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GAM670 section

Features to be implemented:

- Networking



  1. Andrew Condinho


The main focus I have for this game / feature is the ability to have networking and to interact with other players within the game world. To start off I will attempt to implement a console based network system where multiple users can send and receive messages from the others. Once I have gotten this system working, I will try and merge this network system into the framework. Once I have the ability to transfer messages to and from one system to others, it shouldn't be too difficult to evolve those messages into player location and movements which can be updated on each user's local machine.

As far as the game I plan to create goes, I see it as being similar to Home on the PS3. Obviously much less polished and "complete", the basic functionality of the game should be a room or rooms in which users log on to and appear as a coloured box or simple collada model. Once in they are free to move around and broadcast chat messages to other users in the same room.

Map of the World of the Game

Moderator's - Instructors Comments

Any other thing you find necessary

  1. Tutorial on WinSocks
  2. Chat Client Server Program