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Mozilla Based Accessibility

Project Description

New Game plan: I am working on tutorials designed for sighted users who want use the open source text-to-speech, extension for the Firefox web browser.

To work with the accessibility team on screen reader compatibility issues outside of Firefox, fixing bugs using XUL in Songbird or Thunderbird or Sunbird calendar etc.

Project Leader(s)

Erin Davey(eldavey)

Project Contributor(s)

  • Michael Lau (mylau)
  • Melissa Peh assisted me in continuity of the final run of the tutorials.
  • Eva Or Helped chose royalty free music and the continuity Multilingual component in Cantonese.

Project Details

New Game plan: Tutorials on:

  • How to use CLC-4-TTS Click Speak
  • How to configure the TTS icons
  • How to setup the Click to Speak
  • How install, enable or disable the CLC-4-TTS
  • How to enable other languages (Cantonese) and how to setup the SAPI 5 via control panel

Old Game Plan: Will be working in XUL on Windows because I have experience with the sr's. New Game plan: I am working on tutorials designed for sighted users who want use the open source text-to-speech, extension for the Firefox web browser.

Project News

December 12, 2006

  • Started to have problems from my computer not able to record
  • new intro

December 11, 2006

  • tried to get an better mic from the LC but the program they installed and drivers Wouldn't work on my computer... Need to reformat... dont have time...
  • got 4 cool CD's from Moe in AV from Seneca (even though they are for Broadcasting Students)
  • finished Second tutorial

December 10

  • Got some valuable feed back from Charles

A few things to consider: 1. The tutorial assumes that the user is on Windows XP. Nothing wrong with that as XP is probably the most prevalent platform and it is what I use myself. However, this should be stated when the tutorial is posted so that Mac users don't get confused (they need to install the Java embedding plugin and FreeTTS). Also, users still on Win2K need to upgrade to SAPI 5.

2. The link shown is explicitly the 1.2 link. That is fine for now, but there are new versions being rolled out on a relatively frequent basis. Perhaps you can de-emphasize the version number in the tutorial and say something simpler like "download the latest bundle pack" and show users where to click. I intend to keep the page format the same, so the only difference will be the version number from one release to the next.

3. When Firefox restarted, the CLiCk, Speak toolbar did not show up. My guess is that you had CLiCk, Speak already installed and turned off the toolbar and so Firefox is remembering that setting. But for most users, the toolbar will show up right after installation. This discrepency may confuse some people.

December 9

  • finished the intro and install I dont like the audio or the intro going to make it more professional
  • | install tutorial

November 28, 2006

  • Camtasia Studio Missing a driver and I am getting the blue screen of death trying to resolve If I don't find a solution going to look into

Microsoft's new free screen recorder.

November 27, 2006

  • dry run of icons and tts engine
  • ran into problem with Captivate has a delay

November 26, 2006

  • First draft of tutorials.
  • screenshots
  • dry run of install

November 23, 2006

  • Met with Janet
    • She has lots of users that have difficulty using the Multilingual component and asked if a tutorial could be done to show the setup of this feature.
  • Made an appointment for next week to go over the tutorials.

November 22, 2006

  • Talked to Melissa Peh and she will be assisting me in recording the final run of the tutorials.
  • Talked to Eva Or and she will be assisting me in recording the Multilingual component in Cantonese.

Michael Lau (mylau) is giving me a crash course in XULRunner

I am currently playing with firefox extensions

Currently Learning XUL