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Simple Function Commit Tasks
Assignment Complete. Email was sent to farded and it has been branched into tags under iof_0.1
Function Member Responsible Status
void iof_init() jquan4 Completed
void iof_end() jquan4 Completed
int iof_rows() apliats Completed
int iof_cols() apliats Completed
void iof_clrscr() ibalzamova Completed
void iof_flush() ibalzamova Completed
int iof_getch() mjschranz Completed
void iof_movecur(int r, int c) mjschranz Completed
void iof_putch(int c) mjschranz Completed
void iof_prntstr(const char* str) jquan4 Completed

Part 2- complex functions

int iof_edit() Special Key switch cases
staus- work in progress
Keys Member Responsible Status
BACKSPACE_KEY jquan4 Completed
LEFT_KEY jquan4 completed
RIGHT_KEY jquan4 completed
HOME_KEY apliats Completed
DEL_KEY apliats Completed
END_KEY mjschranz Completed
TAB_KEY apliats Completed
ESCAPE_KEY ibalzamova Completed
INSERT_KEY jquan4 completed
ENTER_KEY jquan4 completed
UP_KEY jquan4 completed
DOWN_KEY jquan4 completed
PGUP_KEY jquan4 completed
PGDN_KEY jquan4 completed
F1_KEY To F12_KEY jquan4 completed
Overstrike mode jquan4 completed
insert mode jquan4 completed
initial corrections jquan4 completed
other complex functions
staus- work in progress
functions Member Responsible Status
void iof_display() ibalzamova Completed
void iof_displayflag() mjschranz Completed
int iof_flag() mjschranz Completed
void iof_displayMenuItem() ibalzamova Completed
int iof_menuItem() apliats Completed

Problem description, suggestions, guesses etc. Date discovered Discovered by Fixed by Date fixed
Revision 74 was not in compile state because datalen was already defined at the top of iof.c 06/21/2010 jquan4 jquan4 06/21/2010
I put in a trunk test main and tried to run it. Our code didn't pass test#6. I was able to check and uncheck box but wasn't able to move to the next check box using the right key Jun21 23:30 apliats mjschranz 06/22/2010
Test 8 currently has errors. Can't move up or down in the menu and it's not responsive to the space key to select each one. Jun 22 2010 mjschranz mjschranz 06/22/2010
Test 9.4 is currently failing. Following message is returned from iofmain.c: iof_edit() was supposed to have the following values but it doesn't: insert is 1, but should be 0. My guess is it has something to do with insertmode perhaps when the INSERT_KEY is being hit, as that is what it is testing. Test 9.4: iof_edit() toggling insert: The insert is set to 1, hit insert key once and then hit ENTER only to test! Jun 22 2010 mjschranz mjschranz 06/22/2010
Test 9.9 is currently failing. END_KEY is not functioning properly. Hurray!

iof_edit() was supposed to have the following values but it doesn't:

      curpos is 19, but should be 15
      offset is 5, but should be 10

It could be mistake. Lets ask Fardad. Or may be 10

is a maximum possible offset but don't ask me why.

And when I try to type as much character as possible,

the maximum offset I could make manually is 5.(apliats)

Jun 22 2010 mjschranz - -