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Object Oriented Programming II Using C++ with introduction to open source
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OOP344 -- Object Oriented Programming II Using C++

Subject Description and Course Outcomes

The Project (under construction)

The project for this semester is a multiplatform text based, Text Editor and is done using opensource concepts

The project is divided into 2 main parts. The Basic Input Output Library, and Main Application

Basic Input Output Library

  • C based multi-platform IO functions; (Majority of the code is provided by the prof).
  • The Project is initiated on individual SVN accounts for each team
  • Each team member is to commit a section of the code and resolve possible conflicts.

Main Applicaton

This part will be done collaboratively in groups of 4 - 8 students under a simulated open source model

  • Basic Encapsulating Classes
    This part is written in C++ and encapsulates the io routines into classes
  • The Application
    this part is written in C++ and uses the "Basic Encapsulating Classes" classes to do interact with the user.


  • Tests
    • Test 1 10%
    • Test 2 10%
  • Project
    • IO Library 3%
    • Application 27%
    • Contribution and Participation 10%
  • Final Exam 40%


Examples and In-class Notes



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