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In the Mozilla Developer Center(MDC) there is page (Video Presentations and also on Google Videos) that has the videos they are producing that can help you learn how the Mozilla codebase works and how to take advantage of its technology in your own applications and extensions.
NOTE: Check all the content in here.

Some of these videos have been recorded in Seneca on the Fall 2006 semester, check the Guest Lectures.
NOTE: You can download the .mov files from here.
NOTE2: The video files follow this license, CC-BY-SA

Suggested videos

These are the videos we suggest you to go over:

  • Have a look to the Mozilla Lectures Guest Lectures(a podcast feed will be good)
  • You can watch the video Revolution OS that will help you get how the Open Source idea started
  • Video 3 - It talks about...
  • Video 4

Extra videos

This section one day will be in another page, for the moment will be here until we find the use and they way to present it.

  • Go to Google Videos and look for "open source" and you will see some videos from the user "Google engEDU" (ask Tiago he told me about this)