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(Examples and In-class Notes)
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== Examples and In-class Notes==
== Examples and In-class Notes==
* Inclass notes: [https://github.com/Seneca-OOP344/OOP344-20123.git git@github.com:Seneca-OOP344/OOP344-20123.git]
* Inclass notes: [https://github.com/Seneca-OOP344/OOP344-20123.git git@github.com:Seneca-OOP344/OOP344-20123.git]
**[http://etherpad.proximity.on.ca:9001/p/oop3441-sep10B Sept 10th] -Starting CPP Projects Intro
**[http://etherpad.proximity.on.ca:9001/p/oop3444-sep24a Sept 24th] -Arrays (Multi), Static Vars, SizeOf
**[http://etherpad.proximity.on.ca:9001/p/oop3444-sep28a Sept 28th] -Returns, Pointer to Func, Typedef
**[http://etherpad.proximity.on.ca:9001/p/oop3445_oct1a Oct 1st] -Virtual Methods, Inheritance, Recursion
**[http://etherpad.proximity.on.ca:9001/p/oop3445_oct8a Oct 8th] (No collaborated notes as of yet)
**[http://etherpad.proximity.on.ca:9001/p/oop3447_oct15a Oct 15th] -Header File Safeguards
**[http://etherpad.proximity.on.ca:9001/p/oop3449_nov2a Nov 2nd] -Github Milestones, Queues

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Object Oriented Programming II Using C++ with introduction to open source
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OOP344 -- Object Oriented Programming II Using C++


Subject Description and Course Outcomes

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  • Tests
    • Test 1 10%
    • Test 2 10%
  • Project 40%
    • Application 30%
    • Contribution and Participation and Quizzes 10%
  • Final Exam 40%


Examples and In-class Notes


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