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This is team HOTYS homepage!!!

The Name of the team is derived from the first letter of each group member's name:

Han Chul Kim
Osman Mirza
Tony Kim
YuJin Jeong
Stephanie Law

Member List

OOP344 - 2010 Team HOTYS -
Name Seneca
Section Blog Url IRC Nick My Contributions
a Kim Han hckim3 A http://hckim.wordpress.com/ han3 Hckim3
b Mirza Ozzy omirza A http://0zzym.wordpress.com/ OzZy_M OzZy
c Kim Tony kjkim A My Blog TonyKim kjkim
d Jeong YuJin yjeong A Spirit & Soul YuJin Takeiteasy
e Law Stephanie slaw12 - A My Blog- Slaw12 slaw12

Team Project

Team Project


Discussion Page

IRC Schedule/Log

IRC Page

Coding Style Rules

To Be Announced as soon as there is consensus!