging this right now on my home computer
[16:51] <_YJ_> I see
[16:51] <slaw12> late morning to early afternoon??
[16:51] <OzZy_M> I will write a wiki on how to send files over mIRC soon
[16:51] <OzZy_M> lol
[16:51] <OzZy_M> Time period?
[16:51] <OzZy_M> 11am-2pm?
[16:52] <slaw12> haha...
[16:52] <OzZy_M> Earlier/Later?
[16:52] <TonyKim> Alt + S : Sending fiels
[16:52] <slaw12> sorry, yah 11-2 is fine if everyone is ok with it :)
[16:52] <TonyKim> yes
[16:52] <OzZy_M> So lets say 12pm?
[16:52] <_YJ_> 11-2 sounds okay
[16:53] <_YJ_> okay
[16:53] <OzZy_M> So lets say 12pm?
[16:53] <_YJ_> I'm okay
[16:53] <OzZy_M> 12 is good? everyone will log on automatically then?
[16:53] <TonyKim> Lunch time... :-) Good
[16:53] <_YJ_> Ozzy, what happen if someone can't attend a meeting one day
[16:53] <OzZy_M> if there is nothing to say we can just log off after
[16:53] <OzZy_M> Email me
[16:53] <OzZy_M> and I'll bring it up at the meeting
[16:53] <slaw12> k, noon is good
[16:54] <OzZy_M> Han? Sunday noon is good for you?
[16:54] <Han3> ho..sorry..late answer..ok
[16:54] <OzZy_M> so Sunday Noon is good?
[16:55] <_YJ_> YES
[16:55] <OzZy_M> Awesome
[16:55] <OzZy_M> ok
[16:55] <OzZy_M> I'm assuming everyone has a Cell phone, I'd like to exchange those too
[16:55] <OzZy_M> just in case
[16:55] <_YJ_> ***-***-****
[16:55] <OzZy_M> I'll send out an email
[16:55] <TonyKim> ***-***-****
[16:55] <slaw12> good idea
[16:55] <OzZy_M> we have to log this on the net lol
[16:56] <OzZy_M> so I'll delte those when I send Fardad the logs lol
[16:56] <_YJ_> thanks Ozzy
[16:56] <Han3> good
[16:57] <OzZy_M> Awesome I have Han's I believe so I'll send those out
[16:57] <OzZy_M> ok
[16:57] <OzZy_M> anything else to discuss? or are we done?
[16:57] <_YJ_> For me, it seems done
[16:58] <slaw12> I'll email mine out.
[16:58] <OzZy_M> ok
[16:58] <OzZy_M> I'll email mine tony YJ and hans
[16:58] <slaw12> ok
[16:58] <TonyKim> I know your number. :-)
[16:58] <TonyKim> Ozzy
[16:59] <OzZy_M> So if we're done i'm going to work on the wiki
[16:59] <TonyKim> Whenever you send an email to us, it contains your information.
[16:59] <OzZy_M> oh ya i forgot i set that up lol
[16:59] <_YJ_> okay I'm going to log out then
[16:59] <TonyKim> Dod you need any help of the wiki?
[17:00] <TonyKim> *Do
[17:00] <OzZy_M> Naa I can do it
[17:00] <TonyKim> Ok
[17:00] <OzZy_M> I have to organize it first and then I'll put it up
[17:00] <OzZy_M> you can tweak it as needed after
[17:00] <Han3> Every one has a good holiday
[17:00] <_YJ_> Thanks everyone
[17:00] <slaw12> Thanks Ozzy for setting that up!
[17:00] <_YJ_> Bye
[17:00] <OzZy_M> Yup
[17:00] <TonyKim> Thanks all!
[17:01] <OzZy_M> See you guys later
[17:01] <OzZy_M> i'll email when the wiki is done
[17:01] <TonyKim> OK
03[17:02] * Han3 (~hckim3@bas1-toronto09-1279543549.dsl.bell.ca) has left #seneca-HOTYS
03[17:03] * _YJ_ (~chatzilla@CPE0022b0d1b62a-CM001692fb1c3c.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has left #seneca-HOTYS
[17:03] <TonyKim> Bye
03[17:03] * TonyKim (~tony_core@net1.senecac.on.ca) has left #seneca-HOTYS
02[17:03] * slaw12 (~chatzilla@ Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.0.19/2010031422]*)