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=== Subsection 3.b (gallery) ===
<gallery widths=120px heights=120px perrow=4>
Image:Torisland001.jpg|The Road to Toronto Island
Image:Torisland002.jpg|The Gun
Image:Torisland003.JPG|The Ship
Image:Torisland004.JPG|Bokeh with a P&S Fuji :)
Image:Torisland005.JPG|The Bridge

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Hi, this is Luigi Bozianu's PRO608 wiki page

Section 1 (text)

Add some text, grouped in a few sections with proper level1 and level2 headings. Add an image. Add a small table.

Section 2 (table)

hour Mon Tue
9:50 PRO608 free

Section 3 (images)

Subsection 3.a (simple image)

The Road to Toronto Island