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  • Dejan Tolj
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Weekly Summaries


How long are private pointers?

2-byte aligned check the JSVAL macros at the top of jsapi.h

Can I call functions in Mozilla extensions from web page?

No, accessing anything in the web page's script may lead to security problems.

Is there a specific issue with ActiveX and Instance Handling I am not aware of? What could I do to get it working, any ref material or hints?

A: No awnsers as of yet

Firefox does not ignore screenX (Y) parameters like IE does. By adding menuwd.moveTo(posX, posY); flicker is added to the screen. Is there any way to solve this?

A: No awnsers as of yet

Newly created threads in JS from MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH causes to hang in Windows

This Patch should fix the problem.

After that, recompile JS and define JS_USE_ONLY_NSPR_LOCKS in the build.