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OOP244 - ICANHAZCODE? Project Dev Page - 20101

Revision as of 14:48, 20 June 2010 by Vladimir (talk | contribs) (Vladimir Drizhepolov)


Adrian Maurer

  • iof_flag() and iof_menuItem() completed without function keys working on mac. (not tested on all systems yet)
  • working on [iof_edit(): Backspace Key]

Jason Burton

  • iof_edit(): Right Key - DONE
  • working on [iof_edit(): Enter Key]

Vladimir Drizhepolov

  • iof_displayMenuItem() - DONE
  • iof_edit() - TAB key - UNFINISHED, minor changes to be done
  • iof_edit() - Any key for Insert mode - DONE

David Perit

  • Moving all of the platform independent functions out of the platform dependent sections of code.