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Matthew Schranz
Me fall.jpg
Background information
Born September 23
Thornhill, Ontario
Program of Study Seneca College CPA
IRC mjschranz
My Blog http://mschranz.wordpress.com
Email mjschranz@learn.senecac.on.ca
Non Seneca Email schranz.m@gmail.com

I am a Seneca College School of Information and Communications Technology CPA Student.

OSD600 Work Links

Project Wiki for my popcorn.js tickets

Planned Path for Professional Options

OSD700 - Open Source Development Project

Further information: OSD700

PRJ666 - Project Implementation

Further information: PRJ666

DSA555 - Data Structures And Algorithms In C++

Further information: DSA555

PRO608 - Multimedia Authoring

Further information: PRO608