OOP344 - Crimson Coders - 20102

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The Crimson Coders

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OOP344 - 2010 The Crimson Coders
ID First Name Last Name Team Name Section Seneca Id wiki id IRC nick Blog URL
A Corey Angus The Crimson Coders A caangus Corey Angus Corey Angus Corey Angus
B Christopher Gervasi-Missen The Crimson Coders A cgervasi-missen cgm87 cgm87 My Blog
C Kumail Habib The Crimson Coders A khabib Khabib kumail My Blog
D Chris Gosselin The Crimson Coders A crgosselin crgosselin crgosselin Chris Gosselin's Blog
E Sunny Chau The Crimson Coders A schau5 Schau5 ScsC My Blog


  • Set date for IRC Meeting.
  • Assign group members to write one function for assignment #1.