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Project Name

MDC Infrastructure

Project Description

Intergrate new features to MDC, work on existing bugs and fix compatibility issues for the upgrade of Mediawiki to 1.7. (Tentative description)

References: dria and sancus

Project Leader(s)

Melissa Peh

Project Contributor(s)

Name(s) of people casually working on the project, or who have contributed significant help. Include links to personal pages within wiki

Project Details

Current task list (no particular order yet):

  • Integrating the Nutch searchbox into the wiki skins - in progress
  • Urchin integration
  • Work on skin-related bugs
  • Updating extensions for Mediawiki 1.7 compatibility

Project News

September 20, 2006

  • Discussion of project scope with Deb, Andrei, Dave and Shaver.

Project Resources