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NetworkManager Web Authentication

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Name of Project

NetworkManager Web Authentication


NetworkManager knows how to connect to many different types of networks, both wired and wireless, and can auto-authenticate to WEP and WPA networks. However, it can't auto-authenticate to networks that require a web-based login, which includes many wired and wireless networks such as SeneNET and AirYork.

Modify NetworkManager so that it talks (though dbus) to a Firefox extension for automatic login to a web-authenticated network.

Resources: ctyler, (roc, callion for dbus)


Project Contributor(s)

  • None

Contribution Opportunities

  • Test on different web-authenticated networks (0.2 or 0.3 release)
  • list of network devices (eth0, wlan1, etc) that may need web login

Project Details

Project News / Updates

09/18/2008 -

  • Met with David and Chris to talk about how this will be done
  • 0.1 release will be a small extension in Firefox and a second program to talk back & forth via dbus

09/16/2008 -

  • Created Project page for this project.