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Simple Function Commit Tasks
Assignment Complete. Email was sent to farded and it has been branched into tags under iof_0.1
Function Member Responsible Status
void iof_init() jquan4 Completed
void iof_end() jquan4 Completed
int iof_rows() apliats Completed
int iof_cols() apliats Completed
void iof_clrscr() ibalzamova Completed
void iof_flush() ibalzamova Completed
int iof_getch() mjschranz Completed
void iof_movecur(int r, int c) mjschranz Completed
void iof_putch(int c) mjschranz Completed
void iof_prntstr(const char* str) jquan4 Completed

Part 2- complex functions

int iof_edit() Special Key switch cases
staus- work in progress
Keys Member Responsible Status
LEFT_KEY jquan4 -
RIGHT_KEY jquan4 -
HOME_KEY apliats -
DEL_KEY apliats -
END_KEY mjschranz -
TAB_KEY mjschranz -
Other optional key Learn ID -
other complex functions
staus- work in progress
functions Member Responsible Status
void iof_display( ) Learn ID -
void iof_displayflag() mjschranz -
int iof_flag() Learn ID -
void iof_displayMenuItem() Learn ID -
int iof_menuItem() Learn ID -