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  1. Michael Lau
  2. Paul St-Denis

Weekly Summaries

NOTE: these should be turned into links to separate pages.

  1. Friday September 29, 2006


How do I remove the file location header included in the default printing setting?

See, the first user note at the bottom. Change this line
var settings = PrintUtils.getPrintSettings();
to this
var settings = PrintUtils.getPrintSettings().clone();
settings.docURL = " ";  // suppress URL on printout
Other options you can modify are documented here:

Is it possible to load the template with XML file and not rdf based source?

That feature isn't available yet. The code that implements it is waiting to be reviewed. See bug

How can I manage scrolling outside the browser?

This problem can be solved by capturing the focus events and giving the focus to another xul element or capturing and canceling the keypress events

DrawWindow with transparent background possible?

With Mozilla trunk
nsIDOMCanvasRenderingContext2D* c2d = //coming from <canvas>
nsIDOMWindow* window = //coming from <iframe>
c2d->DrawWindow( window, ..., "rgba(0,0,0,0)");

This makes canvas background transparent if background is transparent. But when "window" is coming from top level content window, background is not transparent.

So how can I do this same way as <iframe>? You can't right now

I want to create dymanically multiple elements with datasource attribute. I want to create XUL element in the javascript, assign datasources/ref/template attribute to it so that the content is generated from the rdf datasource

Create the element, set the datasources attribute then add the element to the document. This should then create the database.

UnAnswered Questions (UAQ)

Getting an error in the console when inserting a subtree into a XUL document from another XML.

How can I find more information about TB infrastructure?