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Innovative Coders (Team XIV)

Project Marking Percentage

  • due immediately

Group work:      30%        
Individual work: 70% +       
Total           100%


  • repo Github id: XIV-InvCod

Team Members

Innovative Coders (Team XIV)
First Name Last Name Section Seneca Id Github ID wiki id IRC nick Blog URL
Atieh Mohammadi B amohammadi5 Github:atiehm Atieh Mohammadi AtiehM Journy Using C++
Shawnique Warren B sdwarren1 Github:nique12 Shawnique Donaree Allison Warren nique12 Nique's World
Svetlana Molodtsova B smolodtsova Github:s5molodtsova Svetlana Molodtsova sveta Svetlana Molodtsova
Prasanth Vaaheeswaran A pvaaheeswaran Github:vprasamth Prasanth Vaaheeswaran iampv We're All Forked
Tejaskumar Patel A trpatel8 Github:trpatel8 Tejaskumar Ramanlal Patel trpatel8 Tejas Patel's OOP344 Blog

Issue/Branch Name Format


Issue: Add Text Class to the project (issue 2.9.1).
Issue and Branch name on gitub:

Issues and Status

0.2 Milestone (Due Fri 9th)

  1. Add console class to project and test with cio_test (issue 1)
  2. Create Mock-up classes:
    Create the class files (header and cpp) with blank methods and make sure they compile.
    1. CField Mock-up Class (issue 2.1)- Svetlana Molodtsova
    2. CLabel Mock-up Class (issue 2.2)- Svetlana Molodtsova
    3. CDialog Mock-up Class (issue 2.3)- Prasanth Vaaheeswaran
    4. CLineEdit Mock-up Class (issue 2.4)- Prasanth Vaaheeswaran
    5. CButton Mock-up Class (issue 2.5)- Shawnique Warren
    6. CValEdit Mock-up Class (issue 2.6)- Shawnique Warren
    7. CCheckMark Mock-up Class (issue 2.7)-Atieh Mohammadi
    8. CCheckList Mock-up Class (issue 2.9)- Atieh Mohammadi
    9. CText -
      1. Add Text Class to the project (issue 2.8.1)-Tejas Patel
      2. CText Mock-up Class (issue 2.8.2)- Tejas Patel

0.3 Milestone

  1. CField - Svetlana Molodtsova
  2. CLabel -
    1. Second Constructor, Edit, Draw, Set -Atieh Mohammadi
    2. First Constructor, Destructor, Editable- Shawnique Warren
    3. Draw , Set -Tejas Patel
  3. CDialog - Prasanth Vaaheeswaran
  4. CLineEdit -
    1. First Constructor, edit, editable - Shawnique Warren
    2. Destructor, draw - Atieh Mohammadi
    3. Second Constructor - Svetlana Molodtsova

0.4 Milestone

  1. Cbutton - Shawnique Warren
  2. CValEdit - Prasanth Vaaheeswaran
  3. CCheckMark -
    1. Constructor, Copy Constructor,set, boolean and void radio - Atieh Mohammadi
    2. Draw, bool and void checked - Svetlana Molodtsova
    3. Edit -Tejas Patel

0.X Milestone

  • Assigned to: FULLNAME
  • Code review by: FULLNAME
  • Status:
    (being developed/pull request/being reviewed/pushed to master)
  • comments:

Coding Rules

  • Indentation - 2 Spaces, no Tabs! (Change settings in Visual Studio) Instructions
  • All safeguards for header files will use the following format: _IC_FILENAME_H_
  • Member variables should begin with an underscore (i.e. int _data)
  • Blocks of code will follow the structure outlined below
    //code here
  • Always use curly brackets (with conditions) even for single line
  • Label the start and finish when there are large blocks of code
  • Briefly comment each function - outlining its purpose

Remember the class standards

  • Declaring each variable separately
  • Correct pointer placement i.e. char* str not char *str


Please familiarize yourself with IRC as we may be using it for group meetings and troubleshooting. Resources are available here.


Our official channel is #innocoders


  • October 19, 2012. Group meeting room 1122. Time: 8.55 a.m. to 10.40 a.m.
  • November 09, 2012. Group meeting Room T3135. Time: 5:10 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
  • November 15, 2012. Group meeting Library. Time: 11:45 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
  • November 16, 2012. Group meeting room S3011 . Time: 8.55 a.m. to 2:25 p.m.

Discussed coding rules and standards, grade distribution.

  1. topic and date1
  2. topic and date2