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Nexjexpress/JSON Adapter

This page may be obsolete.
It contains historical information.

Project Goal

Develope an adapter to expose NexJ Express Server objects using JSON

Current Status

Phase 10: Apply Changes as per Code Review 4

Project Phases

Phase 1: Design Proposal (Done)

  • Get requirements from NexJ
  • Incorporate requirements from NexJ into Design of JSON Adapater
  • Proposal proposal for review, make changes as by NexJ until approved

Phase 2: Coding (Done)

  • JSONMarshaller
    • Develop marshaller to transform NexJ Server Objects into JSON representation
  • JSONUnmarshaller
    • Develop an marshaller to transform JSON representation into NexJ Server Objects
  • JSON Server
    • Develop a JSON Server to expose NexJ Server objects in JSON
  • Demo application that interacts with the Server using JSON
    • Read Server Objects
    • Update Server Objects
    • Create Server objects

Phase 3: Code Review 1 (Done)

  • Send patch to NexJ for review

Phase 4: Make Changes as per Code Review 1 (Done)

  • Refactor JSONSever and TextServer to inherit from GenericCharacterStreamHTTPServer
  • Optimize marshaling of nested Pair objects
  • Rename variables and methods as per NexJ Developer's Guide

Phase 5: Code Review 2(Done)

  • Send patch to NexJ for review

Phase 6: Apply Changes per Code Review 2 (Done)

  • Minor Clean Up
    • Removed unnecessary files
    • Ensure all files use CRLF line-endings
  • Add Servlet Mapping to cert/web.xml
  • GenericCharacterStreamServer
    • Use abstract String getType() for creating error codes
    • Use getLogger() for lazy initialization of logger
  • TextServer
    • Members should be protected
  • JSONWriter
    • Methods names should start with "write"
  • JSONMarshaller
    • Remove unused methods
    • Remove visReferencable()</code>, do lookup in TransferObject Marshaller
  • JSONUnmarshaller
    • Use JSONLookup to find unmarshllers
    • Create DetachableByteArrayOutputStream
    • Change logic in Base64Util.decode(String)
    • Use Base64Util.decode(String) to decode 64 streams
    • Only TO unmarshaller should use remove() otherwise use get() on m_jsonMap
    • Change instances of Collection.toArray() to use toArray(new Object[size])

Phase 7: Code Review 3 (Done)

  • Send patch to NexJ for review

Phase 8: Apply Changes per Code Review 3 (DONE)

The JSON Adapter Project has been successfully completed