Make Ubiquity Work In Thunderbird

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Project Name

Make Ubiquity work in Thunderbird.

Project Description

Ubiquity is a cool extensible natural language front-end to Firefox. It could do wonders in Thunderbird as well. Aza Raskin and other Ubiquity hackers are happy to help someone do that with their Ubiquity knowledge, and #maildev will be happy to assist w/ Thunderbird knowledge.

Project Leader(s)

Scott Lunel
Thomas Brown

Project Contributor(s)

- Chris Bishoph (For being patient and helpful enough to aid Scott in his quest to compile Firefox and Thunderbird for the first time)

Project Details

Will update later. Not sure what we'll be doing for our 0.1 build yet.

Project News


Author: Scott Lunel

- Alright not sure where to begin here. I've managed to get Mercurial updating my Firefox and Thunderbird source with little to no problem now. This means I can actually start searching through Firefox and Thunderbird code to determine how exactly Thomas and I are going to go about porting Ubiquity over to Thunderbird.

Author: Scott Lunel


- Created the "Making Ubiquity Work With Thunderbird" page.