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Project Name

My Favicons Extension (Custicon)

Project Description

An extension to allow the user to pick his/her own favicons for sites, based on a URL regexp. The image should get stored as part of the user’s profile, so that it doesn’t have to live in the same place on the user’s disk. Ideally, it should also be possible to export the regexp -> icon mapping as a regexp -> data URI mapping that can be imported into another profile.

Project Leader (s)

Andrew Raynier (JM)

Project Contributor(s)

Simon Jung (simonJ)

Project Details

v0.1 goal(s):

-make the Favicon image right-clickable.

v0.2 goal(s):

-integrate access to extension into Tools menu and contentArea (webpage right-click) menu

i.e.:(the above is just a workaround since the 0.1 goal proved to be quite complicated).


v0.3 goal(s):

- Allow the user to load favicon's for specific web paths, through the use of Open/Load/Save dialog boxes.

-> current almost-working version (Installs automatically): Custicon@andrew.raynier.xpi


Project News

-Extension skeleton completed i.e.:(makes a pop-up alert box. Rest of code commented out to stop crashing)


-This version (v.02.9) installs correctly, and has the first part of the UI working. (just the backkground doesn't)


Working Releases:

-Finally, I have here my v0.3.5 release that actually lets you load up your own favicons! (and save them in history for the most part). Jut unzip this .zip file directly into your extension folder (make sure it's file folders are in a folder named "Custicon@andrew.raynier"), and it will automatically be installed and ready to use for that Firefox profile.

- v0.3.?+

 This latest release doesn't add much to the front end, since content preference saving is still being coded in,
 but there is a a nice chunk of comments added for development-friendliness, as well as a few reworked functions,
 which are being tweaked to improve performance and readability when I implement the preference saving and editing.
(this still needs to be manually pasted into the extension folder. If someone would tell me what I'm doing wrong, I'll be happy to learn.)  -release as of Feb. 15, 2008


Andrew's blog @ Blogspot


looking for:

- A batch of .ico (default or otherwise) files to include in the package.

 Online Image->Favicon Generator
 Favicon Converter
 Image/Graphic Converter tool

- Alternate Style sheets

- Documentation (Javdoc style)

People who have/want to Contribute:

(put your name here)


Simon Jung (simonJ) : Contributed a zip batch of Icons (.ico files).