Make Fedora Eclipse Compatible with the Android Extensions

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Make Fedora Eclipse Compatible with the Android Extension

Project Description

The Eclipse IDE as packaged in Fedora appears to be incompatible with the Android software development plugins/extensions. Determine why this is the case, and get appropriate modifications into Fedora to rectify the issue.

Expected outcome: The Fedora Eclipse package will be compatible with the Android extensions.

Maximum number of students: 1

Skills required: building, packaging, testing

Resources: Raymond Chan (rchan), John Selmys

Project Leader(s)

Gloria Ip

My Zenit Account:

Fedora Wiki:

IRC nick: gloria

Project Contributor(s)

Project Details

Project Plan

Tracking mechanism (bugzilla, trac, github, ...):

Key contacts:

Goals for each release and plans for reaching those goals:

  • 0.1
  • 0.2
  • 0.3


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