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Line Editing Facility

As your first assignment, you are to upgrade the console input output library to include line-display and line-editing facilities. Your task throughout the set of assignments is to upgrade the original version of the library module provided in this course.

Learning Outcome

Upon successful completion of this first assignment, you will have demonstrated the abilities to design and code

  • functions that use the console input and output library
  • a line editor
  • an application that uses your line editor


Your submission consists of your own upgrade to the library module provided in this course plus an application module that uses your upgraded library module. Your application module is fully portable, accepts console input, and provides console output through the set of facilities available in your upgraded library module.

The name of library object in the original library module is console. The header file for the original version of this module is console.h and the implementation file for the original version is console.cpp. All of the identifiers for the library module and all upgrades to the module are defined in the cio namespace (short for console input output).

Your upgrade in this assignment consists of two files:

  • consoleplus.h - holds the prototypes for your line-display and line-edit global functions
  • consolelineedit.cpp - holds the definitions of your line-display and line-edit global functions