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<h2>OSD600 Project Wiki - Developing for Popcorn.js</h2>
<h2>OSD600 Project Wiki - Developing for Popcorn.js</h2>
[https://webmademovies.lighthouseapp.com/dashboard Popcorn Lighthouse ticket tracker]
[https://webmademovies.lighthouseapp.com/dashboard Popcorn Lighthouse Ticket Tracker]

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OSD600 Project Wiki - Developing for Popcorn.js

Popcorn Lighthouse Ticket Tracker

0.1 Milestone Release

Tickets Working On:
#350: Tumblr Plugin
#733: Typo in Facebook Plugin
#734: DRY-out Facebook Plugin Code

Status Updates

  • 9/24/2011 #733 Status: Staged and Completed. Test also written to test the error being thrown when Facebook Blocks were empty. Code Changes
  • 9/17/2011 #350 Status: Incomplete. Still working on understanding all this new Javascript before I can write an implementation with some of the basic features.

0.2 Milestone Release

0.3 Milestone Release

0.4 Milestone Release