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I am trying to port our XUL application to OS X. However when I run xulrunner from the command line it fails silently without feedback. The xulrunner-bin executable runs for about 4-5 seconds, then exits. It outputs no message to the console or system logs and returns code 0 to the shell. Passing the -console and/or -jsconsole options have no effect on this behaviour. I have tried several other XUL applications as well as ours, with the same result. I downloaded the OSX xulrunner .dmg files and installed them using the standard OSX package installer. I am not trying to install applications, just run them from their own directory using

/path/to/xulrunner-bin application.ini

My system is OS X Intel 10.4.7. I get the same result using xulrunner, and the latest nightly 1.8. Can anyone give me any pointers on how to pin down this problem?


In order for applications to run on mac, they must be in an application bundle ( The xulrunner


flag can be used to "unpack" a XUL app into the correct mac bundle structure.