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Session Start: Sat Nov 19 14:56:15 2011 Session Ident: psupreme [14:56] <BriaN_90> hey do u have time? [14:57] <BriaN_90> i need someone to debug with me the CButton [14:57] <BriaN_90> something doesn't work properly [15:01] <psupreme> ok [15:01] <psupreme> did you merge? [15:01] <BriaN_90> no i didn't merge yet [15:01] <BriaN_90> i wanna finish the cbutton and merge [15:01] <BriaN_90> i think i have a problem with the draw [15:01] <BriaN_90> oh but wait [15:01] <BriaN_90> i didn't commit [15:01] <BriaN_90> the vxproj [15:03] <BriaN_90> ok now it's ready [15:04] <psupreme> okay, so whats wrong [15:05] <BriaN_90> the first problem [15:05] <BriaN_90> it doesn't draw properly in the border [15:05] <BriaN_90> i followed the instructions on the webesite [15:05] <BriaN_90> website [15:06] <BriaN_90> and the other problem is the edit [15:06] <BriaN_90> it should remove the brackets [15:06] <BriaN_90> when i change [15:06] <BriaN_90> button but it doesn't [15:07] <psupreme> visible means you are selected? [15:07] <psupreme> the button is selected* [15:07] <BriaN_90> u r talking about the CFrame::visible()? [15:07] <psupreme> ya [15:08] <BriaN_90> visible should return true [15:08] <BriaN_90> if the frame has the border [15:08] <BriaN_90> false otherwise [15:08] <BriaN_90> i think lol [15:08] <psupreme> ok [15:08] <psupreme> first bug fixed [15:08] <psupreme> in ctor [15:08] <psupreme> if(Bordered [15:08] <psupreme> should be !Bordered [15:08] <psupreme> and you should offset border accordingly [15:09] <psupreme> ie. put the text in middle NOT @ 0,0 [15:10] <BriaN_90> why !Bordered? [15:10] <psupreme> if its bordered it needs a bigger height [15:10] <psupreme> so the border displays properly [15:10] <psupreme> you just have it reversed [15:11] <BriaN_90> oooh right [15:12] <BriaN_90> but [15:12] <BriaN_90> if u read [15:12] <BriaN_90> For width: Set width to the length of Str + 2 (adding 2 for surrounding brackets) or if the Button is bordered set width to the length of Str + 4 (adding 2 for surrounding brackets and 2 for the borders). For height: Set the height to 1 or if the Button is bordered, set the height to 3. [15:12] <BriaN_90> that's what i did [15:12] <BriaN_90> uhm [15:13] <psupreme> okay [15:13] <psupreme> in draw [15:13] <psupreme> if(!CFrame::visible()) [15:13] <psupreme> console.display((char *)_data,CFrame::absRow(),CFrame::absCol()); [15:13] <psupreme> else [15:13] <psupreme> console.display((char *)_data,CFrame::absRow()+1,CFrame::absCol()+1); [15:13] <psupreme> should be that [15:13] <psupreme> but.... [15:13] <psupreme> the button is too small [15:13] <psupreme> not wide enough to store the brackets [15:14] <BriaN_90> uhm on the website it said that it has to be +2 O.o [15:14] <psupreme> yeah, put +2 back [15:14] <psupreme> sry [15:15] <BriaN_90> ok [15:15] <psupreme> but at the top [15:15] <psupreme> gotta do [15:15] <psupreme> width(strlen(Str)+4); [15:15] <psupreme> in the else [15:16] <BriaN_90> why? [15:16] <psupreme> so the border is wide enough [15:16] <BriaN_90> in this case both are the same, just the height is different [15:16] <BriaN_90> so the first part of the if [15:16] <BriaN_90> should be +2? [15:18] <psupreme> whats the flag to check if its selected? [15:18] <psupreme> because i think edit is broken [15:18] <BriaN_90> there is no flag [15:18] <BriaN_90> which edit? [15:18] <psupreme> CDialog [15:18] <BriaN_90> CButton? [15:18] <BriaN_90> why [15:19] <psupreme> jas told me [15:19] <BriaN_90> uhm [15:19] <psupreme> unless he fixed it [15:19] <BriaN_90> there was a bug [15:19] <BriaN_90> in the CDialog [15:19] <BriaN_90> i wrote yestrday [15:19] <BriaN_90> here on irc [15:20] <BriaN_90> line 49 was [15:20] <BriaN_90> draw(0) [15:20] <BriaN_90> where fardad told me that it has to be draw(C_FULL_FRAME) [15:20] <BriaN_90> and that was the bug [15:20] <BriaN_90> that didn't make work my CValEdit [15:20] <psupreme> rgr [15:21] <BriaN_90> what's rgr lol [15:21] <psupreme> roger [15:21] <BriaN_90> lol [15:21] <psupreme> im going to save my changes to a diff file [15:21] <psupreme> and commit [15:21] <psupreme> it works, just need to remove [ ] when chaning [15:21] <psupreme> changin [15:22] <psupreme> okay [15:22] <psupreme> update [15:22] <psupreme> cbutton_new.cpp [15:23] <psupreme> works with border [15:23] <psupreme> not without [15:23] <psupreme> yet [15:23] <BriaN_90> ok let me see [15:27] <BriaN_90> ok i fixed it [15:27] <BriaN_90> now it works [15:27] <BriaN_90> even without the borders [15:27] <psupreme> yeh me too [15:27] <psupreme> was about to commit [15:27] <psupreme> ok [15:27] <BriaN_90> look mine [15:27] <BriaN_90> see if it's the same Session Close: Sat Nov 19 15:30:08 2011

Session Start: Sat Nov 19 15:30:08 2011 Session Ident: psupreme [15:33] <BriaN_90> sorry i got disconnected [15:33] <BriaN_90> did u say anything? [15:33] <BriaN_90> <psupreme> yeh me too [15:33] <BriaN_90> <psupreme> was about to commit [15:33] <BriaN_90> <psupreme> ok [15:33] <BriaN_90> <BriaN_90> look mine [15:33] <BriaN_90> <BriaN_90> see if it's the same [15:33] <BriaN_90> that's what i have last [15:34] <psupreme> (15:28:52) (psupreme) console.display("[",CFrame::absRow(),CFrame::absCol()-1); [15:34] <psupreme> (15:28:52) (psupreme) console.display("]",CFrame::absRow(),CFrame::absCol()+width()-4); [15:34] <psupreme> (15:28:52) (psupreme) console.setPos(absRow(),absCol()); [15:34] <psupreme> (15:28:53) (psupreme) that [15:34] <psupreme> (15:29:21) (psupreme) also [15:34] <psupreme> (15:29:51) (psupreme) instead of "displaying" brackets, why not just allocate a string 2+stringlen, and put the brackets in the string directly [15:34] <psupreme> (15:30:04) (psupreme) and overwrite if not selected [15:34] <psupreme> (15:30:08) (psupreme) to ' ' [15:34] <psupreme> (15:30:56) (psupreme) also [15:34] <psupreme> (15:30:58) (psupreme) change your set [15:34] <psupreme> (15:31:04) (psupreme) to if(_data) delete ... [15:34] <BriaN_90> i asked him about this [15:34] <BriaN_90> and it said [15:34] <BriaN_90> that if we display the brackets [15:34] <BriaN_90> it's way faster [15:34] <BriaN_90> that allocate and deallocate [15:34] <BriaN_90> than [15:35] <psupreme> not allocating and deallocating [15:35] <psupreme> allocate once [15:35] <psupreme> a string [15:35] <psupreme> to hold stringlen+null+2 brackets [15:36] <BriaN_90> and display the entire string? [15:36] <psupreme> im tryign to whip up an example [15:36] <BriaN_90> ok [15:42] <psupreme> damn your tab spacing [15:42] <BriaN_90> it's 2 characters [15:42] <BriaN_90> that's what he said [15:42] <BriaN_90> lol [15:42] <psupreme> so ugly [15:43] <BriaN_90> i know :( [15:47] <psupreme> git it workin [15:47] <psupreme> instead of calling display a bunch of times [15:47] <psupreme> just gotta do something like [15:47] <psupreme> ((char*)_data)[0] = '['; [15:47] <psupreme> ((char*)_data)[width()-3] = ']'; [15:48] <BriaN_90> but then data [15:48] <BriaN_90> will be always that [15:48] <psupreme> nope [15:48] <psupreme> just overwrite it if not selected [15:48] <psupreme> right? [15:49] <BriaN_90> yes but after? [15:49] <BriaN_90> we need to fix data again [15:49] <psupreme> for button, data is never used for anything else but the string of the button [15:50] <BriaN_90> uhm [15:51] <psupreme> and the set function handles everything for us [15:51] <psupreme> it allocates strlen+3 [15:51] <psupreme> fills it [15:51] <psupreme> and its good [15:53] <BriaN_90> so u r saying [15:53] <BriaN_90> to reallocate the data [15:53] <BriaN_90> in the edit? [15:53] <BriaN_90> adding the brackets? [15:56] <psupreme> he doesnt even have a test for button edit [15:57] <BriaN_90> yes he does [15:57] <BriaN_90> test 4 [15:57] <psupreme> im running it [15:57] <psupreme> you cant edit the data of the button [15:57] <psupreme> like the text [15:58] <BriaN_90> nope u cant [15:58] <BriaN_90> the edit is to get the key [15:58] <BriaN_90> that is pressed [15:58] <BriaN_90> and switch between buttons [15:58] <psupreme> weird naming [15:58] <BriaN_90> yes lol [15:59] <BriaN_90> btw i have to go now [15:59] <BriaN_90> i will finish it tonight hopefully [15:59] <BriaN_90> let's see if i can make it work :( [15:59] <psupreme> i can get it finished for you? [15:59] <BriaN_90> if u want [15:59] <BriaN_90> we can split the work on the wiki [15:59] <BriaN_90> i don't wanna get the credit [15:59] <BriaN_90> for something that i did half [16:00] <psupreme> ?? [16:01] <BriaN_90> i don't wanna get the full mark for it [16:01] <BriaN_90> if u did half [16:01] <BriaN_90> so we will fix the wiki page [16:01] <BriaN_90> gotta go [16:02] <BriaN_90> let me know if u do something [16:02] <BriaN_90> bye [16:02] <psupreme> k [16:41] <psupreme> okay [16:41] <psupreme> button 100% complete and working [20:39] <psupreme> hey [20:39] <psupreme> you see the updated button i did? Session Close: Sat Nov 19 21:41:37 2011

Session Start: Sat Nov 19 15:30:08 2011 Session Ident: psupreme

Session Start: Sat Nov 19 21:41:37 2011 Session Ident: psupreme [22:51] <BriaN_90> hey [22:51] <BriaN_90> yes i saw it [22:52] <psupreme> see what i did [22:52] <psupreme> and why? [22:52] <BriaN_90> there is a bug [22:52] <BriaN_90> the cursor should be [22:52] <BriaN_90> under the first letter [22:53] <BriaN_90> i can fix it [22:53] <BriaN_90> ok [22:53] <BriaN_90> i fixed it [22:54] <psupreme> its in my branch [22:54] <BriaN_90> yes i'm using your code [22:55] <psupreme> oh ok, thought you didnt update [22:55] <BriaN_90> i did [22:55] <BriaN_90> last test [22:55] <BriaN_90> and then we can merge i think [22:55] <psupreme> ok [22:56] <BriaN_90> we can merge directly your CButton [22:56] <BriaN_90> it's better than mine [22:57] <psupreme> you know how it works right? [22:57] <BriaN_90> ok now i fixed your CButton [22:57] <BriaN_90> i think yes [22:57] <BriaN_90> i have this solution in my idea [22:57] <BriaN_90> but [22:57] <psupreme> i explained it in the set(...) [22:57] <BriaN_90> he told me that displaying directly [22:58] <BriaN_90> the [] [22:58] <BriaN_90> was more efficient [22:58] <BriaN_90> but who cares lol [22:58] <psupreme> Id say this way is faster [22:58] <psupreme> much more efficient than a function call to the display function [22:59] <BriaN_90> the only thing [22:59] <BriaN_90> calling a method form the constructor is slow [22:59] <psupreme> the set method? [22:59] <BriaN_90> yes [22:59] <BriaN_90> it would be better [22:59] <psupreme> nicer than rewriting the code [22:59] <BriaN_90> if the constructor [22:59] <BriaN_90> do exactly the same thing of set [22:59] <BriaN_90> without calling it [22:59] <BriaN_90> yes is nices [22:59] <psupreme> I bet the compiler just optimizes that in anyway [23:00] <BriaN_90> but slowe in perfomances [23:00] <BriaN_90> yes probably [23:00] <BriaN_90> right now we don't need that much speed [23:00] <psupreme> If the function was called thousands of times, i would agree [23:00] <BriaN_90> so we can leave it like this i suppose [23:00] <psupreme> but its not really neccisary [23:00] <BriaN_90> yes [23:01] <BriaN_90> hm my english sux but [23:01] <BriaN_90> Clear any junk if he have any [23:01] <BriaN_90> is that right? [23:01] <BriaN_90> should that be has? [23:01] <psupreme> oops [23:01] <psupreme> should be [23:01] <psupreme> "if we have any" [23:01] <BriaN_90> ok lol [23:01] <BriaN_90> i can fix it [23:01] <BriaN_90> ok [23:01] <BriaN_90> i think we are ready to merge [23:02] <BriaN_90> and see what happen [23:02] <psupreme> yes [23:02] <psupreme> ill merge my checkmark [23:02] <BriaN_90> and merge CButton too [23:02] <BriaN_90> when u r done [23:02] <BriaN_90> i will merge my CValEdit [23:04] <psupreme> I have to manually merge [23:04] <psupreme> since i edited some files that should NOT be merged [23:04] <BriaN_90> yes i have to do the same thing [23:04] <BriaN_90> i messed up some files i think lol [23:04] <BriaN_90> i will merge only [23:04] <BriaN_90> the two files [23:04] <BriaN_90> CValEdit [23:04] <psupreme> also, make sure files all lowercase [23:05] <BriaN_90> ye i fixed them [23:05] <psupreme> too keep it consistent [23:06] <psupreme> okay, added [23:07] <psupreme> you merge now [23:07] <BriaN_90> ok [23:07] <BriaN_90> oh shit [23:07] <BriaN_90> i have to comment my cvaledit first [23:07] <BriaN_90> lol [23:07] <psupreme> we'll have to manually change the vcxproj too [23:07] <BriaN_90> i hate commenting [23:07] <BriaN_90> yes [23:07] <psupreme> you dont have to now [23:07] <BriaN_90> ok i will do it after [23:09] <BriaN_90> how can u merge only two files? [23:09] <psupreme> I copy pasted [23:09] <BriaN_90> oh [23:10] <BriaN_90> i thought it would ruin the integrity if i do copy paste [23:10] <psupreme> try to branch only 2 files [23:10] <psupreme> nvm [23:10] <BriaN_90> yes let me try first [23:12] <BriaN_90> it doesn't work [23:13] <BriaN_90> i think we have to copy paste lol [23:13] <psupreme> yes [23:13] <psupreme> did hex finish his aswell? [23:14] <BriaN_90> i think [23:14] <BriaN_90> yes [23:17] <psupreme> ok [23:17] <psupreme> update [23:17] <psupreme> i added all tests aswell [23:17] <BriaN_90> ok [23:17] <BriaN_90> we should update [23:17] <BriaN_90> the vcxproj [23:17] <BriaN_90> i can do it Session Close: Sat Nov 19 23:17:55 2011

Session Start: Sat Nov 19 23:17:55 2011 Session Ident: psupreme �02[23:18] * Not connected to server [23:19] <BriaN_90> sorry my connection [23:19] <BriaN_90> i am updating the vcxproj [23:19] <psupreme> wait [23:19] <BriaN_90> when jas are going to merge? [23:20] <psupreme> ok [23:20] <psupreme> update [23:20] <psupreme> files should be all lowercase [23:20] <psupreme> hex's files [23:20] <BriaN_90> ye i was going to do it [23:20] <psupreme> hex's comments so...... useful? [23:21] <BriaN_90> dunno lol [23:21] <psupreme> jas had a major bug with his code [23:21] <psupreme> and he has to redo it [23:21] <BriaN_90> ok [23:21] <psupreme> some heap corruption bug [23:21] <BriaN_90> omg [23:21] <BriaN_90> i hope he can do it [23:21] <BriaN_90> btw [23:21] <psupreme> since he was using all old versions of our code [23:21] <BriaN_90> which test should i include in the vcxproj? [23:22] <psupreme> and all bugs were still present [23:22] <psupreme> uh [23:22] <psupreme> none? [23:22] <BriaN_90> yes sounds fine for me [23:22] <BriaN_90> and i have to fix [23:22] <psupreme> hmm [23:22] <psupreme> maybe one of them tho [23:22] <BriaN_90> the bug in the CDialog::edit line 49 [23:22] <BriaN_90> i'm fixing it right now [23:23] <BriaN_90> and i will commit the trunk [23:23] <BriaN_90> without testers for the moment [23:23] <BriaN_90> ok i will use all the test [23:24] <BriaN_90> for the moment [23:24] <BriaN_90> to check if everything works [23:24] <psupreme> wont compile, each one has a main( ) [23:24] <BriaN_90> lol [23:24] <BriaN_90> i just add [23:24] <BriaN_90> one at time [23:24] <BriaN_90> :P [23:24] <psupreme> if you want.. [23:24] <BriaN_90> try to run [23:24] <BriaN_90> test 3 [23:25] <BriaN_90> it doesn't compile [23:25] <BriaN_90> there are problem with the cbutton [23:25] <BriaN_90> and ccheckmark [23:25] <psupreme> can you commit vcxproj [23:25] <psupreme> yes [23:25] <BriaN_90> ok let me commit [23:26] <psupreme> ok ill fix the bugs for both classes [23:26] <BriaN_90> ok [23:26] <BriaN_90> in the meanwhile i will try to run the other test [23:26] <BriaN_90> BUT [23:26] <BriaN_90> they won't compile of course lol [23:26] <BriaN_90> i'll wait for your bug fixes [23:27] <psupreme> oh right, i think the cc has to be public [23:27] <BriaN_90> we should post this conversation for the other guys [23:27] <psupreme> yes [23:27] <psupreme> CLabel copy ctor has to be publuic [23:27] <psupreme> i believe [23:27] <BriaN_90> uhm [23:27] <psupreme> and [23:27] <psupreme> wow [23:27] <BriaN_90> oh wait [23:27] <psupreme> what happend to CButton [23:27] <BriaN_90> i didn't commit [23:28] <BriaN_90> the clabel [23:28] <BriaN_90> the new one [23:28] <BriaN_90> uhm [23:28] <psupreme> ctrl+c, v [23:28] <BriaN_90> yes [23:28] <psupreme> wow [23:28] <psupreme> how did Cbutton break.. [23:29] <BriaN_90> omg [23:29] <psupreme> yeh [23:29] <psupreme> i fixed [23:29] <BriaN_90> ok let me update [23:29] <BriaN_90> so wait [23:30] <BriaN_90> the copy ctor should be public? [23:30] <BriaN_90> yes [23:30] <BriaN_90> :D [23:30] <psupreme> yes [23:31] <psupreme> okay, button fixed [23:31] <BriaN_90> ok let me run everything [23:31] <BriaN_90> and commit [23:32] <psupreme> and, im going to fix all indenting and var names [23:32] <psupreme> param names should be camelCase [23:32] <psupreme> not [23:32] <psupreme> Camelcaseshit [23:33] <BriaN_90> ok now everything works [23:33] <BriaN_90> try [23:33] <BriaN_90> i committed [23:34] <BriaN_90> now i am going to test all testers [23:34] <psupreme> for label [23:34] <psupreme> i think you can do [23:34] <psupreme> L.row() [23:34] <psupreme> instead of L.CFrame::row() [23:34] <BriaN_90> i like to use the full name [23:34] <BriaN_90> because when we are [23:34] <psupreme> since its not virtual [23:35] <BriaN_90> when we have many classes inherited [23:35] <BriaN_90> it's better to see from which class i'm getting it [23:35] <BriaN_90> it's my convention lol [23:35] <psupreme> too much writing for me [23:36] <BriaN_90> ye i know :P [23:37] <BriaN_90> there is a bug [23:37] <BriaN_90> in the test 5 [23:37] <BriaN_90> it is trying to include [23:37] <BriaN_90> cveditline.h [23:37] <BriaN_90> this file doesn't exist [23:37] <psupreme> lolwtf [23:38] <BriaN_90> maybe it's a typo [23:38] <BriaN_90> i'll fix it [23:38] <psupreme> okay update [23:38] <psupreme> fixed label formatting [23:38] <BriaN_90> it should be cvaledit [23:40] <psupreme> good work on valedit [23:40] <BriaN_90> thanks [23:41] <psupreme> works nice with fixed test [23:41] <BriaN_90> ok i think everything works fine [23:41] <BriaN_90> i committed [23:42] <BriaN_90> i removed the testers [23:42] <BriaN_90> the project has only the classes, no mains [23:42] <psupreme> yes thats good [23:42] <BriaN_90> when do u think jas will merge? [23:42] <BriaN_90> we need to tag before tomorrow at 15.00 [23:43] <BriaN_90> if he needs help he can ask [23:43] <BriaN_90> i see that he doesn't commit a lot [23:43] <BriaN_90> lol [23:43] <psupreme> he commits whole proj [23:43] <psupreme> instead of incrimently [23:44] <BriaN_90> we need to increase our revision [23:44] <BriaN_90> is too low [23:44] <psupreme> naw [23:44] <BriaN_90> people have up to 300 [23:44] <psupreme> we're just too good and make less mistakes [23:45] <BriaN_90> no we are not [23:45] <BriaN_90> :P [23:45] <psupreme> :( [23:45] <BriaN_90> ok well i think our work is done for tonight [23:45] <BriaN_90> do u want me to post the conversation? [23:45] <psupreme> if you want [23:45] <BriaN_90> ok