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Mouse Lock API Test

The Mouse Lock Test had changed considerably since the start of the MouseLock Implementation from the Fall 2011 Semester. As such, a new page is required to track the test properly. A link to the old test tracker is available here. The tests are coded by three person:

Test [as of 31st January, 2012]

This is a new list of test. The following tests will need to confirm to the new prefixes in accordance to Patchv3 of Bug 633602. Please add your name beside each test(s) you are assessing/reviewing/fixing. Once the cause for rejection is clear, indicate it by placing an X in any of the columns and optionally filling out the comments column. Indicate the action taken to resolve the issue in the action taken column. Example actions include:

  2. FIXED

Other actions are also acceptable where appropriate. Once fixed, please pull request to Steven's (Anachid's mouselock) branch and indicate that you've done so in the pull requested column. Ensure that you add [POST-SUBMIT] to the name of your pull request.

Num Name Primary Reviewer Timing issues? Needs Harness? Needs focus? Formatting issues? Other? (Indicate in comments) Action Taken Pull requested? Updated with Patchv3 Comments
Add my repo as a "remote" and ensure you have actually tested your test before sending a pull request
1 test_FullScreenHarness.html Anachid X (no action) X (no action) X (no action) X (no action) -
Merged X No issues
2 file_DOMtree.html Anachid X (fixed) X (fixed) X (fixed) X (no action) -
Merged X No issues
3 file_nestedFullScreen.html Anachid X (fixed) X (fixed) X (fixed) X (no action) -
Merged X Had timing issues
4 file_differentDOM.html Anachid X (no action) X (no action) X (no action) X (no action) -
Merged X Removed style "display: none" as this causes a crash
5 file_fullscreen.html Anachid X X X X -
Merged X Test needs to completely re-done. Cases like
  • ok(false, "Mouse locked without fullscreen mode"); will always fail!
  • Flow of the test will causes scope problems.
  • Currently fixing.
6 file_doubleLockCallBack.html Anachid X X X X -
Merged X Re-formatted for consistencies
7 file_unlockOnUnload.html Anachid X X X X -
Merged X
  • No
8 file_exitMouseLockOnLoseFocus.html Anachid X X X X - FIXED X
9 test_mousePos.html rhung Doesn't seem like it can be done via mochitest REMOVED As mentioned in the previous comments, synthesizeMouse cannot be moved beyond the browser. It might need to be a litmus test.
10 file_mouselocklost.html Anachid X X X X - FIXED X Removed some test that were repeating. Otherwise, it works
11 file_movementXY.html rhung X X X X - Fixing X
12 file_targetOutOfFocus.html rhung X X X X (fixed) - FIXED X Minor changes, mostly styling.
13 test_mouseLockable.html rhung X X X X - FIXED & RENAMED X Updated to test_MozPointerLock.html
14 file_MouseEvents.html rhung X X X X Leak issue might be platform specific. FIXED? X Works without chance of hanging or random success and failures.
15 file_limitlessScroll.html rhung MERGED WITH file_movementXY
16 file_defaultUnlock.html rhung FIXED X
17 file_userPref.html rhung FIXED X
18 file_constantXY.html rhung FIXING X Needs proper error messages, perhaps formatting issues. Test runs fine though.

New Tests (not sure if it will work on mochitest, and the test will possibly fail as dave is working on this patch)

  1. When there is a parent element with multiple child element, have a test to check that all mouse events fired inside the child element are suppressed and is captured by the parent element. (this may also include the scenario where there is an iframe in the parent element)
  2. A Test to check that repeated move of the mouse to a certain direction that will exceed the screen size does not break the mouselock (this may conflict with file_movementXY.html and we may need to add more test cases)