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* [[User:Cwdesautels|Carl Desautels]]
* [[User:Cwdesautels|Carl Desautels]]
* [[User:Wei.song|Wei Song]]
* [[User:Wei.song|Wei Song]]
=== Blogs ===
* [http://caitpotter.blogspot.ca/ Cait Potter]
* [https://epsilon812.wordpress.com/ Rick Eyre]
* [http://wsong18.blogspot.ca/ Wei Song]
* [https://lynart.wordpress.com/ Vincent Lee]
* [http://cwdesautels.blogspot.ca/ Carlin Desautels]
== Problem ==
== Problem ==

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NexJ Medical Peripheral Mobile Adapter will be designed to enable NexJ's Mobile Healthcare solutions to interact with Bluetooth/WiFi peripherals.





NexJ's mobile health solution requires its smartphone health coach application to have the ability to read medical measurement data from Bluetooth-capable devices, The devices included in the initial project proposal are as follows: blood pressure device, glucose level measuring device and a weight measuring device.

The health coach application will be designed to use PhoneGap, a rising technology that blurs the line between mobile operating systems. Implementing native Bluetooth adapters becomes only part of the solution. The health coach application will interact with a unified API in JavaScript to retrieve data from Bluetooth-capable medical peripherals.

The unified JavaScript API will be developed to utilize PhoneGap's JavaScript API to make native code calls. These native calls will focus on a medical Bluetooth device adapter which also must be implemented. This Bluetooth adapter will be extended for each supported measuring device and implemented on each supported mobile operating system.

Project Scope

  • Not responsible for communication with the server.
  • Responsible for communication with Bluetooth peripherals.

Supported Versions


  • Xcode 4.3 +
  • OSX 10.7 +
  • iOS 4.3 +
  • Bluetooth SPP capable


  • Eclipse 3.6.2 +
  • ADT Latest
  • Java 1.6 +
  • Minimum OS: 2.2
  • Recommended OS: latest
  • Bluetooth SPP capable

Project Status


  • Bluetooth communication outline: Spec
  • Bluetooth native implementation: Details
  • Project Design: Design Page
  • Phonegap cross platform plugin solution: Tutorial
  • Documentation: Docs

Project Repository

Mercurical HowTo

Branching Rules

  • Nobody commits to default.
    • default is the master branch we will use to generate submissions back to NexJ
  • Nobody commits to dev.
    • dev is the branch were the latest completed features and bug fixes come together for testing
  • Keep branches relevant.
    • If the focus of what your coding changes, make a new branch
  • Best practice is to branch off of dev.
    • Exceptional scenarios call for branching off of default or other branches, you will not encounter them
  • Branch names in lowercase.
  • Hyphenate branch names if required.
    • bluetooth-plugin
  • Branch names must either be:
    • A bitbucket issue, example: issue-14 OR bug-14
    • A feature name, example: cryptography-bug



Dylan Ford Potter dfpotter@myseneca.ca

Wei Song wei.song@senecacollege.ca

Richard Eyrerick.eyre@hotmail.com

Edward Charles Elio Hanna echanna@myseneca.ca

Carlin Desautels Carlin.Desautels@senecacollege.ca

Vincent Lee vlee34@myseneca.ca

Kirill Sochnev ksochnev@myseneca.ca

Peter Liu Peter.Liu@senecacollege.ca

Jordan Anastasiade jordan.anastasiade@senecacollege.ca