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  • Dejan Tolj
  • David Bertenshaw

Weekly Summaries


  • I'm curious to know if anyone is using XMLBeans in Rhino. For example, are you compiling an XMLSchema with XMLBeans and then validating an Rhino e4x xml document against the schema?

None as of yet.

  • Can I prematurely terminate a script's execution without affecting the life cycle of the thread running it so that the thread can be reused to run other scripts in the future? Is there a built in mechanism in the API for doing this?

None as of yet.

  • So my question, is there a specific issue with ActiveX and Instance Handling I am not aware of? What could I do to get it working, any ref material or hints?

None as of yet.

2-byte aligned check the JSVAL macros at the top of jsapi.h