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IRC meeting of team Success

oleg_pliats> hello team Success and fardad :-)

   <oleg_pliats>    JQuan: ping
   <JQuan>    oleg_pliats: hey
   <JQuan>    oleg_pliats: pong
   <oleg_pliats>    does anybody else here from our team?
   <JQuan>    oleg_pliats: just me and matthew
   <oleg_pliats>    There are to things: 1. Fardad didn't approved our meeting in schedule. 2. After your explanation we probable don't need the meeting :-)
   <JQuan>    oleg_pliats: LOL :), but a weekly team meeting is required
   <oleg_pliats>    Matthew are you here or only your laptop?
   <JQuan>    mjschranz_Laptop:ping
   <mjschranz_laptop>    Yeah, I'm here
   <mjschranz_laptop>    working on an essay for another course.
   <oleg_pliats>    So do we need to discuss anything?
   <mjschranz_laptop>    Well, we obviously need to have those functions assigned so we can have each person commit it in their separate area under trunk
   <oleg_pliats>    what is dead line for first submission?
   <mjschranz_laptop>    Then perhaps one person can then branch that into tags when it's all up
   <JQuan>    6th
   <oleg_pliats>    mjschranz_laptop: check it out
   <mjschranz_laptop>    Well, fardad said 6pm tomorrow, although the project page says the end of the day
   <oleg_pliats>    10% per day
   <mjschranz_laptop>    Ah alright, missed that. I'll add myself for getch and movcur
   <mjschranz_laptop>    The only thing is I have no idea if we could get HG to submit the last two in time, especially since we haven't seen him in class for a bit I think
   <oleg_pliats>    so may be lets do it tonight?
   <mjschranz_laptop>    Yeah, I could just add a third since I'm about to anyway
   <oleg_pliats>    I can do 4 functions:-)
   <oleg_pliats>    sure put 3
   <mjschranz_laptop>    I mean, the code was all given to us by fardad anyway in the end minus the symbolic key definitions for mac, which according to fardad we don't need for this submission anyway
   <JQuan>    yep
   <oleg_pliats>    JQuan: do you want to put your name on last function or i can do it?
   <JQuan>    oleg_pliats: which one prnstr or putc ?
   <mjschranz_laptop>    prnstr
   <JQuan>    sure, I'll take prnstr
   <oleg_pliats>    updategood
   <oleg_pliats>    i mean good
   <JQuan>    oleg_pliats: nice :)
   <mjschranz_laptop>    Did you post yours to trunk JQuan ? I mean, this SyncroSVNClient for mac may be busted, but I hit update and don't see anything there yet
   <JQuan>    mjschranz: going to, I'm working on two computers, I'm switching over now
   <mjschranz_laptop>    k
   <mjschranz_laptop>    I'll be reconnecting in a second as well. I have to go grab my dinner, and my battery is going to run out soon so I need to plug in to AC power, so be back in a few minutes
   <oleg_pliats>    mjschranz_laptop: matthew, yoiu can upload what ever you have for mac and put notice about it in your file in trunk
   <oleg_pliats>    I called to Irina. she lost internet at home. but she said that she uploaded her part
   <JQuan>    mjschranz: hey did you commit your functions?
   <oleg_pliats>    JQuan: do you want to put complite version in tags and send letter to fardad?
   <oleg_pliats>    I will commit my part before 10pm
   |<--    mjschranz_laptop has left freenode (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
   <oleg_pliats>    Also I will run test our trunk in Linux
   <oleg_pliats>    I will ask Irina to test in borland
   <JQuan>    oleg_pliats: when you committed your part remember to update the status in project development
   <oleg_pliats>    ok. and i will send you email or ping you
   <oleg_pliats>    so JQuan, will you submit?
   <oleg_pliats>    ???
   <JQuan>    oleg_pliats: yeah
   <JQuan>    oleg_pliats: I'm multi-tasking, so I'll be slow to respond :)
   <mjschranz>    JQuan: Yes in branches my iof.c file that had all of the stuff for mac should be there
   <mjschranz>    It technically has all the VCC stuff too
   <oleg_pliats>    good for you, I wish I could be multitasking :-)
   <mjschranz>    well when I started it all I did was copy the iof.c file from the class notes repository that was worked on in class
   <oleg_pliats>    last thing we need to take care: tabs!
   <oleg_pliats>    if fardad will find one tab. he will put a lowest mark for us
   <JQuan>    oleg_pliats: just remember to push space two times
   <oleg_pliats>    :-)
   <oleg_pliats>    what if fardad put tab in his code
   <oleg_pliats>    Ok, before sending email to you I will check tabs in trunk. And I will put in a wiki log of our meeting.
   <JQuan>    oleg_pliats: sounds good :)
   <oleg_pliats>    did we finish?
   <mjschranz>    I'm doing my three really quick, then I'll add and commit it
   <oleg_pliats>    o forgot should we put comments?
   <JQuan>    I just have to commit prnstr() now
   <oleg_pliats>    guys please put appropriate comments. I will come back in 2 hours and do my part
   <JQuan>    mjschranz: did you commit your functions?
   <oleg_pliats>    ok guys i am gone. good talking :-)
   <mjschranz>    Well, I'm about to although am I supposed to just have blank definitions for all the other functions then?
   <mjschranz>    Because mine literally only has my three and their definitions, that's it
   <mjschranz>    You also put your stuff in branches, when we need to have them in trunk
   <JQuan>    mjschranz: you should checkout the one in trunk and add the definitions to that file and then commit that file to repo
   <mjschranz>    Oh hell I see. When he is grading it he will be looking at each revision separatly
   <JQuan>    mjschranz: yep
   <mjschranz>    which will then obviously show who uploaded what
   <JQuan>    mjschranz: yep
   <JQuan>    I just commited prnstr definitions
   <mjschranz>    JQuan: alright I'm going to finish all of mine then real quick
   <JQuan>    mjschranz: just remember to make sure it's in compile state before committing
   <mjschranz>    JQuan: Update it and just check if it got up
   <JQuan>    mjschranz: ok
   <mjschranz>    because I got some odd error at the end from tortoise svn
   <mjschranz>    Error: Commit failed (details follow):
   <mjschranz>    Error: Can't open file 'C:\Users\Matthew\Desktop\oop344_102rep3\trunk\prj\prj.ncb':
   <mjschranz>    Error: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.
   <mjschranz>    JQuan: Did my updated iof.c get put up?
   <JQuan>    mjschranz: nope
   <mjschranz>    JQuan: There, no error. Try again
   <JQuan>    mjschranz: wait a minute... are you using the iof.c from the trunk or a sperate one?
   <mjschranz>    JQuan: Yeah, trunk/prj/iof.c
   <JQuan>    mjschranz: there's a conflict
   <mjschranz>    JQuan: Great. Uh, any specifics?
   <JQuan>    mjschranz: A prj file, I'll try to resolve it, give me a sec
   <JQuan>    mjschranz: this is strange, when you commited, did you comitt the .r33 files?
   <mjschranz>    JQuan: It says the only files I modified were iof.c, prj.ncb and prj.suo all in the prj directory
   <mjschranz>    JQuan: When looking at the log
   <JQuan>    mjschranz: ok I got it, can you try updating and see if you get an conflict message
   <mjschranz>    JQuan: I noticed I forgot to change my name in the ioftester.c file, so let me re commit that to see if it helps
   <mjschranz>    JQuan: Alright, forget that and I'll do that first
   <JQuan>    mjschranz: ok
   <mjschranz>    JQuan: It's currently revision 34 right?
   <JQuan>    yep
   <JQuan>    mjschranz: no conflicts?
   <mjschranz>    JQuan: Well I have done the update, and it just says it's at revision 34
   <mjschranz>    JQuan: Although I have a red ! over my prj.ncb file
   <JQuan>    mjschranz: did you modify something in the project?
   <mjschranz>    JQuan: Yeah, what I told you I needed to do at first, although I changed it back to it's original, MEMBRC stuff
   <JQuan>    mjschranz: did you commit it?
   <mjschranz>    JQuan: No although I can right now
   <JQuan>    mjschranz: ok
   <mjschranz>    JQuan: Alright, commit didn't report any errors to me. Just check if it's working correctly on your end.
   <JQuan>    mjschranz: ok
   <JQuan>    mjschranz: wow our project file has gotten bigger 18 KB to 8MB LOL :)
   <mjschranz>    JQuan: I bet I somehow did that. Does it at least work?
   <JQuan>    mjschranz: yep everything works, just missing rows and cols oleg_pliats functions
   <mjschranz>    JQuan: Excellent
   <JQuan>    mjschranz: yes
   <JQuan>    mjschranz: I think a team meeting tomorrow is a good idea
   <mjschranz>    JQuan: Well, it would have to be early in the day because I work Sundays
   <JQuan>    mjschranz: ok
   <mjschranz>    JQuan: Anyway, oleg_pliats said he would be back later so I'll be somewhat afk for a bit. Our prj folder in trunk is that large because of that prj.ncb file. Not sure if it's an important one to have in there or not
   <JQuan>    mjschranz: just leave until project is complete, don't want to cause conflicts when oleg_pliats is doing his functions
   <JQuan>    mjschranz: the prj.ncb is not required but it gets created every time compile and running the program. But leaving it in the repo shouldn't do any harm
   <mjschranz>    JQuan: works for me
   <JQuan>    oleg_pliats: Ping
   <oleg_pliats>    pong
   <oleg_pliats>    just checking everything on putty
   <JQuan>    oleg_pliats: ok
   <oleg_pliats>    JQuan: I am geting this mistake runing on linux
   <oleg_pliats>    gcc: lncurses: No such file or directory
   <oleg_pliats>    iof.c: In function 'iof_init':
   <oleg_pliats>    iof.c:132: error: expected ';' before '}' token
   <JQuan>    in lnx?
   <oleg_pliats>    yes
   <oleg_pliats>    ok got it
   <JQuan>    what was it?
   <oleg_pliats>    give me a sec
   <oleg_pliats>    ok there was no semicolon in line 132 in iof.c
   <oleg_pliats>    JQuan: ping
   <JQuan>    yeah just notice it LOL, but are you getting other errors too?
   <oleg_pliats>    it is fine now in my version
   <oleg_pliats>    it is tricky to to run it on linux
   <oleg_pliats>    are you getting errors?
   <oleg_pliats>    question..
   <oleg_pliats>    in iof.h we have those lines....
   <JQuan>    yeah that kind of stuff
   <oleg_pliats>    #define PLATFORM PLT_VCC.
   <oleg_pliats>    .
   <oleg_pliats>    #define BIO_TAB_SIZE 4.
   <oleg_pliats>    .
   <oleg_pliats>    #define PLATFORM PLT_VCC.
   <oleg_pliats>    Do you know where I should change it for VCC?
   <oleg_pliats>    sorry for LNX
   <oleg_pliats>    Why we define platform twice?
   <JQuan>    what BIO_tab_size ?
   <oleg_pliats>    we define platform before the line - biotabsize and after it
   <oleg_pliats>    why?
   <oleg_pliats>    should i change it for LNX in both places?
   <oleg_pliats>    it is at beginning of file iof.h
   <mjschranz>    You don't need to change it, oit's the same for all platforms
   <mjschranz>    notice how it was defined before any of the platform specifics
   <oleg_pliats>    sorry didn't get it - what is oit's?
   <mjschranz>    I don't know what it's for, but based on where it is I imagine we don't need to worry.
   <oleg_pliats>    my compile is successful if i will define platform twice :
   <oleg_pliats>    like this:
   <oleg_pliats>    #define PLATFORM PLT_LNX.
   <oleg_pliats>    .
   <oleg_pliats>    #define BIO_TAB_SIZE 4.
   <oleg_pliats>    .
   <oleg_pliats>    #define PLATFORM PLT_LNX.
   <oleg_pliats>    or define it once and then quote other two lines
   <JQuan>    ok
   <oleg_pliats>    ok anyway, it works
   <JQuan>    oleg_pliats: did it pass all the tests?
   <oleg_pliats>    yes
   <oleg_pliats>    let me check for tabs
   <oleg_pliats>    in ioftester ton of tabs :-)
   <JQuan>    that should be ok :)
   <oleg_pliats>    does any body know how to replace them all? fardad put lowest mark last semester because of tabs
   <JQuan>    hmmm
   <oleg_pliats>    i know how to do it in ms office but i afraid that ms office can add some symbols to the code
   <JQuan>    what section of code are tabed the most?
   <mjschranz>    When I put in mine I fixed them all and just did two spaces
   <oleg_pliats>    mjschranz: did you check ioftester?
   <oleg_pliats>    tdot: ping
   <oleg_pliats>    fardad: ping
   <mjschranz>    oleg_pliats: check it for what?
   <oleg_pliats>    for tabs
   <mjschranz>    oleg_pliats: what would be tabbed? The only thing we changed in ioftester was our member names
   <oleg_pliats>    i know but in fardad's code there are many of them
   <JQuan>    oleg_pliats: that should be ok
   <oleg_pliats>    trust me guys it is not.
   <oleg_pliats>    he said on last lecture that on this stage he ask us for one thing - tabs. later more rulles would be applide
   <oleg_pliats>    it is like writing a code not in accordance with company rules
   <mjschranz>    Well I went and changed the code that's in my member section of ioftester to make sure, although now SVNTortise is giving me errors
   <mjschranz>    Something about the checksum in the file prj.suo.svn-base
   <JQuan>    mjschranz: try to checkout a new set of files from the trunk
   <JQuan>    oleg_pliats: But the section of code you're talking about is from our company boss, used to evaluate our program. Is it really necessary to modifying it. it may do more harm than good.
   <mjschranz>    JQuan: Alright, looks like that fixed it
   <JQuan>    mjschranz: ok
   <oleg_pliats>    ok I am sorry guys to waist your time
   <mjschranz>    oleg_pliats: Don't worry about it. Hardly wasting
   <oleg_pliats>    i found how to find and replace it it just like in msword edit/find and replace / and then there is an option /t
   <oleg_pliats>    but somehow it doesn't replace fardad's tabs. probably it is not tabs.
   <oleg_pliats>    i will commit my code in a minute
   <JQuan>    oleg_pliats: ok
   <oleg_pliats>    2 hours in a trunk?
   <mjschranz>    huh?
   <oleg_pliats>    did you changed files in a project in a trunk last 2 hours?
   <oleg_pliats>    I mean I want to just replace files in a trunk with my files and commit them.
   <oleg_pliats>    or please tell me how if i have to do it in a different way?
   <oleg_pliats>    ?
   <JQuan>    oleg_pliats: why replace, if you replace, it deletes everyone's work or do you just want to overwrite the files?
   <oleg_pliats>    before i put my functions i copyed project to my branch and worked there. And there was all functions except mine. Now i want to change those files in a trunk on my files and commited them
   <oleg_pliats>    fardad will see that you guys commited code before me. please tell me how to do it in other way.
   <JQuan>    oleg_pliats: I don't really understand your question, is it 1. trunk to branch, or 2. branch to trunk?
   <oleg_pliats>    i have my version in my branch. now i want to put in in trunk
   <JQuan>    oleg_pliats: so want to commit your functions to the project right?
   <oleg_pliats>    right
   <JQuan>    you checkedout
   <JQuan>    trunk to you computer?
   <JQuan>    if you did then just select option to update
   <oleg_pliats>    yes i updated all repository
   <JQuan>    then manually copy your from function definition in branch and fill it in the one in trunk, once done and it compiles, commit it, and your done
   <oleg_pliats>    So you mean I will work in my branch for a day on some file then I have to remember what changes i made and i have to copy all details manually in a trunk?
   <oleg_pliats>    i don't think it should be like that
   <mjschranz>    Well, normally my understanding is when you get to a certain point in your code and actually is compilable, you will make a branch of it to your trunk
   <mjschranz>    So that it can stay at that state and you can keep on making changes to it
   <mjschranz>    However in this case, because technically all of the code here needs to be together, I think we have to do it this way.
   <JQuan>    yep
   <mjschranz>    I figured we branched them all separately, and then slapped it all in one file, and then branched the final project to tags
   <mjschranz>    At first I did that is
   <JQuan>    mjschranz: are you making the tag and e-mailing Fardad tomorrow?
   <mjschranz>    Uh I guess I could once it's all done
   <mjschranz>    Once I know it is I mean. Say sometime tomorrow morning
   <JQuan>    mjschranz: ok
   <JQuan>    mjschranz: if you do submit it to fardad in the morning, please put a completed status in the team project development page, so there is no confusion
   <mjschranz>    JQuan: alright
   <mjschranz>    JQuan: I mean, as far as we know right now it works on VCC and Mac/Unix right?
   <mjschranz>    JQuan: Wasn't sure if it was tested on Borland or Linux
   <JQuan>    borland pass the test
   <oleg_pliats>    I updated trunk and I see that my functions are there. How come?
   <oleg_pliats>    I didn't commit them
   <mjschranz>    oleg_pliats: Never touched the rows/cols in any of them personally
   <oleg_pliats>    but do you see them in project?
   <oleg_pliats>    i mean in trunk
   <mjschranz>    Like in the iof.c currently in trunk?
   <oleg_pliats>    yes
   <mjschranz>    Yes there is code in them.
   <JQuan>    oleg_pliats: yes there's code there
   <oleg_pliats>    i really don't understand how the svn works. I copied project from trunk to my branch like 2 hours ago. then I put my functions there, then I commited my project from my branch.
   <JQuan>    mjschranz & oleg_pliats: I go to go now, I'll see you later and good night.... :)
   <--|    JQuan has left #seneca-oop344
   <oleg_pliats>    in my understanding only project in my branch should be changed in this case
   <oleg_pliats>    strange
   <oleg_pliats>    JQuan: good night
   <mjschranz>    oleg_pliats: I wouldn't worry too much. In the end, just make sure you have the most current version of our trunk, edit the iof.c/ioftester.c files with your "code" (even though it's technically mostly there)
   <mjschranz>    oleg_pliats: and if it still compiles and works for that platform then commit it and perhaps in the message for it just write a note to fardad about it
   <mjschranz>    oleg_pliats: Beyond that, I'm not sure.
   <oleg_pliats>    I don't worry about it. just want to understand the svn better.
   <mjschranz>    Yeah, I'd definitely still would like to get some sort of confirmation on how we will be doing things with it.
   <oleg_pliats>    right. ok then.My friend works with svn at her work. I will ask her tomorrow.
   <oleg_pliats>    So JQuan will submit the code tomorrow. Good night then
   <mjschranz>    oleg_pliats: Did you or Irina test it on Linux/Borland ?
   <mjschranz>    oleg_pliats: I'm doing the email submission tomorrow, and I hadn't confirmed at all whether those two were working fine
   <oleg_pliats>    I tested my version on linux. technically now i need to test trunk version
   <oleg_pliats>    i will do it now
   <oleg_pliats>    i know irina tested borland before. but of course not the finale version
   <mjschranz>    it's okay, I remembered I put borland compiler on here and just tested it and it's fine
   <oleg_pliats>    i checked on linux it passed
   <mjschranz>    Alright, sounds good to me
   <mjschranz>    I'll email it in the morning then. See you later oleg_pliats
   <oleg_pliats>    good night Matthew