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# Necko
# Necko
# Gecko
# Gecko
# [[XPCOM]]
# Components and Interfaces
# Components and Interfaces

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Developing using the Mozilla platform means using a whole series of new and powerful technologies. Becoming familiar with all of these is no small task. In this exercise you will work collectively to research and educate yourself and your classamates about these technologies.


Pick one of the technologies below and research it (more than 1 person can work on the same technology--work together).

If you've worked with one or more of the technologies listed, please choose something you know nothing about. The goal of this exercise is to have you learn to quickly and thoroughly learn about a new technology, and to do so sufficiently to teach someone else.

Create a page linked to the titles below -- Liz will co-ordinate this work between groups. Don't edit this page without her permission.

In your technology summary page you should include the following:

  1. A short description
  2. A longer detailed discussion
  3. Links to relevant resources, tutorials, examples, etc.
  4. Examples of code or other relevent artifacts
  5. Newsgroups, mailinglists, IRC channels, etc. relevant to the technology
  6. Anything else you deem necessary in order to explain/understand your topic

Logical places to look for this information are MDC and wiki.m.o. Please note that you cannot copy and paste from these other web sites. Also, you should go beyond these on-line Mozilla properties, and venture out onto the web.

In your write-up, be sure to cover everything necessary for an understanding of the topic. You will be tested on the knowledge produced by your peers.

Your technology summary page is due by the end of class Wednesday.


NOTE: you can add another one if you clear it with me.

  1. NSPR
  2. Necko
  3. Gecko
  4. XPCOM
  5. XPIDL and IDL
  6. Components and Interfaces
  7. XPConnect
  8. Plugin
  9. Extension
  10. Chrome
  11. XPFE, XPToolkit
  12. XUL
  13. XBL
  14. RDF
  15. XULRunner

Presentation and Test

On Friday you will be asked to present your material to the class. The following Friday (Oct 13) you will be tested on the material in all of these pages.