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Team Name (Knock-Knock!!)

Project Marking Percentage

  • due immediately

Group work:      48%        (25 <= xx <= 50)
Individual work: 52% +      (50 <= xx <= 75) 
Total           100%


  • repo Github id: VIII-NckNck

Team Members

Team Name (Knock-Knock!!)
First Name Last Name Section Seneca Id Github ID wiki id IRC nick Blog URL
Jeremiah Guevarra B jrguevarra Jeremiah Reyes Guevarra jrguevarra jrguevarra Jeremiah's Blog
Ran Li A rli64 Ran Li ranli lynnli 22yue6
Minh Khoa Nguyen A mknguyen2 Mknguyen2 kennguyen kennguyen Ken's Blog
Soohyun Park A spark69 Soohyun Park jessica0610 jessica0610 Jessica's Blog
TianHang (Tim) Zhouchen B thzhouchen Tian Hang Zhouchen thzhouchen thzhouchen Tim's OOP344

Issues and Status

  • Create the class files (header and cpp) with blank methods and make sure they compile
  • Assigned | Reviewer

  • CField Mock-up Class (issue 2.1) Jeremiah | Ken
  • CLabel Mock-up Class (issue 2.2)
  • CDialog Mock-up Class (issue 2.3)
  • CLineEdit Mock-up Class (issue 2.4)
  • CButton Mock-up Class (issue 2.5)
  • CValEdit Mock-up Class (issue 2.6)
  • CCheckMark Mock-up Class (issue 2.7)
  • CText:
    • Add Text Class to the project (issue 2.8.1)
    • CText Mock-up Class (issue 2.8.2)
  • CCheckList Mock-up Class (issue 2.9)

Coding Rules

  • Rule 1: The asterisk must be beside the variable type when declaring a pointer. (ex) int* number;
  • Rule 2: Declare each variable separately.
  • Rule 3: The signature for a safeguard is _KK_HEADERNAME_H_
  • Rule 4: Always use a open curly bracket and a close curly even if the statement is one line of code.
  • Rule 5: Aline open curly bracket from close curly bracket.


  • latest will be on top
  1. topic and date1
  2. topic and date2