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This page describes ports forwarded from Hera to the machines sitting behind it.

If you have forgotten how to access your VM please consult the table at the bottom of this page. If you have forgotten which machine you are using please consult the Cluster Machine Tasks page. Please do these things before asking for help.

Linux Hosts

Linux hosts have forwards to 4 ports: 22, 80, 443, and 5900.

Linux1 has the following:

  • -> linux1:22
  • -> linux1:80
  • -> linux1:443
  • -> linux1:5900

So to connect with ssh to linux1 you would do the following:

ssh -p 1022

The rest of the Linux nodes following the same format, replacing the '1' with their number. For example, to access VNC on linux11 you would do the following:


There are 15 total Linux machines at the time of this writing.

Windows Hosts

Windows hosts have forwards to 3 ports: 80, 443, and 3389.

Win1 has the following:

  • -> win1:80
  • -> win1:443
  • -> win1:3389

To connect to win1 with Remote Desktop open up your RDP client and type the following for the 'host': ''.

The rest of the Windows machines follow the same format replacing the '31' with '3x' where x is the number of the machine. For example, to access port 80 on win3 you need to use the URL ''.

There are 5 total Windows machines at the time of this writing.

Virtual Machines

The following table lists all of the port fowards for Virtual Machines:

Machine Operating System Forwarded Ports
airbag Ubuntu 6.06
Port on Hera Port on the host
functest Windows Server 2003
Port on Hera Port on the host
cvs Ubuntu 6.10
Port on Hera Port on the host