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Integration of bluglu device

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Our task: to integrate bluglu device into the Mobile Medical Device Integration project to enable the project's functionality of connecting blood glucose devices.

About bluglu device: bluglu device is a hardware adaptor which can attach to the OneTouch® UltraMini® Blood Glucose Meters and converts the UART serialized data into Bluetooth. Bluglu device is a in-house product of Toronto University Health Network. Bluglu is built around an 8-bit microcontroller and includes a Bluetooth module, an Apple specific co-processor, LED status inducators, a micro-USB connector (for battery charging), and various passive components combined on a dual-layer printed circuit board.

Features of gluglu device:

  • Dimensions: 58cm x 35cm x 12cm
  • Radio: Bluetooth 2.0, Class 2
  • Battery: Build-in rechargeable lithium-ion, charge using mini-USB
  • Firmware: Update over Bluetooth and USB
  • Supported Devices: Blood Glucose Meters: LifeScan OneTouch Ultra, Ultra2, UltraMini

Documentation for bluglu device:

  • UHN Device Communication Protocol Specification (UDCP): A Sample Page
  • bluglu device Features:

   1. HTC A7275 (Android version 2.3.3).
   2. MOTOROLA XT885 (Android version 4.04).
   3. MOTOROLA MB860 (Android version 2.2.1). 

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