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The research activities of creating the NexJ-CDOT knowledge base at CDOT-Seneca has three goals in mind.

  • It will enable new research students to go through a shorter learning curve in working with the huge code base of NexJ Model Server Express (i.e the NexJ Framework).
  • It will benefit the open source community of developers who want to make contributions to the NexJ Express code base.
  • It will be a repository of various software artifacts that have been produced during the process of working with the code base of NexJ Model Server Express.

Documents Provided by NexJ

  • Introduction To NexJ Studio Express (open sourced, available on Open Health Tools Platform) [1]
  • NexJ Studio Fundamentals (confidential and proprietary)
  • NexJ Studio - Integration Fundamentals (confidential and proprietary)
  • Working with NexJ Express Source Code (open sourced, available on Open Health Tools Platform)
  • NexJ Systems Developer's Guide (confidential and proprietary)

NexJ Software Engineering Practice

  • agile software engineering
    • SCRUM
      • the SQLite Adapter project
  • emphasis on performance and optimization
    • the PostgreSQL Adapter project [2]
      • "There was an emphasis placed on optimizing the code and making use of the things that PostgreSQL is “good at”." (Grace)
    • the JSON Message Adapter project

NexJ Framework Concepts As Mined From The NexJ Training Tutorial Documents

NexJ Framework Design Concepts As Mined From The Code Repositories

The Persitence Engine

The Integration Engine


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    • a multifaceted approach: the human perspective, the organizational perspective, the technological approach (HOT)
  • An Exploratory Study of How Developers Seek, Relate, and Collect Relevant Informaiton during Software Maintenance Tasks. IEEE Transactions of Software Engineering, 32(12), 2006, pp. 971-987.
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