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News Group [news://news.mozilla.org/netscape.public.mozilla.jseng netscape.public.mozilla.jseng]
News Group [news://news.mozilla.org/netscape.public.mozilla.jseng netscape.public.mozilla.jseng]
[http://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/JavaScript  JavaScript on MDC]
[http://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/Newsgroup_summaries:mozilla-dev-tech-js-engine JS-ENGINE on MDC]
== Authors ==
== Authors ==

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Google Groups mozilla.dev.tech.js-engine

News Group mozilla.dev.tech.javascript

News Group netscape.public.mozilla.jseng



  • Dejan Tolj
  • David Bertenshaw

Weekly Summaries


How long are private pointers?

2-byte aligned check the JSVAL macros at the top of jsapi.h

Can I call functions in Mozilla extensions from web page?

No, accessing anything in the web page's script may lead to security problems.

Newly created threads in JS from MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH causes to hang in Windows

This Patch should fix the problem.

After that, recompile JS and define JS_USE_ONLY_NSPR_LOCKS in the build.

How to determine Rhino version programatically?

You can call getImplementationVersion() on a Context instance and it gives you a string

eg. Rhino 1.6 release 2 2005 09 19

Can an embedded SpiderMonkey JS Engine use DOMParser extension of Mozilla?

DOMParser is not part of JS but part of Mozilla browser which makes it available to script in the browser using XPConnect. An alternative would be to use built-in E4X.