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NexJ Express Connecting to PostgreSQL

This page may be obsolete.
It contains historical information.

Task Summary

Task Status
Install the PostgreSQL Server DONE
Install PostgreSQL driver DONE
Add code to connect to server DONE
Create Script for Test database DONE
Test connection to the server DONE
Configure UnitTests for multiple DB's

Task Details

Install PostgreSQL

Download: Version 9.0 from list of PostgreSQL downloads.

Install PostgreSQL JDBC3 driver

Download: JDBC3 Postgresql Driver, Version 9.0-801 @
Install: Copy driver to [jdk folder]/jre/lib/ext

Code: Add PostgreSQL Driver

Package: nexj.core.persistance.sql

Create by extending SQLAdapter
Create by extending SQLSchemaManager

Package: nexj.core.meta.sys

Edit system.dstypes

SQL Scripts

Package: nexj.core.persistence.sql.script

  • postgresql_setup.sql
  • postgresql_drop.sql
  • postgresql_insert.sql
  • postgresql_upd_addr.sql
  • postgresql_upd_cont.sql

UnitTest: Test Connectivity to database

Package: nexj.core.persistance.sql

Create by extending SQLAdapterTest
Create by extending SQLSchemaManagerTest

Package: nexj

Create postgresql.connections using NexJ Studio
Edit default.config to use PostgreSQL
Edit all *.connections files to use PostgreSQL

Configure UnitTests for more than one Database