Irc logs of meeting (Dividing tasks for Release 0.4) - oop344 20113

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Meeting to Divide tasks for Release 0.4

  • Date: Nov/13/2013
  • Participant: Euihoon Seol, Kathleen Leong, Justing Chow, Nicolas Ramkay
  • Items to be divided:
  • - Prototyping, CButton, CValEdit, CCheckMark, CMenuItem
  • Prototyping assigned to Hoon. Hoon agrees to do Prototyping.
  • CButton assigned to Nick. Nick agrees to do CButton.
  • CValEdit assigned to Justin. Justin agrees to do CValEdit.
  • CCheckMark assigned to Kathleen. Kathleen agrees to do CCheckMark.
  • CMenuItem assigned to Hoon. Hoon agrees to do CMenuItem.