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  1. Go to (after you register as a developer)
  2. Click on Learn about the BlackBerry Java Plug-in for Eclipse
  3. Before you download anything go to View documentation for the BlackBerry Java Plug-in for Eclipse v1.3 to read about the installation process
  4. After you understand the procedure to install the Eclipse IDE and the plugin go back to download page and click Download Now button.

(As per the date of this writing the file is BlackBerry_JDE_PluginFull_1.3.0.201101051005-15.exe) Start the installation process by running this file. Do not start Eclipse IDE at the end of installing process.


  1. Go to the configuration site
  2. In Eclipse click menu Help->Install New Software
    1. In the dialog click Add and in the new dialog for URL use the value as
    2. Give this a name
    3. In the Available Software uncheck Group Item by Category
    4. Check BlackBerry SDK (the latest version)
    5. Accept the license and start the installing process
  3. After you install the latest SDK you can follow the steps to set you environment:

Enable functionality similar to the BlackBerry Java Development Environment

Open the Eclipse workspace.
On the Window menu, select Preferences.
Expand the General item.
Select the Workspace item.
Clear the Build automatically option.
Clear the Refresh automatically option.
Select the Save automatically before build option.

Detect new versions of the BlackBerry Java Plug-in for Eclipse

When you start the BlackBerry Java Plug-in for Eclipse® an update notification appears when a new version is available.

In Eclipse, on the Window menu, click Preferences.
In the left pane, click BlackBerry Java Plug-in.
In the right pane, select the Notify about upgrades check box.
Click OK.

Check the installation

  1. If your installation was successful, you have to see on Eclipse a menu called: BlackBerry; click on it. BlackBerry->Import->BlackBerry Samples.Deselect all and select HelloWorld.
  2. Run it: The HelloWorld app should run with the default simulator (as for this installation): 9800 Simulator
    1. Change the content of this apps (simple strings) and play with it.
  3. If you have a BlackBarry device, install the simulator and try to upload the app on the device
  4. Install SVN and upload the code from course repository