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IRC meeting log/team Success/ May 31 2010

   <oleg_pliats>    lets ping Fardad all together :-)
   <JQuan>    k
   <oleg_pliats>    fardad:ping
   <JQuan>    Fardad:ping
   <iIra>    fardad:ping
   <mjschranz_>    Eh, I was about to before you said anything but I figured a few more minutes would be fine
   <goldenration>    i guess he went for a cofee..
   <oleg_pliats>    lets don't loose time and see what we got so far
   <JQuan>    oleg_pliats: ok
   <iIra>    I assume we've got all 5 platforms done
   <iIra>    am I right?
   <mjschranz_>    Well, I haven't figured out how to have any key that's not in the 255 ASCII code work for the Unix/Mac
   <mjschranz_>    As of right now whenever I hit one of those it exits back to command line and prints a (zero)0 and a capital letter on my command line
   <CloudScorpion>    mjschranz_: check your terminal settings
   <mjschranz_>    Well what settings in it should I look at it?
   <mjschranz_>    CloudScorpion: I have it open right now
   <CloudScorpion>    mjschranz_: its likely your key bindings, see if you can revert them back to the original UNIX bindings, also, make sure all that expose crap is all turned off
   <oleg_pliats>    guys did anybody tried to copp
   <oleg_pliats>    sorry
   <oleg_pliats>    ...commit and update SVN?
   <iIra>    do we have pswd
   <oleg_pliats>    Does everyone knows how it works?
   <mjschranz_>    oleg_pliats: I haven't yet. I will have to tonight to get used to doing it here on my mac
   <oleg_pliats>    yes fardad sent it today, check your email
   <iIra>    ok
   <CloudScorpion>    at least you kids seem enthusiastic, better than most of my old oop344 class
   <oleg_pliats>    mfschranz_: did you found svn program for mac?
   <CloudScorpion>    oleg_pliats: yeah, its called windows, XD
   <mjschranz_>    oleg_pliats: It's on Mac OSX by default, don't need to download anything
   <iIra>    I got one
   <iIra>    but it is 30 days trial
   <mjschranz_>    oleg_pliats: it will be all command line based in the terminal window, but it's there. type svn help to look up some info
   <oleg_pliats>    CloudScorpion: Can you sujest something for Mac instead TortoiseSVN ? and it should be not trial :-)
   <iIra>    try SyncroSVNClient
   <mjschranz_>    but it's basically svn (command being used) svn://(server where you are doign whatever to)
   <CloudScorpion>    oleg_pliats: yeah, install windows on the mac, then install TortoiseSVN XD
   <mjschranz_>    so to download all the notes it's been svn checkout svn://
   <oleg_pliats>    wright and for PROJECT you have link at your email fro m fardad
   <CloudScorpion>    fun fact kids, I have yet to meet a person who likes macs and has passed all their programming courses :D not a joke
   <oleg_pliats>    wright=right
   <CloudScorpion>    anyways, I am done work for the day, have fun kids
   <mjschranz_>    ping fardad
   <goldenration>    fardad: ping
   <oleg_pliats>    Thank you. have good evening
   <CloudScorpion>    lol, he is afk, he will ping you all when he gets back
   <JQuan>    :)
   <CloudScorpion>    cyaz
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   <oleg_pliats>    guys I think the meeting supposed to be about using SVN and I can explain what I know if yiu don't mind
   <iIra>    ok
   <goldenration>    don;t mind
   <goldenration>    it's better to know more or to be reminded of
   <oleg_pliats>    1. download TortoiseSVN
   <iIra>    done
   <goldenration>    done
   <goldenration>    used to download notes..
   <JQuan>    yep
   <oleg_pliats>    after that when you click right button on mouse on any folder there will be several new options...
   <oleg_pliats>    2. Create folder PROJECT on your desktop or anywhere else
   <oleg_pliats>    click right but.. and choose checkout
   <oleg_pliats>    you will be asked to provide link, id and password. we got it all from Fardad today in email
   <JQuan>    ok
   <iIra>    done
   <oleg_pliats>    After inputing it all data from our project account will be transfered to your folder on your desctop
   <oleg_pliats>    Now we can see what we got there
   <oleg_pliats>    branches, tags, trunk
   <oleg_pliats>    open trunk please
   <iIra>    there is a file with your name but it is empty
   <oleg_pliats>    do you see my name there?
   <iIra>    :-)
   <iIra>    sooooooooooo
   <goldenration>    yup
   <oleg_pliats>    this is empty text file. I am not sure but
   <oleg_pliats>    give me a sec, i need to check something
   <iIra>    it is
   <JQuan>    :P
   <oleg_pliats>    ok
   <goldenration>    btw, does anyone know how long we have for this meeting with fardad?
   <oleg_pliats>    every time you commit something, put a short notice in that file like - I just commited TAB key.
   <iIra>    one hour I guess
   <oleg_pliats>    I am kidding kreate your own file there and put it the notice in your file :-)
   <iIra>    do we have tp put our files in to prj folder?
   <oleg_pliats>    Lo lets create empty text file in your trunk folder with your name
   <iIra>    I mean source files
   <oleg_pliats>    create that file in your folder and then we commit
   <oleg_pliats>    got it?
   <iIra>    DA
   <oleg_pliats>    DA=yes
   <goldenration>    just commited a text file with 'hi.'
   <goldenration>    with my initials as file name
   <oleg_pliats>    now press right but.. on the file and choose SVNcommit
   <iIra>    how to commit
   <iIra>    ?
   <goldenration>    first, you have to add
   <iIra>    done
   <iIra>    next
   <goldenration>    if you added, then you can commit
   <oleg_pliats>    iIra: press right button on your file and choose commit
   <iIra>    done
   <iIra>    :-P
   <oleg_pliats>    I see only HG and iIr
   <iIra>    WHAT IS iIr
   <mjschranz_>    bleh, I'll have to finish downloading the stuff for my PC at home for now, since obviously I'm going to take a bit longer to understand the syntax of adding in command line while in OSX
   <oleg_pliats>    so if you commited now press right button on PROJECT and choose update
   <oleg_pliats>    go to trunk and you will see new files there
   <iIra>    done
   <iIra>    for mac try SyncroSVNClient it has gui
   <oleg_pliats>    same way we modify existed files
   <goldenration>    goodie, i see Irina Balzamova file
   <iIra>    I see yours
   <goldenration>    just make sure trunk is for the completed files.
   <oleg_pliats>    what? did she put her picture there?:-)
   <goldenration>    no
   <mjschranz_>    downloading now, have to go answer the door
   <goldenration>    just making sure of it
   <goldenration>    a small reminder
   <iIra>    completed? that are compiled successfully?
   <goldenration>    yes
   <iIra>    ok
   <iIra>    where is fardad
   <goldenration>    dunno
   <oleg_pliats>    impartant rule: every time UPDATE before commit
   <iIra>    DA
   <goldenration>    thanks. missed that
   <oleg_pliats>    now you know almost everything :-)
   <goldenration>    ::::::is there anyone interested in world cup?
   <iIra>    what is world cup?
   <iIra>    tennis?
   <JQuan>    goldenration: me :)
   <mjschranz_>    what was the reasoning behind that again? Was it to make sure everything else on the repository wasn't updated or anything?
   <oleg_pliats>    in trunk we keep only compilable version. No other files should be there exept project and those that we just put
   <mjschranz_>    update that is
   <goldenration>    JQuan: which country are you cheering for?
   <oleg_pliats>    the reason...... to prevent conflicts. when several people works on same file
   <oleg_pliats>    ok lets go to Brunches now
   <oleg_pliats>    branches
   <goldenration>    oh, i see apliats folder in branches
   <oleg_pliats>    create there your own folder and do what ever you want there
   <goldenration>    your work folder
   <oleg_pliats>    yes
   <JQuan>    goldenration: Italy, you?
   <goldenration>    JQuan: not inparticular. i just wish to see good matches
   <oleg_pliats>    no, I am from Belarus
   <oleg_pliats>    previous part of Russia
   <goldenration>    belarus just beat south korea 1 nothing in friendly match
   <oleg_pliats>    which sport?
   <goldenration>    soccer
   <JQuan>    oleg_pliats: soccer
   <oleg_pliats>    yeeeeeeeeeee:-)
   <goldenration>    haha....
   <iIra>    Belarus was a part of Soviet Union not Russia
   <iIra>    I am from Russia
   <oleg_pliats>    it was a catch, now you have to explain what is Soviet Union :-)
   <iIra>    USSR
   <iIra>    it is off topic
   <goldenration>    lol... now we get into history..
   <oleg_pliats>    ok guys only girl from Soviet Union created folder in branches, any body needs help?
   <goldenration>    hm.... did fardad forget that there's a meeting..?
   <iIra>    :-)
   <oleg_pliats>    no, he asked me to do it :-) kidding.
   <goldenration>    hm... i am wondering what to name the folder for myself
   <iIra>    maybe he is reading our msgs
   <goldenration>    could be
   <oleg_pliats>    could be :-)
   <oleg_pliats>    fardad: ping
   <oleg_pliats>    nothing :-)
   <goldenration>    ok/ i just added my folder in branches
   <oleg_pliats>    JQUAN, are you ok?
   <oleg_pliats>    ok, now lets go to trunk/prj
   <JQuan>    oleg_pliats: yeah, I'm just multi-tasking :)
   <goldenration>    matthew just added his folder in brances
   <goldenration>    *branches
   <oleg_pliats>    good
   <mjschranz_>    Alright, sorry for being quiet for so long. I finally got it working at least with that SyncroSVNClient and uploaded my folder containing the work I did thusfar
   <goldenration>    just saw that
   <oleg_pliats>    so in trunk/ prj there are for files.
   <oleg_pliats>    We need to put our code there.
   <JQuan>    yep
   <JQuan>    :)
   <mjschranz_>    our working code
   <mjschranz_>    sorry, compilable code*
   <oleg_pliats>    yes our working code, including what fardad gave us on lecture for the project
   <mjschranz_>    make sure we all have our separate folders in there and such
   <iIra>    do we need to put only source code or with binaries
   <oleg_pliats>    So put your own wersion of project in branches and then update everything and then modify prj which is in trunk and commit
   <mjschranz_>    Well, I think we all have a general idea of what's going on. Obviously fardad found himself busy :p
   <goldenration>    lol
   <JQuan>    :)
   <mjschranz_>    Well, that's basically me asking if our meeting is essentially over or not
   <mjschranz_>    Cause... I'm hungry
   <JQuan>    so do we reschedule?
   <iIra>    me too
   <mjschranz_>    Uh, I'm not sure if we should reschedule. I'll copy our chat so there is a log of it at least and then we can just talk to fardad Wednesday I suppose.
   <oleg_pliats>    forgot to tell - we can commit or modify all PROGECT folder or one including folder or one file
   <oleg_pliats>    sorry guys I have to go
   <goldenration>    ok
   <goldenration>    i am available till 1am, so if anything, call, msg, or send mails
   <mjschranz_>    Fine by me, as I said I think we accomplished what we probably were going to do with fardad anyway.
   <goldenration>    probably
   <iIra>    yep
   <JQuan>    ya
   <goldenration>    later...~
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   <iIra>    see you
   <JQuan>    iIra: later
   <--|    iIra has left #seneca-oop344
   <oleg_pliats>    so one of us can put in trunk project that we got on lecture and next person will modify it with own code and commit and so on
   <oleg_pliats>    sorry. buy everybody i will come back in 3hours
   <JQuan>    oleg_pliats: can I do that?