Make Ubiquity Work In Thunderbird

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Project Name

Make Ubiquity work in Thunderbird.

Project Description

Ubiquity is a cool extensible natural language front-end to Firefox. It could do wonders in Thunderbird as well. Aza Raskin and other Ubiquity hackers are happy to help someone do that with their Ubiquity knowledge, and #maildev will be happy to assist w/ Thunderbird knowledge.

Project Leader(s)

Scott Lunel
Thomas Brown

Project Contributor(s)

- Chris Bishop
For being patient and helpful enough to aid Scott in his quest to compile Firefox and Thunderbird for the first time.

- Jason Tarka
Helping Scott find the location of Ubiquity extensions.


Project Details

Will update later. Not sure what we'll be doing for our 0.1 build yet.

Project News


Author: Scott Lunel

- Alright not sure where to begin here. I've managed to get Mercurial updating my Firefox and Thunderbird source with little to no problem now. This means I can actually start searching through Firefox and Thunderbird code to determine how exactly Thomas and I are going to go about porting Ubiquity over to Thunderbird.


Author: Scott Lunel

- Created the "Making Ubiquity Work With Thunderbird" page.