Mozilla Developer Days Ubiquity in Thunderbird Meeting

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  • Bryan Clark (clarkbw)
  • Jono (jono)
  • David Bolter (davidb)

Make Ubiquity work in Thunderbird!!!

Use Ubiquity inject suggestions into the new Thunderbird search/awesome bar that's (going to be) built in (in the next beta).

Things to learn:

  • Chrome
  • XUL
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery

Things to consider/people to get in touch with:

  • Repository organization?
  • Atul (
  • decipher where commands are usable.
  • getting thunderbird nightly builds

We will:

  • plan while we wait for beta 1 to come out
  • learn how to write some extensions

Command ideas:

  • create new calendar
  • events on the fly

New software being used in the new Thunderbird: gloda