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# [[mozilla.dev.planning]]
# [[mozilla.dev.planning]]
# mozilla.dev.builds
# mozilla.dev.builds
# mozilla.dev.apps.thunderbird
# [[mozilla.dev.apps.thunderbird]]
# [[mozilla.dev.tech.layout]]
# [[mozilla.dev.tech.layout]]
# [[mozilla.dev.quality]]
# [[mozilla.dev.quality]]

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The Mozilla Newsgroups provide a forum for discussions about topics related to key areas of the Mozilla products, processes, tools, and community. However, while this breadth and depth is excellent in general, it becomes overwhelming for an individual wishing to follow all the currents.

Each week you and a partner are responsible for producing a Newsgroup Summary and FAQ from the list of newsgroups below. Create a link out of the newsgroup title below and make a page (here is a sample) for your summaries; you'll create links each week for the summary.

Your summaries should cover the Friday to Friday period each week, which means you'll have some overlap--that's ok. Deb Richardson (dria) has produced an example summary and a document explaining how to do yours:

Some of the these lists will be more question/answer than content to be summarized. In this case you will put the good questions/answers into an FAQ format. So, during the course of a week, if a technical question comes up and is answered on the newsgroup, write up a clear summarization of that discussion, including links to relevant documentation, bugs, etc.

These Summaries and FAQ lists are something the Mozilla project has never had before. You are essentially working to launch a whole new aspect to the project that will continue on indefinitely on MDC.


The Mozilla Newsgroups are available via Google Groups and as as mailing lists.

  1. mozilla.dev.apps.firefox
  2. mozilla.dev.l10n
  3. mozilla.dev.tech.js-engine
  4. mozilla.dev.planning
  5. mozilla.dev.builds
  6. mozilla.dev.apps.thunderbird
  7. mozilla.dev.tech.layout
  8. mozilla.dev.quality
  9. mozilla.dev.security
  10. mozilla.dev.i18n
  11. mozilla.dev.embedding
  12. mozilla.dev.platform
  13. mozilla.dev.tech.xpcom
  14. mozilla.dev.tech.xul
  15. mozilla.dev.extensions


Each weekly summary/faq will be worth 2% of your final grade, to a maximum of 20%. You will be graded on the completeness and quality of your summary:

  • 0/2 - incomplete
  • 1/2 - completed
  • 2/2 - completed and good quality