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Mozilla and Seneca are collaborating on many interesting research and academic projects. One such project that we are ready to share is a course on Mozilla development: DPS909. This is a fourth year optional course in the Bachelor of Software Development program at Seneca College, in which students are working on a Mozilla project. You can read more about what Seneca is doing in open source here (.pdf).



  • Please see the updated information about publishing your newsgroup summaries on MDC on the Newsgroups Summaries page.
  • Please see the Vista Testing project page for details on the upcoming Vista Tuesdays test days being led by Peter McIntyre.
  • I have modified the marking scheme for Assignment 2.
  • Thanks to Dejan we have a logo. Thanks!
  • Slides for the talks by beltzner and preed are now linked on the Guest Lectures page. Audio and video to follow.
  • Those students wanting to participate in the Windows Vista testing project can grab Vista here.
  • A new template is being created for our wiki page. Click here for more information.