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(Sun May 30 2010)
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= Sun May 30 2010 =
= Sun May 30 2010 =
Session Start: Sun May 30 12:52:48 2010  
Session Start: Sun May 30 12:52:48 2010  
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�02[14:11] * Junseok (~jpark68@CPE00222d2e91a8-CM00222d2e91a4.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) Quit
�02[14:11] * Junseok (~jpark68@CPE00222d2e91a8-CM00222d2e91a4.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) Quit
[14:12] <rhui4> exit
[14:12] <rhui4> exit

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Sun May 30 2010

Session Start: Sun May 30 12:52:48 2010 
Session Ident: #seneca-oop344 
03[12:52] * Now talking in #seneca-oop344
03[12:52] * Topic is 'OOP344 - Object Oriented Programming II Using C++ with introduction to open source, a channel for Seneca oop344 students and all others to join and collaborate . Visit http://zenit.senecac.on.ca/wiki/index.php/OOP344 for subject info.�'
03[12:52] * Set by fardad on Sat Nov 07 12:54:54
05[12:52] -card.freenode.net:#seneca-oop344- [freenode-info] channel trolls and no channel staff around to help? please check with freenode support: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#gettinghelp
01[12:54] <xlu44> hi guys 
01[12:54] <xlu44> good afternoon
[12:54] <OzZy_M> Hi
[12:54] <OzZy_M> WTB Fardadx1 PST with price!
[12:55] <rhui4> hi
[12:55] <rhui4> what does that mean
[12:55] <OzZy_M> WoW terminology
[12:55] <OzZy_M> if you don't get it nm
[12:55] <OzZy_M> or google it lol
[12:56] <rhui4> i don;t think anyone has their date for the group meeting yet since he did not intial the group times
[12:56] <OzZy_M> we're having our meeting now and dividing the work
[12:56] <OzZy_M> he apparently set up an assignment page
01[12:58] <xlu44> oh
03[13:00] * Retrieving #seneca-oop344 modes...
[13:00] <OzZy_M> http://zenit.senecac.on.ca/wiki/index.php/Oop344_20102_-_iof_functions
[13:00] <OzZy_M> I totally missed that page
[13:00] <OzZy_M> Stephanie found it for us
[13:01] <rhui4> i was wondering where you found it
[13:01] <OzZy_M> I didn't :P
[13:01] <OzZy_M> like I said, Stephanie is the hero
�01[13:01] <xlu44> it's pretty good
�01[13:02] <xlu44> i just check it out
[13:02] <rhui4> yea she has become our hero aswell
�01[13:02] <xlu44> nice neast
�01[13:03] <xlu44> btw way do you know svn account now
[13:03] <OzZy_M> nope
�01[13:03] <xlu44>  due next thusday
[13:03] <rhui4> i am not sure if we have a password but i think it is SVN:oop344_102rep8
[13:04] <rhui4> it is on the team page
�01[13:04] <xlu44> ok
[13:04] <OzZy_M> each member needs to have their own login
[13:04] <OzZy_M> otherwise he can't track each person's contributions
�01[13:04] <xlu44> yes
�01[13:05] <xlu44> so what we can do right way?
�01[13:05] <xlu44> does mirc support voice chatting?
[13:06] <OzZy_M> i Don't think so
[13:06] <OzZy_M> use MSN for that :P
�01[13:07] <xlu44> msn only for peer to peer
�01[13:07] <xlu44> it doesn't support group meeting
[13:07] <OzZy_M> you can add more than one person to a conversation though
[13:07] <OzZy_M> for voice?
�01[13:07] <xlu44> for voice
[13:07] <OzZy_M> that sux
�01[13:07] <xlu44> ozzy_M
[13:07] <rhui4> maybe skype
[13:07] <OzZy_M> I have access to a friend's ventrilo server
�01[13:07] <xlu44> who are you?
[13:07] <rhui4> its free too
[13:07] <OzZy_M> so it doesn't matter to me
[13:07] <rhui4> he is not in our group
�02[13:07] * /msg: insufficient parameters
�01[13:08] <xlu44> how to type msg with target person name?
[13:08] <OzZy_M> use : /q *name*
�01[13:08] <xlu44> i tried "/msg nickname msg"
[13:08] <rhui4> double click the name
�01[13:08] <xlu44> double click name is query 
[13:09] <lwang168> where is teacher?
[13:09] <lwang168> ;)
�01[13:09] <xlu44> ozzy_m did you have meeting with fardad?
�01[13:09] <xlu44> hi liang
[13:10] <rhui4> hi liang
[13:10] <lwang168> hi
[13:10] <OzZy_M> he stood us up :(
�01[13:10] <xlu44> where is the girl?
[13:10] <rhui4> i will call jun
�01[13:10] <xlu44> ok
[13:10] <rhui4> i have no idea someone should call priya
[13:10] <lwang168> and only 3 member
�01[13:10] <xlu44> did you had dinner with him?
[13:10] <OzZy_M> :p
�01[13:10] <xlu44> no plus ozzy_m we have 4
[13:11] <OzZy_M> ?
[13:11] <OzZy_M> I'm in another group
[13:12] <lwang168> yes
�01[13:12] <xlu44> yes i know
�01[13:13] <xlu44> you could be our honour member
[13:13] <lwang168> meeting for what
[13:13] <OzZy_M> lol
[13:13] <OzZy_M> I'd be honoured *no pun intended*
[13:14] <rhui4> alright
[13:14] <rhui4> i found jun he is comming on right now
[13:14] <rhui4> priya is mia
�01[13:15] <xlu44> ok
�01[13:15] <xlu44> i m going to working on prj this afternoon
[13:15] <rhui4> shall we turn on a log
[13:16] <rhui4> we have to turn on the log so we can get marks
[13:16] <rhui4> i have no idea how to do that
[13:16] <rhui4> never used irc
[13:16] <OzZy_M> I have a wiki page up on that
[13:16] <OzZy_M> if you're using mIRC that is
�01[13:16] <xlu44> it's on ur computer already
�01[13:16] <xlu44> just like msn
[13:16] <rhui4> yup
�01[13:16] <xlu44> you can review whole chatting history
[13:16] <rhui4> don;t you have to turn it on
�01[13:17] <xlu44> no
�01[13:17] <xlu44> by default it is
�01[13:17] <xlu44> under tool ->log
[13:17] <OzZy_M> it also deletes logs on default
�03[13:18] * Junseok (~jpark68@CPE00222d2e91a8-CM00222d2e91a4.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #seneca-oop344
[13:18] <Junseok> hello
�01[13:18] <xlu44> i didn't see deletes logs option 
�06[13:18] * OzZy_M waves at Junseok
[13:18] <rhui4> so xiong can you upload the log
[13:18] <rhui4> when we are done
�01[13:18] <xlu44> just a delete log file button over there
�01[13:18] <xlu44> i guess so
[13:19] <OzZy_M> it will auto delete sometimes
[13:19] <OzZy_M> i just use on/off
[13:19] <OzZy_M> it is safer
�01[13:19] <xlu44> ok
�01[13:19] <xlu44> maybe if file is oversized
[13:20] <OzZy_M> w/e i have a wiki up on logging for mIRC
�01[13:22] <xlu44> could you show us the link
[13:22] <OzZy_M> sure
[13:23] <OzZy_M> http://zenit.senecac.on.ca/wiki/index.php/Student_Resources_OOP344#How_To_Log_IRC_Conversations_on_mIRC
�01[13:23] <xlu44> maybe we could follow ur format to copy one for our group if you don't mind
[13:23] <OzZy_M> go ahead
[13:23] <OzZy_M> I have our first meeting up on our team page
[13:24] <OzZy_M> I will be putting up our second log soon.  We just finished our second meeting now
�03[13:24] * _YJ_ (~chatzilla@CPE0022b0d1b62a-CM001692fb1c3c.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has left #seneca-oop344
�01[13:24] <xlu44> oh
�01[13:25] <xlu44> what did you discuss in ur 2nd meeting?
[13:25] <OzZy_M> lol
[13:25] <OzZy_M> we waited around for fardad
[13:25] <Junseok> uhm..
[13:25] <OzZy_M> that was a lot of it
[13:25] <OzZy_M> but
[13:25] <OzZy_M> when stephanie found the assignment page
[13:25] <OzZy_M> we starting talking about the assignment
[13:25] <OzZy_M> and we also picked functions to write
[13:25] <OzZy_M> it is due next sunday
[13:26] <OzZy_M> also went over other things like: who has all compilers installed, what cygwin is
[13:26] <OzZy_M> small things like that
[13:26] <rhui4> as ozzy sent us the assignemtn is http://zenit.senecac.on.ca/wiki/index.php/Oop344_20102_-_iof_functions
�01[13:26] <xlu44> i saw it 
[13:26] <rhui4> incase jun didn;t get it
�01[13:27] <xlu44> i read it maybe 1 week ago
�01[13:27] <xlu44> then i totally forget it
[13:27] <rhui4> so shall we separte the functions
�01[13:27] <xlu44> think so
�01[13:28] <xlu44> iof_init fardad did for us
[13:28] <OzZy_M> remember
�01[13:28] <xlu44> iof_end it should be simple
[13:28] <OzZy_M> he only did 1 platform
�01[13:28] <xlu44> yes
[13:28] <OzZy_M> and he didn't do all the functinos for it
�01[13:28] <xlu44>  u r right
[13:28] <OzZy_M> you have to write all platforms
[13:28] <OzZy_M> also our first meeting
[13:28] <OzZy_M> we decided on coding styles
[13:28] <OzZy_M> i don't know if you have done that yet
�01[13:28] <xlu44> not yet
[13:28] <rhui4> not yet
[13:28] <OzZy_M> ok
[13:28] <OzZy_M> that is a BIG one
[13:28] <OzZy_M> you should do that
[13:29] <OzZy_M> go read our first log
[13:29] <OzZy_M> also
[13:29] <OzZy_M> our team page has the styles we picked
�01[13:29] <xlu44> what style do you pick?
[13:29] <OzZy_M> i suggest you read them to get some ideas
�01[13:29] <xlu44> IBM microsoft?
[13:29] <OzZy_M> you guys pick whatever your entire group is comfortable with
[13:29] <OzZy_M> go read our log
[13:29] <OzZy_M> what we did
[13:30] <OzZy_M> was write something
�01[13:30] <xlu44> which team are u in?
[13:30] <OzZy_M> and then we voted if we liked it or not
[13:30] <OzZy_M> HOTYS
�01[13:31] <xlu44> what's ur final decision?
[13:31] <OzZy_M> there is a lot of things to consider when make a style
[13:31] <OzZy_M> you might not like some of the things that we did
�01[13:32] <xlu44> let me find some style link out
[13:34] <Junseok> I think ur group need to talk about three things that installing visual studio 2008, how to use svn and first assignment.
�01[13:34] <xlu44> junseok you mean us right?
[13:34] <Junseok> and..this log file is being recorded from 1 p.m.
[13:34] <Junseok> yes
�01[13:34] <xlu44> i have vs2008 ready
[13:35] <lwang168> yes
�01[13:35] <xlu44> i used since last semester
[13:35] <rhui4> i also have vs2008
�01[13:35] <xlu44> svn i used a little bit while
[13:35] <Junseok> I have a vs6.0 but have to install vs2008 tonight.
[13:35] <lwang168> ready
[13:35] <rhui4> and the dos one for windows
�01[13:35] <xlu44> i tried local reposity
�01[13:36] <xlu44> it's not hard to use svn
[13:36] <Junseok> I installed svn and create a reposity dicrectory in my own folder.
�01[13:36] <xlu44> me 2
[13:36] <Junseok> and I need a the URL of OOP344 svn.
[13:36] <Junseok> haha
�01[13:36] <xlu44> then i created a folder to syn with the reposity
[13:36] <rhui4> same
�01[13:37] <xlu44> i only have fardad's 
[13:37] <Junseok> did you try to check out from OOP344, anything ?
�01[13:37] <xlu44> ye
�01[13:37] <xlu44> i did
[13:37] <Junseok> oh~
�01[13:37] <xlu44> i have a copy of fardad's
[13:37] <Junseok> what is the URL of oop344?
�01[13:37] <xlu44> sinice 2002 record
�01[13:37] <xlu44> maybe
�01[13:37] <xlu44> yes
[13:38] <Junseok> ok
�01[13:38] <xlu44> svn://zenit.senecac.on.ca/oop344
�01[13:39] <xlu44> i found 2 documents from fardad is interesting
[13:39] <rhui4> so who want boid iof_init(void)
�01[13:40] <xlu44> just 1 sentenece in 2 file in 2 contiunous days
�01[13:40] <xlu44> I did nothing!!!
�01[13:40] <xlu44> same as mine these days
�01[13:41] <xlu44> i did nothing too !!!
�01[13:41] <xlu44> do you guys have sys466 and dcn455 test next week?
[13:42] <OzZy_M> This is my first time hitting semester 3 :P
[13:42] <Junseok> I'm not taking that subjects.
[13:42] <rhui4> i don;t thknk so i am not in dcn this sem
[13:42] <OzZy_M> next semester
[13:42] <lwang168> oh sys466
[13:42] <Junseok> i have to take sys366 first . hehe
�01[13:42] <xlu44> how come cs.senecac.on.ca
[13:42] <lwang168> i forget it
�01[13:42] <xlu44> i cann't connect to?
[13:42] <OzZy_M> I can't either
�01[13:42] <xlu44> can you connect to it
�01[13:42] <xlu44> shit
[13:42] <OzZy_M> they are probably doing some maintenance
[13:42] <lwang168> thanks xiongwen
[13:42] <rhui4> i am in 366
�01[13:43] <xlu44> i do remember there some links to discuss coding style
[13:43] <rhui4> so is this our meeting lol
[13:43] <rhui4> well we can do it like this
�01[13:43] <xlu44> like what?
�01[13:43] <xlu44> any suggesion?
[13:43] <rhui4> while(x<2){
[13:43] <rhui4> }
[13:43] <rhui4> or
[13:43] <rhui4> while(x<2)
[13:43] <rhui4> {
[13:43] <rhui4> }
[13:43] <OzZy_M> ya
�01[13:43] <xlu44> i pretty first one
[13:44] <OzZy_M> I was going to get a link for you guys from 244 website
[13:44] <OzZy_M> but it is down :(
�01[13:44] <xlu44> that what i wanna do
[13:44] <rhui4> and then how many spaces are for tabs
�01[13:44] <xlu44> but it's down
[13:44] <OzZy_M> I have another link that just shows you hungarian notation if you want that
[13:44] <rhui4> 3 or 5
[13:44] <OzZy_M> rofl!!!
[13:44] <OzZy_M> 5?!
[13:44] <OzZy_M> nm
[13:44] <rhui4> lol
[13:44] <OzZy_M> ignore me
[13:44] <rhui4> normal tab is 5 right?
�01[13:44] <xlu44> 4
�01[13:44] <xlu44> or 8
[13:44] <OzZy_M> 3 or 4 lol
�01[13:44] <xlu44> i prefer 4 or even 3
[13:45] <rhui4> same
[13:45] <OzZy_M> we used 3 in our group
[13:45] <OzZy_M> and no tab character
�01[13:45] <xlu44> yes
[13:45] <OzZy_M> tab character is evil
[13:45] <rhui4> space between braces
[13:45] <rhui4> like
�01[13:45] <xlu44> space will be better
[13:45] <OzZy_M> I have a wiki I put up
[13:45] <OzZy_M> on how to convert \t to 3 spaces
[13:45] <rhui4> while ( x < 2 ) {
[13:45] <OzZy_M> or however many spaces you want
�01[13:45] <xlu44> so no comfilict durring different platform or different edit
�01[13:46] <xlu44> what method do you use?
�01[13:46] <xlu44> could you simply tell us a little bit
�01[13:46] <xlu44> editor*
[13:46] <OzZy_M> EVERYTHING we talked about interms of styles
[13:46] <OzZy_M> is on our team page
[13:46] <OzZy_M> let me get you a link
�01[13:46] <xlu44> k
�01[13:47] <xlu44> it's important
[13:47] <OzZy_M> http://zenit.senecac.on.ca/wiki/index.php/OOP344_-_HOTYS_-_20102#Coding_Style_Rules
�01[13:47] <xlu44> so everyone follow one rule
[13:47] <OzZy_M> if you have any questions just ask me
[13:47] <OzZy_M> ya
[13:47] <OzZy_M> that is part of the assignment
[13:47] <rhui4> thx
[13:47] <OzZy_M> adherring to ONE coding style
�01[13:47] <xlu44> it will be esay debug and consolidates the final file
[13:49] <lwang168> we are assigning our project now or next week
[13:49] <OzZy_M> I should have been this week
[13:49] <OzZy_M> but it will probably be next week
�01[13:49] <xlu44> All const and #define Variable names should be in All Caps 
�01[13:49] <xlu44> Example:
�01[13:49] <xlu44>   const int nMAX_TRIPS;
�01[13:49] <xlu44>   #define MAX_TRIPS 1
[13:49] <lwang168> only four members
[13:49] <OzZy_M> he didn't get the accounts from ACS AFAIK
�01[13:50] <xlu44> it's a little bit confuse me
[13:50] <OzZy_M> how so?
�01[13:50] <xlu44> const int NMAX_TRIPS or ...
[13:50] <lwang168> i should go at 2:00
[13:50] <OzZy_M> the n
[13:50] <OzZy_M> is a prefix
�01[13:50] <xlu44> yes the n
[13:50] <rhui4> i like it
[13:50] <OzZy_M> to help you see what type of variable it is
�01[13:50] <xlu44> oh
�01[13:50] <xlu44> ok
[13:51] <OzZy_M> if it was a character variable it would be cMAX_TRIPS
[13:51] <OzZy_M> so you don't have to go looking for the declaration
[13:51] <OzZy_M> you can see right away what type it is
�01[13:51] <xlu44> mainly i wholeheartly agree with your style
[13:53] <OzZy_M> it is a predominately Microsoft coding style
�01[13:53] <xlu44> only one thing is 
�01[13:53] <xlu44> u like GetChar as ur function name
�01[13:53] <xlu44> i prefer getChar
[13:53] <OzZy_M> ok
[13:53] <OzZy_M> ask your group what they prefer
[13:53] <OzZy_M> and either reach consensus
[13:53] <OzZy_M> or vote :P
�01[13:54] <xlu44> because in sys366 and 466 professor just recommand us to use getChar style
[13:54] <rhui4> i like GetChar
[13:54] <rhui4> better
�01[13:54] <xlu44> in all our document
[13:54] <rhui4> ok lets go for that then
[13:54] <rhui4> no point in getting bad habbits
[13:54] <OzZy_M> note
[13:54] <OzZy_M> EVERY company you work for
[13:54] <OzZy_M> will have something different
[13:54] <OzZy_M> so there is no point in getting attached to one style
[13:54] <OzZy_M> we just picked that becuase that is what the group voted on
�01[13:55] <xlu44> acutally it's it's not recommend it's mendatory
[13:56] <OzZy_M> what is mandatory?
�01[13:56] <xlu44> getChar in sys466
[13:56] <OzZy_M> then when we get there we will use that
[13:56] <OzZy_M> :P
[13:57] <Junseok> I like getChar or setFileLocation if you see the source file of Microsoft Win32API or MFC..
�01[13:57] <xlu44> and getChar is a traditional C or C++ style
�01[13:57] <xlu44> they call it verb
[13:57] <OzZy_M> you guys pick whatever everyone in your group is comfortable with
�01[13:57] <xlu44> all function start with a verb
[13:57] <OzZy_M> and if all your members are not present
[13:57] <OzZy_M> sux for them
[13:58] <Junseok> I dont know we're working on difference flatforms so we cannot say..
�01[13:58] <xlu44> do you know fardad will show up or not?
[13:58] <rhui4> no i dontl; think so
[13:58] <OzZy_M> I don't think he will show up
[13:59] <rhui4> he did not show up for the one before us
�01[13:59] <xlu44> or he just rejected our meeting requestment?
[13:59] <rhui4> hey hey hey i think we kind of have a style ready
[13:59] <OzZy_M> he did not look at any of them I think
[13:59] <rhui4> we have to keep adding to it hto
[13:59] <OzZy_M> because he said he would initial if he accepts or put something if he does not
�01[14:01] <xlu44> u r right
�01[14:01] <xlu44> hi guys
�01[14:01] <xlu44> it's 2:00
[14:01] <rhui4> lu are we done i think he is not ehre becuecause of the svn or somehting
�01[14:01] <xlu44> let's at least set something down
[14:01] <rhui4> yea i agree it is 201
[14:01] <rhui4> lol
[14:02] <OzZy_M> I suggest you guys all agree on styles today
[14:02] <OzZy_M> that is a big topic
�01[14:02] <xlu44> let's at least pick some  function to do in ur list 
[14:02] <OzZy_M> he is supposed to do that for us
�01[14:02] <xlu44> ok
[14:02] <OzZy_M> we just took some initiative because we all were getting restless
�01[14:02] <xlu44> did he do that for ur team?
[14:02] <rhui4> so what shallw e do now i thkn kwe should get together another date makle sure pyia is here and finalized
[14:02] <OzZy_M> He did NOT do that for our team
[14:02] <OzZy_M> like I said
[14:03] <OzZy_M> we were all anxious to get to work
[14:03] <OzZy_M> so we all voted on which we wanted
�01[14:03] <xlu44> haha
[14:03] <OzZy_M> I just put up our second log
�01[14:03] <xlu44> i just saw he was busy on some thing else maybe in his open source project
[14:03] <OzZy_M> where?
[14:03] <OzZy_M> he isn't in IRC is he?
[14:04] <rhui4> anyone here
�06[14:04] * rhui4 is thkning of leaving if noone replies
�01[14:04] <xlu44> after last class in the seneca channel
�01[14:04] <xlu44> concur
�01[14:04] <xlu44> u r approvaled
�01[14:04] <xlu44> approved
[14:04] <rhui4> yea
[14:05] <rhui4> atleast his bot should be here
[14:05] <OzZy_M> are you guys logging this channel?
[14:05] <OzZy_M> because I have a bot that is at home I think
[14:05] <rhui4> xiong said he would
�01[14:05] <xlu44> hi guys
�01[14:06] <xlu44> due to fardad is not here
[14:06] <rhui4> i am lagging like no 2morrow too
�01[14:06] <xlu44> and our members have lots of home work need to deal with
�01[14:06] <xlu44> we didn't set anything down
[14:07] <Junseok> Common Hungarian Notation Prefixes
[14:07] <Junseok> Prefix Data Type
[14:07] <Junseok> b - BOOL
[14:07] <Junseok> c or ch  - char
[14:07] <Junseok> clr - COLORREF
[14:07] <Junseok> cx, cy - Horizontal or vertical distance
[14:07] <Junseok> dw - DWORD
[14:07] <Junseok> h - Handle
[14:07] <Junseok> l - LONG
[14:07] <Junseok> n - int
[14:07] <Junseok> p - Pointer
[14:07] <Junseok> sz - Zero-terminated string
[14:07] <Junseok> w - WORD
�01[14:07] <xlu44> but I wish we can draw something before next tusday so we can start the project and finish it before due day
[14:07] <Junseok> I think we can use this Hungarian style.
[14:07] <Junseok> when we decide the name of variables.
�01[14:07] <xlu44> it's nice
[14:07] <rhui4> so shall we have another meeitng together
[14:08] <rhui4> ok
[14:08] <rhui4> i agree xion
[14:08] <rhui4> g
�01[14:08] <xlu44> could you juneseok copy ur idea to our team wiki page
�01[14:08] <xlu44> so all of us can refer them later on?
[14:08] <Junseok> yes I have a book of MFC something like that, I'll post this table on wiki.
�01[14:09] <xlu44> ok
[14:09] <rhui4> ok thxc
[14:09] <Junseok> no problem.
�01[14:09] <xlu44> do you guys have time on monday?
[14:09] <rhui4> i have work monday so i can do it at night
[14:09] <rhui4> meet at night like after 8
�01[14:09] <xlu44> it's ok to me
[14:09] <Junseok> I'm fine too
�01[14:10] <xlu44> liang are u there?
[14:10] <lwang168> yes
[14:10] <Junseok> I'll find some information of coding style from book or internet.
�01[14:10] <xlu44> monday 8:00pm is ok to you
[14:10] <Junseok> monday?
[14:10] <lwang168> ok
[14:10] <rhui4> jun u ok at 8? tomrrow
�01[14:10] <xlu44> and one more important thing is set job list done
[14:10] <Junseok> ok!!
[14:10] <rhui4> ok
�01[14:10] <xlu44> he is ok he said
[14:10] <lwang168> ok
[14:10] <Junseok> ok
[14:10] <rhui4> ok
�01[14:11] <xlu44> see you guys all 8:00pm same channel
[14:11] <rhui4> ok see you then
[14:11] <Junseok> ok see you then
[14:11] <Junseok> have a great day!
[14:11] <rhui4> you too
�01[14:11] <xlu44> u 2
[14:11] <rhui4> damn such long good buy
[14:11] <rhui4> bye
[14:11] <Junseok> bye
�02[14:11] * Junseok (~jpark68@CPE00222d2e91a8-CM00222d2e91a4.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) Quit
[14:12] <rhui4> exit