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Session Start: Sat Jul 17 17:13:34 2010 Session Ident: #oop344success [17:13] * Now talking in #oop344success [17:13] <mjschranz> Sorry for being late. [17:13] <mjschranz> Lost track of time. [17:13] <iIra> :-) [17:14] <iIra> hi [17:15] <JQuan> :) [17:15] <mjschranz> Well the first two that definitely need to be worked on are IOField and IOFrame as they are the starting classes for all of them [17:15] <mjschranz> All the rest are either derived from those two or dervived from other classes that are derived from those two. [17:16] <iIra> yes [17:17] <JQuan> ok [17:18] <mjschranz> Any ideas on how to split up the work? [17:18] <iIra> I want to do IOEdit and IOVEdit but they are children [17:19] <mjschranz> Okay, and those are definitely two good ones to do because they are at least connected to each other [17:20] <iIra> but smbdy has to write at least the structures with definitions for IOFrame and IOField [17:20] <mjschranz> Of course [17:20] <mjschranz> I can go with writing IOFrame and IOForm myself. [17:20] <iIra> ok [17:21] <JQuan> ok [17:21] <iIra> Jason don't you want to choose IOField? [17:21] <iIra> ;-) [17:21] <mjschranz> The question is, do we want someone only doing one? Or because there are a lot that depend on IOField, perhaps we should have just both Jason/Aleh assigned to the last three. [17:22] <mjschranz> I'm not sure how to go about dividing up those three. [17:22] <iIra> first of all we need IOField [17:22] <mjschranz> Hell, I said IOField wasn't dependant on another class but it is, IOFrame. [17:22] <mjschranz> So I'll have to get working on that quick. [17:22] <JQuan> iofield sure [17:23] <iIra> sure [17:23] <iIra> but just upload the structure first so evrything can be compiled [17:23] <iIra> everything [17:24] <mjschranz> I already put stuff up for all of them, but they aren't compiling yet. There are a lot of things coming up so I'm not sure what's wrong at this point. [17:24] <mjschranz> Did that a few weeks ago [17:24] <iIra> :-) [17:26] <JQuan> if i take iofield I'll have to wait for ioframe in order to be able actually make the class work :) [17:26] <mjschranz> Of course. [17:26] <iIra> definitely [17:27] <iIra> and I have to wayt for IOField as wll [17:27] <iIra> well [17:28] <mjschranz> Anyway, I guess I'll put some sort of basic table up on our project dev page for this. I'll get moving on IOFrame soon so that there aren't delays. [17:28] <iIra> ok [17:29] <mjschranz> We can leave IOLabel and IOTextEdit blank for now and decide perhaps next weekend once we get some of the initial work done. [17:29] <iIra> ok :-) [17:30] <mjschranz> Sound good for now to everyone? I know jason had to leave early because of prior commitments and Aleh of course couldn't make it. [17:30] <iIra> so for now that's it? [17:30] <iIra> cause I'd like to leave too))))) [17:31] <JQuan> I maybe a bit overload with other assignments. But I'll do my best to get iofield done one ioframe is done. till then, I'll see you guys later bye [17:31] * JQuan ( has left #oop344success [17:31] <iIra> ok see you [17:31] * iIra ( has left #oop344success [17:31] <mjschranz> See you later. Session Close: Sat Jul 17 17:31:40 2010