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Removing Contact Lens


Wash your hands. Having dirty hands whilst removing your contact lenses can most likely irritate your eyes. As such, you should wash your hands in a normal soap free of charge regarding heavy perfumes or extreme moisturizers like aloe.

Check the Lens

Make sure your contact is still inside the vision. To manage this, near one vision. If your open eye yous blurry, your contact has either shifted external regarding the color regarding the eye or yous no longer in your vision. This will prevent you out of possibly doing damage to your eye, poking around for some contact that yous not actually there.

Remove the Lens

Issues and Solutions

Some contact wearers may run into problems while removing their lenses. If you can't slide your lens into the white section about your vision, try finding some focal stage to focus your visions on. Don't progress your eyes away from that spot as while your eye moves, accordingly does the lens. If you are having problems picking the contact off the vision, try pushing the lens further away from the cornea into the whites of the eye. If you even can't buy the lens out, and your vision yous starting to feel irritated, carry a break and come back later and try once again.

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