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Team HOTYS - To the main team page.

HOTYS Project Development Page

Simple Functions

So far, we have decided to split up the functions in the proceeding manner until Fardad has assigned work out.

  • YuJin:
    • int iof_getch(void)
    • void iof_flush(void)
  • Steph:
    • void iof_init(void)
    • void iof_movecur(int r, int c)
  • Han:
    • void iof_clrscr(void)
    • void iof_end(void)
  • Tony:
    • void iof_prnstr(const char *s)
    • int iof_rows(void)
  • Ozzy:
    • int iof_cols(void)
    • void iof_putch(int c)

Complex Functions

The following is the task distribution after IRC group meeting. It will be updated.

A- [displayFlag()]
   [edit(): Left key]
   [Test BCC platform]

B- [edit(): Escape key, including Undo (memory allocation and release)]
   [edit(): Delete Key]
   [edit(): Right Key]
   [Test VCC platfrom]

C- [edit(): Corrections before editing]
   [edit(): Backspace Key]
   [edit(): Enter and All function keys]
   [Test Mac platform]

D- [displayMenuItem()]
   [edit(): data entry - insert mode]
   [Test Linux platform]

E- [edit(): Home and End Key] 
   [edit(): Insert Key and Tab Key]
   [edit(): data entry - overstrike mode]
   [Overall review before final release]